Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1more day 2 go~~

gaga~ 1more day to the first written paper for mock~!! who blogs so frequent when exams are near de corner?? i mean at the corner~!! haha.. me~!! the non-studier~haha..

i once tried encouraging myself to study by tellin myself.. u must work hard so u can:
-be a rich shopaholic *buy everythg i like without even lookin at de price tags^^*
-be a genius*hu doesnt wanna b??*
-be able to live a satisfying life
-be able to pay back my parents*yeayea.. buy everything dey want.. bring them to everywhere dey want.. hehehe*
-be able to afford to send my kids to overseas 4 preschool study^^*dey say kids are more fully developed.. cuz dey absorbed the most fr de age of 1-5*
-be able to give my kids wat eva dey wan~*be de best mum eva~!! haha*
-be a intelligent n smart n all rounded girl~krakra*so dat every guy will b over me><*
-be able to go 2 a good uni.. haha..

bt i think most probably.. im goin imu.. it's a nt-2-bad uni.. nice buildings n facillities.. bt de course i want.. nutrtion n dietetics will be open next yr july.. it means i ll be de 1st batch of guinea pigs~ haiz.. n dey cant even promise dat it's internationally recognise><

haha.. i juz realise im very nicknameable~ haha..
-ojian-shadow-pepperhahaisyeoh-moo-cow-taikajie-sleepingpro-night cow-panda cow-180-ah sou-yoyoyo-duizhang-
de whole of jm is calling me ojian.. except those new ones.. dey even totally 4gt my real name!! bt i love it n pepperhahaisyeoh~~ cuz it bring back loadzzz of memories.. haha
at college~ im a cow><>
sleeping pro n night cow is new=p cuz i wuz caught sleeping during bio><
180 doesnt refer 2 my height.. gaga.. it's somethg else..
panda cow is obviously bcause of my eye bags.. haha

time to leave de comp n do wat every1 else is doin~!! study~!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

mock's coming~

woohoo~ wat am i doin on9 when mock is like 5 days later??!! i dunno.. as im NOT a studier.. i think it's alrite.. bt bt bt..moo say mock is important.. bt i dun think so.. bt if i hafta use it 4 application 4 uni's.. it is important.. haha.. i ll study la..

haha.. 1st of all.. this is no short hair.. no wig.. it's my hair.. bt juz that i hid de long part of it under de short part of it.. so dun ask me "i tot u cut ure hair???!" haha.. bt u can ask me how did i do it.. krakra..

no.. nt act cute.. it's natural~

haha.. n i found a new boutique.. named MOOIE~!! haha.. it's a bangsar jln telawi2.. i tink it's gettin more popular now as de seventeen talks abt dem n deir product.. haha.. check it out~

dont mind de half-a-boob~

haha.. my bro is now crazy over baking.. fr bread to cookies to bun to cheese cake n now shifon cake*how do u spell it??*.. haha.. n i found this in de shop where he buy his baking stuff..

choc~!!!!!! omg it's so huge~ haha.. n heavy too~ haha..

haha.. my masterpiece no.1my masterpiece no.2~my masterpiece no.3~!! um.. i mean finishin all of dem><

haha~!! i juz looooooooooooooove chocs~!! yea.. dat's y.. look at how well i had grown.. krakra..

haha.. dat day we went kl sentral n we (singning and i) spot dis sexy~ haha.. suzuki swift in purplish pink~!! it's so damn hot and sexy~!! haha.. juz hope im de owner.. agaga~

de colour look much more prettier in real~ love it~^^

im addicted to rubrik cube~~!! mum found dis..

hehe~ yes~!! follow exactly wat is given and ta-da! complete~! haha.. and no~ it's not easy~ u muz b smart enough to interpret this.. haha.. like me.. gaga~ bt of cuz it ll b more fun if u can solve it usin ur own brain power~ haha..
hehe~ found dis pic~ mooie jelly cake<3~>