Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my shifu is cool~

pmr results released!!!
sis and bro went to wms dis morning..
i wanted to follow..
but i woke up late..
lil sis was happy that she can have the computer all for herself..hehe

watched a korean movie..my lil bride..
spam countless chatbox..
ate alot of stuff..
drank very lil water..
and went to the post office!!

didn't know post office can be so crowded..

got my number..

and look at the board..

2316???!!!! that's almost 30 to wait!!!! diaw diaw~

so waited patiently lo..

got my slip filled in and was ready to post it already..

'tekan nombor lagi'


luckily i dun have to wait for another 30..

onli 20..


spent like 1 whole hour to post 2 parcel..

paid rm1 for parking..to make sure i wont get saman-ed..

nicely wrapped^^ since they are the first few customers.. haha!!den i met uzhe shifu's sister..

she is working in selayang mall..

will pay her another visit next time..

haha.. den

msn-ed with uzhe shifu..

cool huh??!

who says buddhists are boring??!

so so wrong..

shi fu is cute..

he sent me a message on friendster..

'pass by ONLY? never add ME?'

cuz i actually viewed his profile and did not add him..

haha.. it actually rhymes!!

then just now he say he is in de airport..

heading labuan..

so i said..


shifu answered..



diaw diaw~

totally za dao!!!

shifu.. u win!!!


im missing my darlynn!!

where are you??

till then..

Monday, December 29, 2008


breakfast at mamak as usual..
saw dis lik girl..
walking into de shop..
eating somethg..
and i told my bro..
'whoa.. i thought she's eating a 1dollar note..'
'she is ma..'
she's eating happily tao!!
the father there in purple had to find something else for her to bite before she is willing to hand over the 1 dollar note.. ahaha!!
supposed to go to 1u wo meet up with my girls..
but daddy said no!!!
was so so upset..
haven been seeing shiaoling and puiyee since like..
nvr after pinruh left..
so was emo..
yet still have to go to gma's house..
so face black saja la..
den when i was in de car..
i noticed that the sky was very BLUE!!!
nice right nice right??!!
lovey dovey blue sky!!!
it calms me down..
and miraclely i wasn't dat emo after..
BUT still upset..
im not officially GROUNDED..

coming back from gma's house..
i watched THE HOLIDAY!!!
jude law is soooooooo HOT!!!!
and when i told weihoh dat jude law is hot..
he gave me a cold reply 'he playboy lai de wo..'
but still!!!
hot hot hot!!
i mean de character is hot..
and i find myself so into him when he cried..
maybe i have special likings for crying men..
hot okay!!??
at night was waiting for darlynn to come online..
and she was sweet enough to cheer me up..
seeing dat im moody..
silly girl~
it's snowing i know..
she drew the slime and pretend she's scared..
love this..
monster inc!!
now you know why she's hot..
she's on fire~
burger lynn..
she's been appearing frequently in my blog..
like her?
buy a straightener and she's yours!!
till then

Saturday, December 27, 2008

how to look sexy

tutorial 1
1.make sure you have eye bags like these.

2. make sure ur hair like birdnest. helmet also can la.. but must be a poky helmet.

3.you can either bleh at the webbie
4. smile at the webbie

5. pretend u are blowing a ballon
6. close ur eyes

7. open a bit
8. open big big*lll ur daughter will look like this in future-name her ju on plz*

that's wat u do when u ki siao..

flirt with webbie..

sad lynn..

my IE something wrong lo..

even IE wanna put lll and gbl together..


eling is super duper uber sien!!

till then..

Friday, December 26, 2008

boxing day!!*punch*

happy boxing day dears!!!
went klcc with mummy and siblings
woo~ tall-nya.. hehe
lovey dovey de decos on de tree~
looks yummy..
icing snowman and gingerbread man!!
i had dis xmas wish before..
i want to take photo of every christmas tree and de decos in town..
but obviously..
i didn't have a chance..
so far i've onli seen dis one..
another 1 in waterfront desa park city..
and mv and 1u's under construction..
diaw diaw..
so it will be brought forward to next year's xmas wish!!!
im optimistic!!
life's too short to be sad over..
so make your friends happy:)
buy them something from A Style Above

klcc was crowded as usual..
went vincci to visit my gladiator flats but it wasn't there!!!!wth
it didnt wait for me till i have cash..sobz
tho it was boxing day but nth caught my eye..
but jcong bought alot of stuff..
dat donkey is now a young man who actually wants to dress up nice liao..
but no matter how he dress also dat old childish look la..
it was tiring walking up and down just to get HIS clothes..
so lunch at burger king..
why?cuz unlimited refills la..

me and my chicken royale..
bro was with his camera..
and he say got nth to take..
so i say take me la!
diaw diaw..
he reli did..
i didn't reli finish ALL de chili..
but part.. 5 out of 7??


im not a pervert..


this is so-blog-material k??!!!!


who would wear something like dat to the mall..

there were like 3-4 of them..

wearing de same thing..

tees with big hole behind..

dat is basically like..

u are wearing something dat onli covers ur front..

like an apron..

diaw diaw~

if im a pervert i will put 2 fingers on de bra buckle.. squeeze.. and tadah!!

plus she's not those hot curvy girls..


eye sore or eyes cream(ice cream)?

anyway.. big big sorry to tch and darlynn.. altho im a 19year old cute YOUNG girl.. i have the freedom of a 12 year old cute lil girl.. you know why^^

till then, xoxo♥

Thursday, December 25, 2008

dangerously long post

asa got its 1st customer!!
so so SO excited!!
merry merry christmas everyone!!
had been busy with asa and hanging out with friends and darlynns*hehe*
i can't wait to get back to uni..
with scheduled daily routine..
steady income*allowance*hehe
holiday isn't dat bad after all
since i had been going out like almost everyday..
cuz my darlynn misses me EVERYDAY!!
so i need to pui her everyday lo..
my 1st model~
her trademark pink pants~
yea right top 10 person in te world!kakaka
well.. i totally have no intention of destroying ur image darlynn.. you know u love me*wink*
isn't she cute??!! she's for sale.. hahaha!! love her to the max!!
had dinner last night at sushi station kepong..
eat all u can!!
but not nice lo..
sushi also liao liao wu ji onli..
haha!! dis is wat happen when u are too tall!! you can't camwhore with eling!! wat a pity!! this is another example..
im not self-centered k.. it's just too bad ure tall!! hahaha

oh yea.. i straightened my hair~~!!!
dun ask me why.
but i baru know dat straightening is torturing!!
i dowana do it anymore!!
1st u have to stone their while dey pull ur hair breaking all de H-bonds making them straiighter den a ruler.
den u cannot wash ur hair for 3days
den u sleep also must sleep straight straight
without pillow
so that ur hair wont curve
den after 3days u cannot tie ur hair until 5-6 washes..
diaw diaw~
my hair very long neh..
very hot..
today 3rd day..
so i wash lo..
realised my hair too healthy ddi..
they refuse to break H-bonds..
so not as straight ddi..
RM240 tau?!!
100bucks down de drain liao..
my baby hair..
all poking out to breath fresh air..
argh!!*eling pulls hair*
oh no..
cannot pull hair..
later out of shape..
den another140 down de drain..

after dinner~
jetavanians came to my house for countdown..*supposely to countdown*
but dunno why tak de fireworks!!*sobz*wo yao wo de yan hua~

we exchanged prezzie~!!! got my fav choc

from kokdong!!!

giving away my doggie unwillingly!! haha

another baby bugs from chianhuey!!!!!!!!!! woohoo

preetty darlynn~

de trust girls!!


not a lonely christmas eve..

but a lonely christmas!!!

jiang jiang~

till then..xoxo