Tuesday, November 20, 2007

camp camp camp~

geeheehee~ juz came back from camp.. had lotzzz of fun.. learnt new stuff.. haha tho i think i can do bette.. as a fu ying zhang.. hmm.. wat do u call dat.. assistant camp commander? haha.. i was a lousy one.. loungin here n der all day long.. n laughin non stop too~~ haha.. had msian studies exam today.. crap alot.. haha.. bfore enterin de exam hall.. v planned to cheat.. hhehe.. bt when we entered.. looked at the ques.. we cant cheat.. it's all structures n essays.. n for datin(our msian studies lecturer).. for structure u must write like essay.. n for essay u shud write like novel.. haha.. omg.. 5 structure questions 10marks each.. 2 essay questions 45marks each~!!!
these are some random pics..
lesbie kissin my phone.. haha

the youngest committee.. preparing lunch..

and his bro.. the white 1.. haha..

louis~!! cutie.. he posed 4 me~!! so happy.. haha..

look at him.. not me..gaga~

hmm.. notti couple.. caught red-handed..

lesbie purposely accidentally posing..

who's feet?!

tired lesbie.. so fair.. haha~!!

finally~!! group pic for all committees~!! i look so er.. high.. haha.. miss de fun~!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2days break~ gee

yippie~ tmr got holiday~!! haha.. i didnt noe until yest.. when mum asked whther i have class on thursday as it's deepavali.. i told i have exams.. the last 2 paper.. n she wuz like.. it's impossible~!! it's deepavali u noe.. it's like ur cny u noe?? haha.. so i went n ask ashwin n he told me the papers were postponed to monday.. haha.. i didnt noe~!! it seems dat im de onli one.. i wonder y.. haha

physics wuz omb..i cant complete any ques.. sad case.. wonder y i took physics when choosin de subs.. aiy.. it's reli de wrong-est choice.. ahaha~!! neway de rest is ok.. nt bcuz i studied hard o im smart. it's simply bcuz i spotted most of the ques.. haha..

im currently usin my mum's N73.. love its big screen.. haha.. bt hate it when msg comes in.. it wont pop up like SE phones.. n im too lazy to transfer all the phone numbers to the new phone.. haha..

i miss my moo.. wuz actually hoping n waitin 2 c him dis coming friday.. bt since it's a holiday.. no class.. nt goin out.. cannot c him ddi.. haha.. reli gonna miss him lotz.. haha..

im bored~!! i locked myself out of my room.. left de key in der n locked it.. i need my bed~!! i wanna sleep leh.. tired tired tired~!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

aza aza~~

haha.. ppl blog after finish wat dey shud do.. i blog before i start doin things i shud do.. eg/study.. haha.. 4 paper gone~!! 5 more to go.. haha.. just hope i ll do better dis time.. after exam.. im goin 2 get myself a new phone~!! krakra.. de phone im usin now.. SE K750i.. de joystick spoil ddi.. again.. haiz.. so im now considerin a few pnones..
W580i.. metro pink.. walkman phone.. shake control.. camera 2mp..digital zoom x4.. picture blogging.. RM1299
W910i.. hearty red.. walkman phone.. shake control.. camera 2mp.. digital zoom x2.. photo fix.. picture blogging.. auto rotate.. RM1699

S500i.. mysterious green.. design phone.. dynamic themes.. camera 2mp.. digital zoom x4.. picture blogging.. RM999

argh.. dunno which to choose.. W910i supposed to be out by now.. bt dat day de 1u guy say next yr.. omb.. i reli cant stand de joystick ddi.. it's giving me loadz of problems.. haiz.. u noe s500i dynamic themes?? it actually changes from day to night n season to season.. it's so cool~ bt i like w580i metro pink~!! bt dat day i went to 1 of this handphone shop n dey tell me it's not goin 2 come out.. most of dem dun even noe der's dis metro pink model.. garrrh~ some mmore jo n got a s500i ddi.. wonder if she mind if im usin de same phone as her.. haha~!!