Friday, June 26, 2009

dee you elle elle

short update! heehee.
yes im being lazy for not updating my poor bloggy.
no more massive update cuz im still being lazy.
and blogging about stuff happened few thousand years ago is kinda meaningless to me=p
yea. so im STILL having my oh-so-boring/lifeless/fattening holiday
just cant wait for class to resume.
im gaining weight like nobody's business.
how i am going to dance for orientation like that==
yea. go on. laugh as much as u like. buahahaha
i had been playing 'zi-bi' recently.
not replying calls or msgs not going out as often.
yes. eventhoough im dead bored.
i dunno what u call this kind of behaviour
but i realise it's happening to most of de ppl around me=3
so im not weird. haha

as most of u know.
im having de suju fever now. *dance around*
suju=SUper JUnior
a korean boyband in case ure wondering..
all of them are just so cute and talented that u cannot tell who u like most!
i had never gone so crazy over any artist before.
i just laugh when i hear them laugh eventhough it's not funny.
i smile incredibly insane when i saw them appearing on tv/newspaper *just appearing*
i scream uncontrollably when i see them perform.
i melt when they do something sweet/cute.
haha. i knoe. it's called crazy-fan-girl-syndrome.
honestly. i used to hate these kind of fangirls. and now. im one of them. CHEERS.

watched transformer2 with the super-hard-to-date-ms.leong.
haha. put the storyline aside.
just de 'transforming stunts' and all will make ur jaw drop and eyes go big.
well actually for me.
when 2 big fellas fight. i just couldnt tell who's de bad guy and who's de good. *blush*
they just look so similar. all so.. metallish?!
i shall watch it again. im sure i can differentiate them this time *wink*
and guess what when robots fight they curse too!!
a piece of tin.. waste of metal..
buahaha. i just find it very cute!
can't wait for transformer3! woots
and im rewatching transformer now.
last but not least,
im so going to learn korean!
for them!! nyahahaha!

till then,

satanghaeyo ♥ ♥