Monday, January 29, 2007


im so bz recently dat i nvr gt 2 finish dis post.. i wrote it on tuesday.. haha.. n 2day's dis is abt my trip 2 tapah fr 26-28.. haha..

im bac fr tapah.. o shud i say i wuz.. hehe.. cuz i came bac yest.. haha.. juz came bac fr college..yes.. no break 4us:( lucky i gt gud stamina:p din sleep in classes.. haha.. so gonna report my trip in tapah..

1st day..
friday.. so class as usual till 1230.. den v had light lunch den went 2 de conference room 2 haf a brief briefin.. haha.. wuz nt payin attention cuz moo wuz late.. he wuz stucked in a jam.. he wuz supposed 2 meet me at 1230 n say gudbye 2 me.. bt he reached ard 1.. so i onli gt 2 hug him 4 few seconds.. den i gtg ddi:( i felt sry 4 him.. made him traveled so far n had onli a few minutes 2 spend wif me.. sry dear.. afte sayin gudbye 2 moo.. v departed.. i sat wif jo n.. den afte a while.. v start playin cards.. den suddenly.. wee kiat approaches us n wanna join us.. so yenthong hu wuz sittin bside xiaoying left her seat 4 him n sat wif whyeleon.. everythg went well until i looked thru his camera.. he's reli narcissism.. he took alot of pic ofhimself half naked.. top.. haha.. showin all de muscle man poses.. showin his muscle.. n i wuz like.. er.................... den he ask me how wuz it.. i say.. omg.. haha.. den he said dat's nt enuf..he's nt satisfied.. he wan bigger muscles.. n i told him it's reli enuf.. den i asked shajitha.. she shook her head.. v asked tijo whther he wanna b like dat.. he shook his head even harder.. bt mr muscle man still doesnt gif up.. he asked xiaoying.. xiaoying said it's okie.. den when he wasnt lookin.. i look at xiaoying.. xiaoying look at me n gaf mme an ewwwwwwwwww look.. haha.. funny.. den he took out a mag showin all kinds of muscleman.. all my reactions were omg.. yer.. eww.. haaa.. etc etc.. nth positive:p den benjamin standin der said.. o dear.. my hair all standin ddi.. haha.. muscle man said he eats 6eggs a day n drink 3 bottle of big big bottle of water evryday..(bigger den 1.5liter mineral bottle) jo n n i counted how much he had 2 spend on eggs evry week.. 21bux.. haha.. den when v reach tapah.. i mean REACH.. no network coverage.. yes reach.. once de bus turn right into de tapah campsite.. ta-da.. full bar of line disappeared~!! i wuz wonderin how m i goin 2 call my mum 2 tell her im safe.. n moo 2.. den v put our stuff in de lecture room n went 2 de campsite.. v r reequired 2 set our own tents.. nt de plastic wif few piece of metal tent.. it's those u reli hafta pull hard n set up wif ropes.. v had 2 set up a 8men tent.. big~ den v put our luggages in.. hate khaiwen><><><><>

de next day.. woke up realisin de entrance of de tent wuz juz bside me.. i rmb sleepin quite far fr it.. den onli i realise i sde tent is on a slope><><>

3rd day.. had onli 1 tok den went bac ddi.. wuzdamn happy 2c de line bar turn full once v leave sufes.. haha.. den msged mum n forwarded de msg i typed on de first nite 2 moo.. den start receivin msgs dat r late.. haha.. den tried 2 sleep in bus.. bt khaiwen bhind me watchin click laugh damn loud dat i cudnt sleep at all~!! den when i finally goin 2 fall asleep.. khaiwen suddenly whacked my head~!! !@#$%^&*()_!@#$%^&* i wuz tryin 2 sleep~!! den i cudnt sleep ddi><>

orientation week started laz wed.. in mc.. orientation week means a week whr seniors bully juniors.. v r given 35 nicknames of seniors n r supposed 2 find de person n gt his o her signature.. 2 gt deir signature..v hafta perform de tasks given.. otherwise.. punishment is given.. haha.. v all pakat n decided nt 2 sign.. haha.. 2day.. v were asked 2 wear ourhigh skul uniform 2 college.. haha.. v sang negaraku jalur gemilang n tanggal 31.. n also our wesley skul song~!! hahaha.. kinda fun.. quite alot din turn up.. v hafta wear traditional clothes on monday-.-" i dunno how.. dey plan nt 2 participate..

yest i went mv wif yenthong whyeleon yeonghan devan n mooo~!! dey 1st went bowling.. when i reach.. moo havent scored any.. i spared twice.. n i onli played twice:P heehheee.. den v watched a movie.. i dunno wat wuz de title.. bt nice.. it wuz de kind of movie dat at 1st u ll like "huh??" den "wat?!?" den "owh.." den "icic.." den onli u hafta de pic of de whole story.. haha.. i watched wif moo n devan.. ahhaha.. nice nice~ recommended.. bt dunno wat's de title oo.. hehe.. lemme go check 1st.. den v went shopping:) bt cudnt buy nethg.. alot of ppl.. n i cudnt find anythg i like.. nt dun like la.. bt like.. dunno how 2 say er..sum 2 expensive.. sum looks gud on de hanger bt dun look gud on me..aiy.. mum gaf me 150 de.. 1st time u noe..she wans me 2 buy new yr clothes.. ahaha..

i feell bad 2day 4 ffk-in moo.. he purposely came 2 mc 2 meet me 2day.. actually i told him 2 do so.. cuz i told der's muet.. so khaiwen dey all hafta wait till 130 den onli leave fr kl sentral n reach at 3 den i can leave at ard 230 ma.. den moo can spend 2hrs wif me ma.. mana tao no muet oo.. den jo n dey all say wanna leave ddi.. so no choice lo.. den when i reach de traffic light out der.. i saw moo:( if i noe he ll b reachin so soon.. i ll wait 4 him de:( im reli sry moo.. i wasted ur petrol ur time.. im reli disappointed nt able 2 c u 2.. bt at least i had a glance when i pass by moo's car:)


i wan go gai gai~ i wan cosmetic~
i wan cosmetics~!! wanna go gai gai~!!>,<

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


had netball 2day:) bt wuz kinda boring..all v did wuz ball passin.. damn sien.. bt b4 v were dismissed.. gt a bit of footwork stuff la.. realise every1 dunno footwork de.. haha..after dat v played bbal.. hehe.. me phebe n yi li versus suneel benjamin n leonard.. it wuz fun.. cuz out of 6 of us.. onli suneel n i can reli play:p haha.. so damn funny..benjamin didnt noe dat clear is 2 bring de ball out of de 3pointer line den bring it in.. bring in n out as in dribble in n out.. he actually BROUGHT de ball out den dribble in again.. so de gurls gt de ball.. haha.. i wuz red n warm afte playin as usual.. 1thg gud abt mc's bball court is it's away fr de sun.. haha.. so.. i tink i din turn dark.. hope so:p i broke my nail while playin:( n i didnt realise..

haha.. i called moo afte i gt in leonard's car.. he wuz ready 2 go bac 2.. v plan 2 meet each other at jln kuching:p yes. meet.. hhaaha.. bt v end up nt.. hehe.. cuz leonard went 2fast.. haha.. bt my eyes were bz lookin 4 silver myvi.. saw sum short short 1s n ignored.. den sw 1 wif kinda huge body.. de guy put his right hand near de window.. bt moo say he din.. so nt moo.. den say lady.. smokin><>

haha.. my mum found blood stain on my bro's undie.. haha.. i wonder y:P

haha.. im seein jo n tmr.. she'sgoin 2 mc 2 c whther she can sign in 4 de jan intake now.. haha.. den tell mc if knot she dowan go mc ddi.. lol.. haha.. gonna play bball wif her tmr.. hope de court wont b occupy:)

i wanna learn drivin~!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


hoho~ played bball 2day~!! hehe..found out mc gt gud bballers.. i mean seniors.. seriously.. goood.. haha..1can shoot damn accurately..1 can jump damn high n stay in de air damn long.. few can do beautiful lay ups.. envy envy:p haha.. rest.. hehe.. dowana tok bad bout ppl.. cuz v juniors sux.. i tink de score rite.. if put in ratio.. shud b 100:10.. v 10.. haha.. damn malu.. den afte dat.. i played.. at 1st shoot shoot ni.. den 1 out of 10 masuk.. den when masuk de senior say.. wah nt bad wo.. den i lay up lo.. den he say.. waa can lay up oso oo.. lol.. i gagadei oso skul team neh.. tho 4 2 yr ni.. summore bench warmer lai de.. bt still:p haha..

haha.. v had practical 4 physics 2day.. measurin stuff.. i brot chocolates in 2 de lab:p den i offer yeong han sum.. it took so long 4 him 2 decide whether 2eat dem.. cuz sum were expired:p bt expired choc can b eaten rite:p den devan wuz bside him.. i offer devan n he looked confused.. den he said"owh.. choc.. i tot sum physics beban.." lol.. yeonghan me n yenthong cant stop laughin.. haha.. cuz de chocs r round n square:p den v were happily playin de apparatus cuz v were nt told how much v hafta pay 4 if v break dem.. unlike bio.. de lecturer wuz like a salesgurl.. described by yhan..cuz she told us.. if u break a microscope's (dunno wat).. u pay 180.. if u break dis(dunno wat) u pay 280.. 10 ml of renin costs 400++ so dun waste it.. if u break de termometer.. u pay(dunno how much).. haha.. she nearly list out all de price of de apparatus haha..

bio wuz hypnotizin bt nice.. at 1st.. de air cond wuz strong n de lights were dim.. so de suhu wuz optimum.. n de keadaan wuz sesuai2.. 4sleepin:p haha.. den wuz fishin at 1st.. den suddenly sumthg amused me.. de slideshows de lecturer show us rite.. gt animation de er~!!at 1st she say she gonna show us animation.. bt wat v saw were all pics.. so i wuz wonderin whther she noes wat's animation:p cuz she's nt a young teacher.. haha.. den later rite.. reli gt er.. when de topic on replication of DNA.. damn cool er~!! de bases movin here n der.. haha..

i met sum new frens 2day.. fr kuantan de.. dey live nearby.. 1stays wif a senior.. de 1 dat plays bball gengly.. haha..

i met moo again:) isnt dat great.. 2day straight.. moo looked gud 2day:)

im havin netball tmr~!! nt goin 2 use 2much energy tmr.. dowan more lactic acid in my muscle:p haha..

Monday, January 22, 2007

pics~~ hehe..

haha.. it's 7 ddi n i havent shower~!! haha.. eww.. sticky.. bt i juz finish my maths hw^^ der's alot.. i ll shower afte dis.. i promise:p yest.. i wuz cleanin n tidyin my room.. found alot of memorable stuff..
pig fr jia junior leo.. current fund-raising dir..mug fr phey shien.. junior leo 2.. current editor..(i suggested dis post:p)

haha.. den i found dis..
hehe.. looks familiar?? zoom in:) top..
can u c de shadows?? de cows' shadow?? lol.. specially designed by de Shadow Association Prez.. Shadow Yap:p
hehe.. another masterpiece by master yap.. can u c de proverb der:p
haha.. bday card fr chinaman gang/LsquareA.. can u c de moooooos bac der?? creative huh?? de cutest bday card i ever had.. haha.. can u c de signatures der.. kweeloong actually sign above(thing).. haha.. cuz i once called him thg..
kampai fr dem.. haha.. used 2 b 10 of dem.. drank few dat day itself.. 1 2 siblings.. 1 2 dad.. he likes it.. bt he turned green when he heard each bottle costs ard 10.. dese r de leftovers..
haha.. deser my collections of moomoos.. all r bday prezzies.. all fr de same group of ppl.. parents actually wonder y i gt so many cows 4 prezzie.. i dunno how 2 ans dem.. haha.. i tink i said it's a new trend:p
moo stickers fr mum~!! yes!! mum.. haha.. she's sumtimes observant.. she noticed i haf a lot of moo.. she she bot dese.. i wuz kinda shocked.. sis envy me.. haha.. bleh~

i like dis box.. simple n nice.. it's fr shadow..

box fr huishan~!! pretty~!! she gaf me 4 my 17th bday.. containin stars..

haha.. messy bed.. juz changed my bedsheet.. figurin whr 2 put dese stuff..haha..

haha.. went LANNA again on saturday.. wif uncle dis time.. my auntie is a teacher in a international skul.. very gud 1 i ges.. every1 wans her 2 teach tui.. even najib's sin hafta go 2 her hse 4 tui.. many rich kia of rich famous ppl take tui classes fr her.. n dey often gt gud results.. so dey parents will b damn happy n use all kind of ways 2 reward her.. some sponsor her trips.. 2 pangkor once.. stay in private resort.. gt private chef.. private swimming pool.. wow.. n dis time gt coupons fr LANNA~!! haha.. abt over 1000bux.. so dey cant finish all so belanja us lo.. haha..i shud consider tui teacher as my career:p
i took dis pic.. it's abt de history of LANNA.. (i wasnt reli interested.. juz bored:p) it's a mirror.. so can c me:p

haha.. im teachin my bro admaths.. feel so smart:p haha.. gonna gif him tui classes startin next week:p dad gonna pay me~!! haha.. whee~ xtra allowance^^

had steamboat laz nit..4 dinner.. at9.. haha.. nice nice.. haha cuz can put lotz of chili in de soup tho dey dowana eat tomyam.. den bcum spicy spicy.. den spicy hot spicy hot..arh~!!!! chi gek.. haha.. i bro found a triangle egg.. he tried 2 make it looked like a heart shape.. bt failed.. hehe

ooooookieeeee~ time 2 shower.. hehe.. maid juz cleaned de toilet.. so it's gonna b a shiny n clean toilet.. wakaka..

i met moo 2day:)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


woohoo~ 2day's class ends at 130.. so i reached hme at abt 2.. mum wuz at hme ddi.. so i dun hafta make my own lunch:p had marmite mee.. yumm~ den tried 2 sign in msn n mum said she wanna use comp.. she gt a N70 yest.. so fast.. haha.. she gaf me her fon like laz week.. n she gt a new 1 yest.. n juz now.. she told me she's changin fon.. cuz N70's msg font is 2 small.. she gt 'lao hua'.. so she's changin 2 N73.. haha.. she envies me 4 makin her old k750 so nice wif themes n songs inside.. haha.. so i promised her 2 help her furnish her new fon.. haha..

2day's class wuz as usual.. haha.. watch de guys play bball in de mornin.. damn funny.. shanon bangin down ppl.. christian tinkin he was playin football.. etc etc.. bt i felt tired de whole day.. eyes cudnt open.. mayb it's bcuz de tearing n sleepless nite yest.. cudnt open my eyes dis mornin n felt damn tired.. didnt wanna wake up.. mayb bcuz played netball yest 2.. arm's muscle achin now.. din reli played hard tho.. bt i tink i passed de ball here n der 4 more den 100times.. used alot of energy:p sumore headache laz nite.. plus fever.. mayb it's bcuz i walked 2 kl sentral fr mc n walk bac under de hot sun.. reli very hot.. haha.. aiy.. im juz so unhealthy dese days.. my head still aches now.. ish..

haha.. i witnessed a cute scene 2day.. when i wuz in leonard's car.. i saw whyeleon n yenthong walkin out 2 de college's gate.. den as leonard drove pass dem.. whyeleon pulled yenthong in n 'chan gay' hold her hand.. haha.. sooooooo sweet~~ juz like korean shows.. haha.. dun wry moo.. im nt envyin:p i promised ya i wont de.. hehe..

yeay~!! i may gt 2 c moo tmr.. hope he ll cum early b4 i hafta go 2 spca.. ewww.. spca.. i hope i can faster finish de 10hrs of cs.. im gonna stink again tmr.. bt tmr my classes start at 9~!!heehee.. dun hafta wake up dat early^^ i wanna c moo i wanna c moo i wanna c moo i wanna c moo~!! i dun tink i ll pay much attention in class tmr.. will juz b hopin dat 1230 will cum asap.. den i can c moo~!! haha.. miss him loadzzzzzzz~!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


yeay~!! bac hme.. so tired.. 2day's classes r so packed.. v had classes fr 8-230 nonstop.. chemistry>maths>bio>break>physics>physics>bio again~!!>supposed 2 haf pre-u society.. chemistry v had a VERY experienced lecturer.. mr yeee.. haha..previously a mbs teacher.. i strongly believe dat mc is running out of gud lecturers.. n lecturers dat r teachin in a dey r now diggin out teachers dat teach stpm out fr government skuls.. my physics teacher doesnt now dat a levels student hafta repeat deir experiment 10times.. obviously v r de 1st batch of a levels students he's teachin.. my new "experienceful" chem lecturer.. used 2 b 1 of de student's f4 n f5 teacher in mbs.. n he teaches f6s 2.. so.. v r de guinea pigs.. poor us.. poor mc a levels S0701 alpha n beta.. haha.. btw.. my chem lecturer teaches usin his own notes.. his own notes r exactly de same as de text book.. haha.. lol..

tmr v r havin netball~!! whee~ netball.. it's been a looooooooong time since i played netball.. de laz time wuz durin mss tournaments.. i miss bball 2.. de laz time wuz mckl games:p i v were de champs.. tho it wuz damn kai.. cuz v onli played against 1 n de half game.. v had 2 teams in wesley.. de f4s n de f5s.. de f5s played against stella maries n de f4s played against fairview.. v won stella n de f4s won fairview.. so de finals wuz f5 against f4.. it wuz no fun bcuz v were nt puttin all effort.. so v played half a game n declare de f5s champs.. haha.. lol.. cant wait 4 dis yrs mckl games.. cant wait 2 c dis yr's team play.. haha..

i wanna gt sumthg 2 read.. hmm.. i wuz wantin 2 gt dis book called "ps i love u".. tried lendin.. bt failed.. wanna go buy.. bt 2 expensive.. mayb i ll start savin money now.. so can buy books..i nid 2 improve my vocabs.. o yea.. i shud go gt my library card done.. so i can go lend books o mag.. my english sucks.. haha.. college gt nt much hw.. bac quite tirin.. i juz dunno y.. i wan sumthg 2 do when im bac hme.. haha.. moo say compose songs.. honestly.. i tried.. bt.. haha.. it "knot c light".. haha.. bt mayb if i gt inspiration i ll b able 2 compose another.. hu noes:p

moo's still in college now.. poor thg.. havin malaysian studies.. haha.. v haven started ours yet.. aiy.. hate lan subjects.. moral.. ewwww.. community service again.. how many community service do v hafta do ar.. ish ish.. stupid government.. do u reli tink makin moral a compulsory subject will make us more civilised.. i dun tink so.. it doesnt reli help.. haha..

i envy yenthong n whyeleon.. dey gt 2 c each other everyday.. dey can do bio experiments 2geda.. discuss physics ques 2geda..solve maths ques 2geda.. haf break 2geda.. boohoohoo.. n i can onli accept de fact.. dat moo is nt wif me:'( bt im eventually tryin hard very hard 2 gt used 2 it.. cuz tho moo's nt wif me.. physically.. he's wif me mentally:p haha..

Monday, January 15, 2007

chem lecturer leavin.. boohoohoo~

my chem lecturer is leavin~!!!!! yleh?? OMB.. chem lessons r de onli lessons im enjoyin in college leh.. cuz he's young n nt boring like other retired old old lecturers tho dey r experienceful.. he's onli 25yrs old.. he said his parents n relatives r teachers.. so he enjoyed teachin..he had his civil engineerin degree in us juz 2 satisfied his parents.. den came bac b a teacher n started his second degree.. law.. he pay 4 his own course.. wif de pay he gts fr bein a lecturer.. he old us dat testi in collegesr nt dat important after all.. 2 make ur resume look gud.. v shud commit in community n society services.. because dey r more significant den thgs v do i our skul n college..

he also discussed wif us abt genders.. r women o men more mature??n HIS conclusion is women.. wat he say is so true.. women r more mature because dey r weaker den men.. physically weaker.. he said.. men lose control easily when provoked.. where else women tink twice n plan carefully b4 gettin demselves in2 trouble.. juz bcuz dey r physically weaker unlike men can juz get demselves in2 a fight.. he said.. as a man.. u ll nvr noe how much pain n stress women carry.. he asked de guys in class.. haf u ever tink twice b4 steppin in2 a taxi.. haf u ever tink twice b4 gettin in2 a bus.. haf u ever look bhind every 5mins when ure walkin on de street.. dese r wat women cum across everyday.. dey hafta worry abt more thgs den men.. which men cant do so.. so eventually.. women learn 2 b more mature so dat dey cud handle dese problems demselves n protect demselves fr bein hurt.. juz bcuz dey r weaker.. 1 guy said.. men r more mature dat's dey r de leader of de family.. n he said.. u try askin n indian 2 go hme n tell his/her mum.. mum.. i tink dad shud b de leader of de family.. n c wat de mum rreacts.. haha.. i tink 4 indians.. women haf more priority in family.. haha.. benjamin said women do "small thgs" paintin deir nails.. n mr shiva said.. do u noe how tough izit 2 furnish 1 single nail?? layer by layer.. base coat.. top coat.. waitin 4 it 2dry.. it takes lotz of effort.. if u tell a woman she's doin small thg when she's paitin her nails.. u deserve a slap.. haha..n so.. his laz conclusion is.. respect
ur women~!!!

i had class till 430 2day.. cuz moral started.. i wuz damn bored dat i sat bhind i stared at moo's pic.. haha.. lucky no 1 saw wuz damn embarassin:p missya moo.. i juz realised how much he understands me.. he noe every lil bit of me.. as if he cud c thru me.. haha.. muacxxxx.. luvya~!!

im goin 2 watch sassy gurl~!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

i gotta c moo~!!

haha.. at laz i gt 2 c moo.. 2day i went MAB.. moo went mc 2.. he went wif nik.. ng i kwok.. 2 play ball cuz wesley wuz closed.. bt i went late n he went 2 times square.. so i tot i will onli b able 2 c him 4 a while.. bt went v reach MAB.. de ppl der told us dey dun nid our help.. dey actually canceled our help yest bt datin din inform us.. n when v went dis mornin 2 c datin.. de staff actually said she went hme.. wut the.. haha.. bt actually i wuz quite happy.. tinkin i cud go out wif moo.. mana tao.. he din gt my hidden msg.. i tried 2 hint him dat"now dat im free.. i can go out" he din gt it.. i kept askin whr he wanna go.. n he kept answerin me mutiara..swt.. bt nvm la.. his plan wuz 2 go mutiara wif nik.. i din make an appointment.. lol.. sad.. bt at least he waited 4 my mum 2 cum den onli he went n meet his frens.. sry moo's fren.. 4 delayin u all.. neway.. im reli happy 2 c moo..he hasnt change abit.. haha.. i like seein him play bball..cuz he looks happy when he's playin.. passion 4 bball..haha.. he had lotzz 2 say 2 after playin ball.. seems 2 b more hyper..haha..

juz now.. v went 2 a thai restaurant in hartamas.. cuz my gma said de set lunch der very nice n cheap 2.. haha.. so v went n try.. it's called LANNA.. i luv spicy food.. n i enjoy myself.. haha.. n de washroom der very nicely furnished..

haha.. dese were hung on de wall in de ladies.. ladies in bikini:p dad said de gents had dem 2..

i tot dis wuz a lamp.. it's nt.. it's a soap container..

haha.. i like dis.. dis is whr gents pee on.. yes.. pee on.. i wonder if der's any fish inside..

v had durian choc cake 4 dessert.. v onli spent 77.74bux 4 6ppl.. 13 bux 4 each cuz v all ordered set.. haha..

yest.. when i went 2 de clinic.. my sis followed 2 cuz she had flu.. mum brot us in n were sittin n waitin.. den der's dis old couple bside my mum.. de woman said 2 his husband in teochew.. "aiy.. 1 person c doc bring so many ppl.. make de clinic so crowded.." of cuz nt noein v r teochews.. haha. so i purposely raise my voice n said.. in mandarin.. 2 my sis"hey sis.. since when ure sick??i tot ure alwiz healthy?? y nid c doc de" den my sis answered.."cuz u said u wanna c doc onli i follow de" haha.. v were tryin 2 hint de old couple dat 2/3 of us r here 2 c de doc.. nt 1.. haha.. it wuz kinda obvious dat i cudnt help n start laughin bhind my sis..

so at laz i consulted a doc after my marathon sickness.. diarrhea>windy tummy>gastric>sore throat>cough>flu>asthma.. so took my medicine n now hand cant stop shakin.. like parkinson.. it's de side effect.. den gonna feel drowsy soon.. so gtg sleep now..nitez bloggie~~

Friday, January 12, 2007


2day v had cs.. i went spca.. it was a DAMN long journey.. loooooooooooooooOOOooooooog.. i tink v spent 2hrs juz 2 gt der.. v left mc at ard 1250.. reach ampang park at 120.. took bus n walked der n reached at 2.. haha.. imagine walkin.. hmm.. i tink gt 3-4 km:p i wanna change~!!! if kelana jaya de dun hafta walk dat long i ll change~!!

so wat did v do in spca.. 1st v clean de dog's poo n change de newsapapers in deir cage.. den clean deir bowl containin water.. den wash ALLLLL de oily bowls.. alot man.. it's eeeeeewy.. haha..

im goin 2 MAB tmr.. datin told us v hafta b in de college 10 to 12.. n v gonna go 2 MAB at 1.. v all tot v hafta reach between 10-12.. den yeonghan asked whether he can go at 11.. datin say y wud u wanna cum so early.. den v all were like.. huh?? den she say u shud onli cum at 10mins b4 12.. haha.. funny~

im gonna go sleep ddi.. exhausted..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

jocelyn yong left~!! booohoohooo~

another boring day.. had 5 periods of classes.. spent break playin wif yeonghan's ended up batt low.. haha..sry~ 2day maths gt hw.. bt it's de least since de 2nd day of college.. bt actually i did sum ques tinkin she ll gif dem 4 hw.. bt..unfortunately.. she gaf sumthg else.. zadao.. waste my effort.. learn ur lesson..dun geh gao n do hw which wasnt given by teacher when she's teachin.. haha lol..

im goin 2 MAB on sat.. 2do voluntary work.. help out in deir open day.. it's juz 4 testi it had been quite a long time since i din social work..i used 2 do dem wif jetavana ppl n mayb community service wif de leo club.. goin 2 olk folks hme.. orphanage.. leprosy hme.. lotzzz.. miss dem.. dey r fun..cuz it wuz done wif frens.. i hope i ll enjoy myself dis time:)

v had been divided 2 2classes ddi.. poor yeonghan hafta b in group1 alone.. i wonder dey put us in de arts group.. weird.. bt nvm.. haha.. i wanna noe how 2 download stuff.. can ne1 teach me???

jo left us yest~!! 2uk... hope she ll live happily der.. gud luck dear fren.. v will try 2 b DER when u nid us.. haha..

i miss moo~ he'sstill in college now.. havin maths.. muacxxxxxxxxx~!!enjoy urself dear..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i hate college~!!!!

college life sux~!! yes.. sucks~!! mayb i shud put it dis way.. mc life sux.. it'ssoooooooooooooooo^infinty boring.. tell u wat's a mc life is all abt.. wake up-wash up-breakfast-mum's car-leonaard's car-jam on de road-college-at8 class starts-each period 1hr.. except 4 doubleperiods.. 2hrs..after3hrs-break 1/2 an hr-2to5hrs classes-dismiss-hme-hw-bla's juz like high skul.. onli dat high skul i haf frens 2 hang out wif.. games.. sports.. lenglui n lengcai 2 look at.. moo 2 tok 2.. o even concert 2 practise 4.. club meetins 2 attend.. o even monitors' meetin.. dey r far bette den college'sstudy study n onli study.. worse den wms.. i dowan go college~!! dowan dowan~!!hmm.. mayb i shud juz find a rich man n marry him n stay at hme shakeleg.. den mayb i can ask weijian 2 recruit me 2 SLG.. hehe..

neway.. im tinkin whtheer i shud reli take nutrition n dietetics o health science.. wonder which u offer dis course.. hope i can gt 2 sum bette u.. dat unlike mc:p

i miss moo..haven seen him 4 16days.. dat's like half a month.. miss him lotzz.. wanna c him leh.. wonder when wud dat day at least he's enjoyin himself in help.. even steffie gtg help..congratz~!! haha.. i feel sad n depress when i realized im stucked in mc.. i feel lonely.. mayb i nid counsellin..

um.. dis sumthg 4 weijian.. ahem.. weijian made me 'happy'.. hehe..

gotta go sleep ddi.. tmr class at 8.. aiy.. hope der wont b moral.. so can go hme early.. pray hard.. nitenitez bloggie~

Thursday, January 4, 2007


hey bloggie.. long time no c.. de taiwan earthquake had disturb de connection.. n i cudnt use de comp 4 quite sum while.. nowi can onli cum on9 usin dis laptop..

aiy.. college.. mc.. OMB~!! yest wuz orientation.. had almos 10 toks.. damn boring..canteen food sux.. it's so tiny.. realized dat de college doesnt haf many club.. dey onli haf de pre u society whr all collegian r members n organizes all activity in de college such as treasure hunt n which my new chemistry teacher tinks it's a total waste of time:p n der will b a sports club cumin up.. bt.. do u tink der's enuf space 2 conduct all de activities?? de college is so tiny n old.. will de whole building shake when der's ppl playin bball??nah.. it wont..v did experiment during laz mckl games.. haha.. bt still.. aiy..

o yea.. im havin class EVERYDAY fr 8-430~!!is dat crazy?? dat's worse den munchoong primary skul life.. worse den my lil sis skul life.. i tot college was supposed 2 b like monday.. i haf class at 2.. tuesday i haf class at 9.. wednesday i dun haf class.. etc etc.. o dear.. mayb i watched 2much tv?? o it's onli mc dat has such long period of study??

2day de SECOND day of college.. n..v r starting lesson alredi~!!! OMB.. i tink der's no college in de whole country dat starts class on de second day of skul..y r dey rushin?? it's de sixth year im doin dis.. wms also starts teachin on de 2nd say of skul.. when mos skul haf orientation 4 de whole week.. aiy.. pooor 1st period wuz physics.. it wuz a guy teacher.. mr chan.. he's a retired teacher i tink.. all he tot wuz stuff v learnt in f4.. kuantiti asas kuantiti terbitan n stuff.. den formula molekul n formula empirik.. bt dis time everythg in english..v r juz so unfortunate.. haiz.. v hafta learn all de terms all over again.. as my chem teacher mr shiva said.. 1 of de obstacles 4 us ddoin well in a levels is dat de ques r in eng n if v dun haf a reli strongfoundation 4 our vocabs.. v alwiz cant un wat de ques wans n cudnt ans.. so gud 4 u guys hu r studyin science subjects in english.. mr shiva wuz fun.. he's at his 20s.. so nt 2 old 4 us.. he allow us 2 walk out de class as we wan..pick up fon calls.. eat in de classrooms.. nt greet him.. his class wuz nt as boring as de others.. bt everythg he tot wuz also stuff v learnt in f4 chapter 1.. haha.. bio wuz boring 2.. i nearly fell asleep:p maths wuz kinda stupid.. de 1st chapter wuz factorizin expandin simplifyin which f1s can do.. deteacher looked frustrated 2 de syllabus 2.. haha..

dat's all 4 2day.. i hope tmr is a bette day den 2day.. haha..