Sunday, December 16, 2007

.:*my lucky star*:.

My Lucky Star is a must watch~!! nice nice nice~!! haha.. it's chinese name is 'fang yang de xing xing'.. it's abt lies.. like the story 'lang lai le'.. it's casted by Jimmy Lin who has a baby face bt is actually 33 years old~!! haha.. anyone would actually thought he's around 20.. haha.. and a korean star Yoo Ha Na.. she's damn cute~!! she can speak a lil mandarin.. she also acted in jay chou mv 'bai se de *somethg*'.. must watch must watch.. if u wanna c de cute side of Ha Na.. watch behind the scenes.. haha..

Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na..

main characters.. Jimmy Lin.. Yoo Ha Na.. Lee Wei.. Willian Jay Leon.. Hong Xiao Ling.. hehehewatch watch watch~!!

it's a drama with very umm rich? storyline.. haha.. there's somethg abt racing.. drifting.. crime.. jewellery designing.. kampung life.. urban life.. celebrities life.. family and frens issue.. gangsterisme.. fights.. etc etc~!! there's alwiz somethg diff in every episode.. and all the racing and drifting scenes are directed by Jimmy lin and also done by him himself with no stuntmen.. as he is a pro racer.. haha..

this is one of the character of the drama too~!!

it's called Somnus.. which is dunno wat language of a kind of flower.. dat i think is used in drug makin.. it's use to describe love that is sweet and addictive at first and yet can hurt u so hard at the end.. bt it's chinese name is actually taken fr de 2 main characters of de drama..

it's a drama dat is sweet and gives u a heart-ache at times.. if u find it boring after a few episodes.. dont stop~!! de climax is coming.. haha.. watch and enjoy~!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


holiday~! haiz.. made myself a study time table.. bt onli followed 4 three days.. supposed to finish bio 1 in 2 days.. bt i spent 1 day to finish 1 topic~!! grr.. just cant stay still n study.. sobz.. tell me wat way is effective for me.. boohoo~ is der any way to make lazy bums hardworking?? tell me~!! haiz.. kill me~!!

dis is de painfullest holiday i ever had.. supposed to study.. want to study.. bt am not.. haiz.. my results had been dropping 'dramatically'.. im a pig.. bt ielts was slightly slightly better den expected.. band 7.. yea.. it's not good.. just hope it's enuf to get into IMU.. haha..

let me out~!! me in my 'study room'FEMALE cover gurl.. is onli 14~!!! omg~!! she's hot~!!<3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5142732328353957394" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">this is wat happen went u are short n ur fren is not..

take 1..take 2..take 3..aiya.. u hold la..solo solo^^blur la u><49.90~!! bt i got no money.. n my sexy pink w580i.. dun mind de shoes..

dou niu yao bu yao is a must watch~!! it's a drama with a combination of romance n streetball.. u guys may think de streetball part is fake.. but every actor can reli play man.. haha.. hebe n mike he.. hebe is cute~!! i want her hairstyle.. bt i dun dare to cut.. it may not suit me.. haha.. so.. i had decided to change my hairstyle after a levels.. krakrakra~

imagine my face on hers~~ ahahaha~!!