Sunday, December 16, 2007

.:*my lucky star*:.

My Lucky Star is a must watch~!! nice nice nice~!! haha.. it's chinese name is 'fang yang de xing xing'.. it's abt lies.. like the story 'lang lai le'.. it's casted by Jimmy Lin who has a baby face bt is actually 33 years old~!! haha.. anyone would actually thought he's around 20.. haha.. and a korean star Yoo Ha Na.. she's damn cute~!! she can speak a lil mandarin.. she also acted in jay chou mv 'bai se de *somethg*'.. must watch must watch.. if u wanna c de cute side of Ha Na.. watch behind the scenes.. haha..

Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na..

main characters.. Jimmy Lin.. Yoo Ha Na.. Lee Wei.. Willian Jay Leon.. Hong Xiao Ling.. hehehewatch watch watch~!!

it's a drama with very umm rich? storyline.. haha.. there's somethg abt racing.. drifting.. crime.. jewellery designing.. kampung life.. urban life.. celebrities life.. family and frens issue.. gangsterisme.. fights.. etc etc~!! there's alwiz somethg diff in every episode.. and all the racing and drifting scenes are directed by Jimmy lin and also done by him himself with no stuntmen.. as he is a pro racer.. haha..

this is one of the character of the drama too~!!

it's called Somnus.. which is dunno wat language of a kind of flower.. dat i think is used in drug makin.. it's use to describe love that is sweet and addictive at first and yet can hurt u so hard at the end.. bt it's chinese name is actually taken fr de 2 main characters of de drama..

it's a drama dat is sweet and gives u a heart-ache at times.. if u find it boring after a few episodes.. dont stop~!! de climax is coming.. haha.. watch and enjoy~!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


holiday~! haiz.. made myself a study time table.. bt onli followed 4 three days.. supposed to finish bio 1 in 2 days.. bt i spent 1 day to finish 1 topic~!! grr.. just cant stay still n study.. sobz.. tell me wat way is effective for me.. boohoo~ is der any way to make lazy bums hardworking?? tell me~!! haiz.. kill me~!!

dis is de painfullest holiday i ever had.. supposed to study.. want to study.. bt am not.. haiz.. my results had been dropping 'dramatically'.. im a pig.. bt ielts was slightly slightly better den expected.. band 7.. yea.. it's not good.. just hope it's enuf to get into IMU.. haha..

let me out~!! me in my 'study room'FEMALE cover gurl.. is onli 14~!!! omg~!! she's hot~!!<3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5142732328353957394" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">this is wat happen went u are short n ur fren is not..

take 1..take 2..take 3..aiya.. u hold la..solo solo^^blur la u><49.90~!! bt i got no money.. n my sexy pink w580i.. dun mind de shoes..

dou niu yao bu yao is a must watch~!! it's a drama with a combination of romance n streetball.. u guys may think de streetball part is fake.. but every actor can reli play man.. haha.. hebe n mike he.. hebe is cute~!! i want her hairstyle.. bt i dun dare to cut.. it may not suit me.. haha.. so.. i had decided to change my hairstyle after a levels.. krakrakra~

imagine my face on hers~~ ahahaha~!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

camp camp camp~

geeheehee~ juz came back from camp.. had lotzzz of fun.. learnt new stuff.. haha tho i think i can do bette.. as a fu ying zhang.. hmm.. wat do u call dat.. assistant camp commander? haha.. i was a lousy one.. loungin here n der all day long.. n laughin non stop too~~ haha.. had msian studies exam today.. crap alot.. haha.. bfore enterin de exam hall.. v planned to cheat.. hhehe.. bt when we entered.. looked at the ques.. we cant cheat.. it's all structures n essays.. n for datin(our msian studies lecturer).. for structure u must write like essay.. n for essay u shud write like novel.. haha.. omg.. 5 structure questions 10marks each.. 2 essay questions 45marks each~!!!
these are some random pics..
lesbie kissin my phone.. haha

the youngest committee.. preparing lunch..

and his bro.. the white 1.. haha..

louis~!! cutie.. he posed 4 me~!! so happy.. haha..

look at him.. not me..gaga~

hmm.. notti couple.. caught red-handed..

lesbie purposely accidentally posing..

who's feet?!

tired lesbie.. so fair.. haha~!!

finally~!! group pic for all committees~!! i look so er.. high.. haha.. miss de fun~!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2days break~ gee

yippie~ tmr got holiday~!! haha.. i didnt noe until yest.. when mum asked whther i have class on thursday as it's deepavali.. i told i have exams.. the last 2 paper.. n she wuz like.. it's impossible~!! it's deepavali u noe.. it's like ur cny u noe?? haha.. so i went n ask ashwin n he told me the papers were postponed to monday.. haha.. i didnt noe~!! it seems dat im de onli one.. i wonder y.. haha

physics wuz omb..i cant complete any ques.. sad case.. wonder y i took physics when choosin de subs.. aiy.. it's reli de wrong-est choice.. ahaha~!! neway de rest is ok.. nt bcuz i studied hard o im smart. it's simply bcuz i spotted most of the ques.. haha..

im currently usin my mum's N73.. love its big screen.. haha.. bt hate it when msg comes in.. it wont pop up like SE phones.. n im too lazy to transfer all the phone numbers to the new phone.. haha..

i miss my moo.. wuz actually hoping n waitin 2 c him dis coming friday.. bt since it's a holiday.. no class.. nt goin out.. cannot c him ddi.. haha.. reli gonna miss him lotz.. haha..

im bored~!! i locked myself out of my room.. left de key in der n locked it.. i need my bed~!! i wanna sleep leh.. tired tired tired~!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

aza aza~~

haha.. ppl blog after finish wat dey shud do.. i blog before i start doin things i shud do.. eg/study.. haha.. 4 paper gone~!! 5 more to go.. haha.. just hope i ll do better dis time.. after exam.. im goin 2 get myself a new phone~!! krakra.. de phone im usin now.. SE K750i.. de joystick spoil ddi.. again.. haiz.. so im now considerin a few pnones..
W580i.. metro pink.. walkman phone.. shake control.. camera zoom x4.. picture blogging.. RM1299
W910i.. hearty red.. walkman phone.. shake control.. camera 2mp.. digital zoom x2.. photo fix.. picture blogging.. auto rotate.. RM1699

S500i.. mysterious green.. design phone.. dynamic themes.. camera 2mp.. digital zoom x4.. picture blogging.. RM999

argh.. dunno which to choose.. W910i supposed to be out by now.. bt dat day de 1u guy say next yr.. omb.. i reli cant stand de joystick ddi.. it's giving me loadz of problems.. haiz.. u noe s500i dynamic themes?? it actually changes from day to night n season to season.. it's so cool~ bt i like w580i metro pink~!! bt dat day i went to 1 of this handphone shop n dey tell me it's not goin 2 come out.. most of dem dun even noe der's dis metro pink model.. garrrh~ some mmore jo n got a s500i ddi.. wonder if she mind if im usin de same phone as her.. haha~!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1more day 2 go~~

gaga~ 1more day to the first written paper for mock~!! who blogs so frequent when exams are near de corner?? i mean at the corner~!! haha.. me~!! the non-studier~haha..

i once tried encouraging myself to study by tellin myself.. u must work hard so u can:
-be a rich shopaholic *buy everythg i like without even lookin at de price tags^^*
-be a genius*hu doesnt wanna b??*
-be able to live a satisfying life
-be able to pay back my parents*yeayea.. buy everything dey want.. bring them to everywhere dey want.. hehehe*
-be able to afford to send my kids to overseas 4 preschool study^^*dey say kids are more fully developed.. cuz dey absorbed the most fr de age of 1-5*
-be able to give my kids wat eva dey wan~*be de best mum eva~!! haha*
-be a intelligent n smart n all rounded girl~krakra*so dat every guy will b over me><*
-be able to go 2 a good uni.. haha..

bt i think most probably.. im goin imu.. it's a nt-2-bad uni.. nice buildings n facillities.. bt de course i want.. nutrtion n dietetics will be open next yr july.. it means i ll be de 1st batch of guinea pigs~ haiz.. n dey cant even promise dat it's internationally recognise><

haha.. i juz realise im very nicknameable~ haha..
-ojian-shadow-pepperhahaisyeoh-moo-cow-taikajie-sleepingpro-night cow-panda cow-180-ah sou-yoyoyo-duizhang-
de whole of jm is calling me ojian.. except those new ones.. dey even totally 4gt my real name!! bt i love it n pepperhahaisyeoh~~ cuz it bring back loadzzz of memories.. haha
at college~ im a cow><>
sleeping pro n night cow is new=p cuz i wuz caught sleeping during bio><
180 doesnt refer 2 my height.. gaga.. it's somethg else..
panda cow is obviously bcause of my eye bags.. haha

time to leave de comp n do wat every1 else is doin~!! study~!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

mock's coming~

woohoo~ wat am i doin on9 when mock is like 5 days later??!! i dunno.. as im NOT a studier.. i think it's alrite.. bt bt bt..moo say mock is important.. bt i dun think so.. bt if i hafta use it 4 application 4 uni's.. it is important.. haha.. i ll study la..

haha.. 1st of all.. this is no short hair.. no wig.. it's my hair.. bt juz that i hid de long part of it under de short part of it.. so dun ask me "i tot u cut ure hair???!" haha.. bt u can ask me how did i do it.. krakra..

no.. nt act cute.. it's natural~

haha.. n i found a new boutique.. named MOOIE~!! haha.. it's a bangsar jln telawi2.. i tink it's gettin more popular now as de seventeen talks abt dem n deir product.. haha.. check it out~

dont mind de half-a-boob~

haha.. my bro is now crazy over baking.. fr bread to cookies to bun to cheese cake n now shifon cake*how do u spell it??*.. haha.. n i found this in de shop where he buy his baking stuff..

choc~!!!!!! omg it's so huge~ haha.. n heavy too~ haha..

haha.. my masterpiece no.1my masterpiece no.2~my masterpiece no.3~!! um.. i mean finishin all of dem><

haha~!! i juz looooooooooooooove chocs~!! yea.. dat's y.. look at how well i had grown.. krakra..

haha.. dat day we went kl sentral n we (singning and i) spot dis sexy~ haha.. suzuki swift in purplish pink~!! it's so damn hot and sexy~!! haha.. juz hope im de owner.. agaga~

de colour look much more prettier in real~ love it~^^

im addicted to rubrik cube~~!! mum found dis..

hehe~ yes~!! follow exactly wat is given and ta-da! complete~! haha.. and no~ it's not easy~ u muz b smart enough to interpret this.. haha.. like me.. gaga~ bt of cuz it ll b more fun if u can solve it usin ur own brain power~ haha..
hehe~ found dis pic~ mooie jelly cake<3~>

Friday, September 21, 2007


im sad~!! upset~!! depressed~!! someone~!!!! plz comfort me~!!!!!!!!!

y me..

i juz dunno.. his ideal gurl cant b me.. i juz cant b his ideal 1.. im nt good enuf.. every1 in coll noes he ll b comin by juz lookin at wat i wore dat day.. dey notice de change.. bt he doesnt.. he expects more.. he compares.. wif ppl hu r in de same world as him.. bt mayb nt as me.. he doesnt un.. wat shud i do? i noe i ll nvr meet his expectations.. his ideal 1 is.. unreachable..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

im sry..

i cried till i fell asleep laz nite.. i wuz in a trauma.. i dunno wat 2 do.. dis mornin i woke up wif an headache n puffy eyes feelin real scared.. i noe it's my fault.. i'd been real stubborn.. i jz dun like ppl tellin me wat im doin is wrong when i tink i haf reasons 4 wat im doin now.. when i dont.. i dun like acceptin ppl's view n suggestion when i tink dey are nt true.. i noe ure doin it 4 own good.. bt feel pressured.. i cant cope wif pressure n stress.. im tired.. nt onli bcuz of copin wif studies.. wat i wanted 2 tell ya wuz i felt tired bcuz of my parents controllin me.. v can onli c each other once a week 4 less den 2hrs.. v hafta reli plan every outing reli nicely 2 make sure v spend our very lil time doin meaningful stuff n haf a lot of fun.. hafta make sure my parents dun find out abt us 2 make sure dey wont haf bad impression over u.. to watch wat i say when i tok 2 my parents so dat dey wont get angry over me n nt let me do wateva i wanna do includin seein u.. to make sure i dun accidentally tok abt couples issue in front of my parents.. can onli tok 2 u late in de nite.. muz close de conversation when my siblings approach me while v were chattin on9.. i reli dun mind all of dese.. bt juz feelin a lil exhausted.. juz wanted 2 hear ya.. didnt mean 2 fight wif ya.. i noe u did all of these 4 my own good.. im reli workin 2wards it.. otherwise.. i wont b askin u over 2 study wif me.. it's nt simply 2 create opportunity 2 meet ya.. i reli tot i can seek help on studies fr u.. i cry alot i cry over small issues.. it's nt bcuz i haf alot of tears o bcuz i simply like 2 cry.. it's bcuz wat u sat wat u do wat u tink affects me alot.. i cant stop fr knowin wat u feel wat u tink.. a single word fr u can make me feel happy 4 de whole day can hurt me very deeply.. i hope u ll un.. i u had been noticing.. i had tried 2 make myself independant compare 2 de old me.. i dun call ya suddenly n cry n tell ya i miss u.. i dun c wat other couples do kept bugging u.. i reli heart n need ya dear.. im sry 4 everythg i do dat had upset ya.. i serously didnt mean it.. it's hard 2 change one's attitude.. bt i ll try real hard.. plz give me some more time.. i love ya dear..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


haha.. terribly bored..

tv comp tv comp tv comp.. i need fresh air:'( i wanna go out.. im feelin as if im a lifeless super lazy pig stayin at hme eatin n watchin tv n sleep n dream:'(