Monday, July 7, 2008

weihoh's bday etc

24th june

i made some cupcakes for weihoh on his birthday..
vanilla and choc~!! i think it is called muffins rather than cupcakes.. but what's de diff anyway??
H-A-P-P-Y.. happy

B-'-D-A-Y.. b'day~!!!

haha.. daddy was jealous because i made cupcakes for weihoh's bday but not his bday.. hhaaha.. so i made extra..they each represents a family member.. guess which is who~!!daddy~!! *with his M shaped hair line.. M for money.. hehe*mummy~!! *with curly hair^^*bro.. *with 3 piece of hair.. (he used to be botak.. haha)*big sis.. *side parted fringe*
small sis.. *bird nest hair.. haha*

30th june
went 1u with weihoh cuz he wanted to shop for his prom shirt and also get a hair cut.. *the prom is on that day itself.. last min.. lol..* this is before.. the hair cut..
i thought his hair was just nice and why waste money go trim again.. but he say.. u see side here long ddi la.. front long ddi la.. cannot satnd ddi la.. like bird nest ddi la.. so let him waste money lo.. haha.. i think he just wanna have a diff hair style to go to prom la xp.. haha

and i forgot to take a pic for for after~!! hahaha.. i know.. stupid.. but one thing i can say about after is.. it's.. de same.. hahahaha.. shh..

while he was getting his hair cut.. i went around to shop for my college umm outfit?? didnt get any.. cuz.. i very yim jim wan.. too expensive la too long not comfy too short design not nice material not good.. hahhaa.. but i took pic..yea.. as usual.. *said chian huey* i love dat shorts.. 50 bucks oo.. izit expensive??

dat top~!! there are tiny tiny stars all over it.. 2 for 50 if im not mistaken.. really comfy.. but weihoh say it looks like pyjamas.. ish..this jeans is supposed to be straight and skinny.. but it looks baggy.. u know why?? cuz i have big thighs.. grr..and yea~!! that THING i used to take all this pics is now MY camera.. haha.. it's hot isnt it.. buahaha... i told dad i want a camera..

me: dee.. i want to buy a camera..

daddy: camera dis kind of things ho.. always got new one.. u ll never get to grab the newest wan.. u can have ur mummy's.. *mummy's is the newest model when she bought it last year*

i was kinda ask mum cuz it's hers and dad say give me.. u know like.. it's like.. it's my bday.. and u go tell some one to blow the candle and say somethg like.. go on and make a wish eling wont mind.. haha.. stupid example.. but yea.. so i decided to ask mum one night when she was drinking with dad at home.. it was great timing cuz she was alil drunk.. hehehhee..

me: mee.. daddy say gimme ur camera wo.. hehe..

mummy: owh.. ok lo.. u can have mine..

me:*waa.. so 'soan tun'??*

mummy: i go buy de newest wan.. *faints*

anyway.. i still get a camera.. which i always wanted since bro got himself one with his own saving which is like 1700++ haha.. i rather use dat money to buy lotz of clothes and cosmetics.. hehe..

im now crazy over nail polish.. i changed my nail colour for like 3 times in less den 2 months?? haha.. first neon green.. love it cuz they look really apple-ish.. haha.. den i painted them gold cuz pikyin kah yan kit yan and rachel bought me this really really hot gold colour nail polish from skin food for my bday.. den later on.. i found a delicious neon pink nail polish from face shop.. so.. from green to gold to pink and now.. watermelon~!! hahaha..

it camouflages with the back of my phone~!! hahanail polish remover and nail polish.. the nail polish remover is supposed to be strawberry scented.. but the typical nail polish remover smell plus artificial strawberry scent doesnt smell good at all~!!neon pink and neon green=Dta-da~!! watermelon.. nice right nice right~!!it's not lala OKAY~!!??