Thursday, February 26, 2009


this is not an abandoned blog..
i was kinda caught up with lots of work..
but u ll still get to know what im doing from plurk;);)
another reason i refused to blog is cuz my ac adapter rosak ddi and i couldn't use my lappie to edit photos~xp*bad excuse huh?!*
i got a brand new ac adapter from dell for free!!
credits to my mummy~
damn cool okay..
cuz i went mv dat day to ask for the price..
and dat idiot sales person told me there isnt warranty for adapters and it will have to cost me 150!!

luckily it went out of stock so i didnt dig a hole in my purse yet..
mummy den called dell to ask where else can we get de adapter..
and de operator said..

'only through PHONE and ONLINE!!'

den wth is de sales person talking about when i can't even purchase from their store..
de operator passed de phone to a technician*which is a girl.. cool huh?!*
and she asked me to check dis check dat and finally..

'we will send a new adapter to u by courier by tmr for FREEEEEE~!!' *and it arrived within 24 hours!!*


back to what im supposed to blog about..
last post was dat damn long post on cny..
so i ll start this post with de LAST DAY of cny..

owh de day before before de last day of cny..
went house hopping with qiyuan-ers..
very lil pics cuz si lll decided not to upload de pics till now..
very lil ppl turned up..
everyone looks moody..
me and lynn anti-social.. bahaha

i left for yinhseong before hopping to lll's..
for de feb babes' birthday and farewell party..
most of the LA turned up..
so.. NICE!!
cheong k cheong till damn high..
higher den alcohol..bahaha

went the curve with hansiong and jiahua for 'the wedding game'
and also to meet yetshin and weili!
it's been a looong time since i last met her..
den de next day
chap goh meh!
went qiyuan..
to help out..*supposely*
this is what we were in charged of..
'ping an deng' meaning the light of sAve??
collecting money and writing their name on de sticker and sticking on de lotus candle..
there was ALOT of ppl..
but when de crowd started to fade..
this is what we did..
yess.. only de 3 of us plus 13's bro and shuhui turned up..
den 13 trying to promote himself..he wants to be a model..*tiang model*
had a tiring day.. super tiring!!
went home and study acc><
ps: my acc sucks.. got my result de day before yest.. depressed.. free acc tuition needed!!
de following week was full with pbl*problem-based learning* discussion..
and reports and many many more..
summarised by 1 word..
den*fast forward*
we planned to celebrate chee shan's bday which is actually on de 22nd..
it was a 'fruity' day~
went to uni at 730 for bball..
im rusty!! cant even lay up.. underbasket also.. depressed..
xiuqi cheeshan pearly jessie horngngiap jyedin simling weijie and me!
nice nice nice!!
after dat..
showered at jessie and weijie's den back to uni..
went library to complete our report which was dued dat day itself..
*the actual plan was to study for lifespan*
den at 12! *class starts at 4 dat day*
we went to fetch jessie from vista and off to carrefour!! mcd..
den xiuqi and soowei went and get de cake..
we tried to to remain a surprise..
but i suck at acting cuz cheeshan nearly find out..but it turned out to be fine la..*i guess*hahaden we started doing stupid things..
transforming pearly and cheeshan..disturbing jessie while she camwhore..crazy-nesss!!
we had more fun in de car..hope we didnt disturb cheeshan drive.. this..
RANDOMNESS!!! yeayeay!!
quoted from qi.. 'dun ask us why..' bahaha

it was a great and tiring day for sure!!

den today..


we had a long break..

so we went OUG for lunch.. chee yolk yuen fun..

with jessie weijie 2,3,9,10 georgen and partner-choonxiang

we laughed for almost an hour..

damn noob.. bahaha..

my engine nearly started..

haiz.. image gone!!!

we camwhored cuz we were stucked in a jam~ *not because we are narcissist..xp*


that's all for the updates:):)

and these are some random stuff..*as usual*

fitting rooms!*again.. i bought none of these=3*

and sing ning!!!

our shoe got new colour..

and it's gorgeous!!!

i got this same/similar pair in silver and singning got them in gold..

so we exchanged 1 pair..*tho it was 1/2 size diff*

and now..

who wants new sneakers??

baby blue and pink!!!

who is size 6 vincci and wants to exchange with me??!!!


and i ll end this post with some pics i found..

more pics on primary gathering!!!



congratz yeoh eling..

u had another massive update!!

*but i try to make it short ddi.. cuz ppl complained that it was too long and boring~*


life had not been BETTER..

*excluding bottomless assignments and sucky accounts result..*

till then, xoxo..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

it's hard to be committed..
it's even hard to persist..
it consist of love care tolerance contributions and more..
my world revolved around urs..

it's sweet..once
which i ll treasure..
but bitter most of the time..
cuz we usually rmb de bad more clearly..
so hard to start..
so easy to end..
a msg..
and the end..
of approx 935days..
i feel so lonely.

Monday, February 2, 2009

massive update!! =3

now i can definitely prove dat yeoh ee ling is a great procrastinator..
she even procrastinate when blogging..
it took me 2days to load all the photos.. haha

29th Jan 2009

happy bday hansthen!!


went pavilion with darlynn dat day..

she waited for me at the ktm for 1 friggin hour..


u can see how frustrated she was from her blog post..

but u know u love me^^xoxo!!she complained dat my ASA pose looks like a frog..

as so she demonstrated..

lol.. i look better kay xpxp

haha.. went through ktm and monorail..

finally to pavilion..

straight to dain ti hill..

i got this RM50 cash voucher dued 31st of Jan..

it has got nice atmosphere but so-so service nia~

those ppl like bu gan yuan nia.. haha.. nice lightings!!we sat near by de window..

we were exposed to maximum amount of sunlight.



but great for camwhoring..haha..

she dropped a piece of tuna on de table cuz she was fooling around.. but no tissue..
so she thought she very smart..
cover it with de bowl..
thinking dat nobody would notice..
mana tao!
de waitress come clean de table even before we finish ou meal..
like they got not enuf plates to use nia..
den when de waitress tried to remove de bowl..
darlynn pressed de bowl stopping de waitress from removing de bowl..out of reflects..
de waitress looked at her innocently..
den only she let go..
damn paiseh eh..
cuz once she removed de bowl..
de tuna was revealed!!
revising wat we learned in 学佛行仪
with normal bowl..
and super big and heavy bowl!see.. gbl also happy with me de lo!!! *si lll*
we ordered an eel rice box..RM22
and a tuna salad..RM18++
and also some sushi..RM24
de sushi damn big lo~
see..comparing..we spent almost 2 hours and more there cuz we couldnt finish de food..
too greedy ddi..
we nearly called lll to come finish our food..
altogether was RM68..
and we only paid 18!!!
worthed it!!
den we walked ard..
i realised shopping with darlynn burns hole in my purse..
i bought a mascara and an eyeliner in a day eh!!
more than 50bucks..
1st time i so she de..
den we had bubble tea den we left! haha..
love her to de max!!

30th Jan 2009
jermin's farewell..
made yetshin wait for me for an hour too~*oops*
i seriously didnt mean to make everyone wait for me..
drunk jermin.. haha
finally met my ling ling..
after so long..
met crystal too and also celest..
never seen since like prom..haha!
all pretty ddi^^
we basically talked eat talked eat and cards..
while de others gamble as usual..
it's nicer to sit beside and watch dem play..
more chi gek..haha!

31st Jan 2009

buffet steamboat with t.r.u.s.t and qiyuan peeps!

damn expensive eh.

totally lasered a hole in my purse and pocket!!

30per pax..and i only brought 30bucks..broke on de spot..

steamboat only eh..


steamboat in selayang maximum ma 15 per pax..
it took us very long to think whether we should stay or go somewhere else to eat.. haha
dat's why de both of us looked emo..haha..
but then we are good at entertaining each other..
well.. actually.. it's she's good at entertaining me.. im not..

open air.. dark.. smokey.. ew
t.r.u.s.t member..
si lll not cooperative..g1g2g3g4
ended de day with lotz of ice cream and jelly^^

1st Feb 2009

house hopping with mun choong peeps!!

supposed to meet at jusco metroprima at 11..

and i made them wait for 30mins..
well.. it's not like i intended okay?!!!
jiahua was supposed to come fetch me at 1030.. but he overslept and came at 11..
so we reached at 1130..
kena bomb by de rest..
haha.. but we weren't de last to reach.. haha
hansiong and rong yu came later..
den we headed to 'food & tea'
we ate there too de last gathering..
ordered a toast but couldnt finish but still finished..
haha.. had a good time laughing while eating cuz they are all very cute and funny..
from they canceling all de drinks ordered after realising all meals are entitled 50% off on drinks..
to jiahua joining de rest to bomb huixin..
and weihoong realised we are actually having lunch not breakfast and decided to order more..
and yenyang drinking 2 cups of dunno wat cuz the waiter repeated his order..
and lgt didnt drop down his order and starving cuz he decided not to re-order..
and all of them fighting who to pay de bill 1st..
and all of them looking at me while i chew off my last bite of toast..
after lunch..
off to puiyee's at kepong..
she made alot of jellies.. as in A LOT..
more den 30pieces ba..
i only ate one cuz i had been eating de same jelly same flavour same shape for like a zillion times..
from cny dinner to jerm's and steamboat..
so de guys suggested dat we draw cards..
and person that got the smallest and largest card will have to eat de jelly..
it was a great idea cuz de jelly finished fast..
den de guys started bombing huixin..
making a great fuss over de fork dat huixin used..
cuz there were limited forks..
we shared them..
of cuz without dirtying them..
den huixin sort of forgot and put de fork into her mouth
and den put it back to de plate..
it was fun overall..

1st attempt.. failed cuz puiyee's mum didnt shout out 1,2,3 den she snap.. so we were like holding our smile till we see de flash.. haha.. so beh tahan..
2nd attempt.. better^^introducing my primary friends..
standing: from left-right: kokjye, yenyang, guantian, jiahua, weiliang, hansiong, weihoong
on the chair: from left-right: maykhee, me, rong yu
on the floor: from left-right: puiyee, huixin
next house..
hopped to waileng's..
which was a few streets away from puiyee's..
saw this calligraphy thing outside her house..
nicely written so we asked who wrote..
she said her neighbour..
name 'wang xiao zhang' *meaning principal wang*
so i was wondering could it be qiyuan wang xiao zhang..
so i sort of ignored it.. den as de rest was gambling..
uzhe shifu called from port dickson..
asking me why didnt i go visit him..*lll gbl 13 and crystal went pd to visit shifu on de same day..clickhere for more info*
i told him i went house hopping with primary friends..
cuz i haven hanged out with them for ages..
and as i was talking on de phone..
i walked near de window to have better reception..
and guess who i saw out de window..
wang guang ri xiao zhang!!
and also guo gang's bro.. guo yong..
haha.. so ngam..
they stay opposite waileng..
hahha.. but din see guo gang and junni..gambling gambling~
chi gek nia watch dem play..haha
dun ask why i dun gamble..
i just don't..haha
next was jiahua's..
i led de way.. haha.. n jiahua led de way to my house..funny..
we used to have tuition at each other's house..
this time no cards no jelly..
but got keropok and baa gua..
we sat down and talked about tonnes of stuff we did in primary..
about class mates.. about teachers.. about trips.. about promises.. haha..
de good old innocent silly times..
we took de pics with self timer..
i lovin it!!
and den to my house!
mum and dad werent at home but i msg-ed them that i have frens coming..
so they prepare angpau..
and i have to distribute them 8) sweeter!!
den after dat most of them have to leave ddi..
huixin and weiliang and tang hui need to go home ddi..
den we de girls in puiyee's car plus weihoong fetched huixin home and waited for yenyang outside his house..
yenyang drove de guys back to metroprima to get their cars.. and back to his house..
thought can go have a look at lgt's house since they stay in de same taman..
but mana tao lgt ran away cuz dad needed him.. haha
so we de rest hopped to yenyang's lo;)
yenyang's nephew and niece*i think* are so cute!!!
sing k as usual..
de 9 of us..
we sang quite alot..
and even sang 2 versions of leo ku's medley back to back which is 20mins non stop..
sing till jaw drop..
not as nice as de last time..
cuz de 'k-king and k-queen' werent there..*lgt and huixin*
haha.. we even sang jiahua his bday song..
den group photo!! de lake view again!!
taken by yenyang's maid.. haha
candid shot!!
we were all supposed to act cute..

but yenyang insisted that he remains his boss image in front of his maid..


den last stop when mdm khoo's..

our std 5 and 6 homeroom teacher..


she couldnt recognise most of them..

but she could slowly refresh..

me of cuz she know..

cuz i had been seeing her on and off..

cuz siblings had tuition with her..

and she even made tong yuen for us during dong zhi.. haha

talked alot!!!

we spent like almost 2 hours there talking nia..

from primary school to college to uni to hostels in taylors.. hahaha

no group pic this time cuz we forgot!!!


reli had a great time..

haven had dinner also dat time..

we(me puiyee kokjye and weihoong) fetched maykhee to de warta bus station and waited in de car for her mum to reach.. haha

den we talked a bunch again..

we randomly talked about using short forms in sms and msn..

and it turned out to be de joke of de day!!

den... i dowana elaborate more.. for more info.. clickhere

den after sending maykhee..

we headed to skh for dinner..


spent most of de time laughing!!

was tired.. but no regretz!!

*clear throats* NO REGRETS!!!*si lll*

si gbl~ keep telling me how fun izit..

if u had seen lesbie's blog..

u ll know how much fun they had in port dickson..

and si lll..

'And Eling missed out all the fun because she chose her primary school friends over Uzhe Shifu and PD!!I promised NOT to take her to the beach even if she ask me..haha!!'

u pianxin de la!!!

u only bring gbl and 13 to beach de..

i asked for penang asam laksa dun have..

gbl ask for penang char kuey teow den got..

pianxin ar!!!

fine lo..

i go beach myself.. bluek~


i wanted to talked abit about 2nd feb and today..


im exhausted!!


till then!! xoxo