Sunday, July 26, 2009

im long!!

MIA for a super duper zuper long time?? haha.
cuz it's july!! july is always happening!!
orientation this year last for 2 weeks. which is painful yet exciting to me==
haha. painful cuz it fell on my birthday..
PLUS. extended orientation means extended dance practices!!
but im missing dance practices when everything ended!! hahaha. *confused:D*
apparently, de orientation was extended due to de oh-so-popular swine flu==
dowana elaborate on that.. personally think it's a lame excuse..

i have such a great week i have alot to say but..
i ll try my very best to cut it short though i love long naggy huge tall post:D
1st thing on the list..
dimsum and karaoke with LA babes!!

i forgot when was it but i only remember being super duper sleepy.. haha
i carried my sleep-deprived look everywhere i go for the past few weeks ler=p
anyway it was great meeting up with de uk peeps.
all became so rich la.. they talk in pounds wan.xpxp
after that was senior-junior night!!
short form for senior junior night is SJ night!! *woooooots*
seniors were obviously extraordinarily excited and high..
but i dunno about the junior.. haha
it was supposed to be an event designed for the juniors.
but obviously de seniors had more fun la:D:D

u can see from de picture:D

playing games.
woo!! my long hair:D
giving out beverages.. end up with very lil food left for us in de end:[
juniors!! never doubt our love for you k!!^^
georgen made a video about life in IMU and also as an NDian..
it was awwwwwwwesome!! good job mr. thye:D:D
for me. we portrayed ND life as very relaxing and fun and stress-free.
and yet. from what we observed..
juniors are still stressed==
haha.. PLUS.
i didnt get a single mentee:'[
NONE. each senior is suppose to get 2 mentee.
but me and jaron being de lucky one did not get any.
dunno if i should be sad or happy over it~

next up!!
advance birthday celebration with duckie and SJNDs in mv!!
lunch at pasta zanmai!!! *YUMMMMMY!!*
see that green tea tiramisu on the table??!!!!
it's a must-try!!!! nice dao bao zha!!!! haha
after that. went walking around and to my fav place. FOS==
as usual.. do what i do best..

tried on a few pieces.. nice but bo lui.. so came out..


5 cuties shouted 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to me!!!!
hahaha.. i was shocked!!
was really a surprise la:]:]

im pretty sure i went in for at least 20mins and they waited outside for 20mins!!!! hahaha
love them to the max la^^ *bobo*
when i was inside. i actually saw cheeshan's shoe outside.
so i thought she passed by..
de very sick jessie having a bad cough has to walk far far just to cough and come back so that i wont notice them wating outside!!
hahaha.. cute dao bao zha la:D:D:D
de fitting room i went in~
after that we went to this thing outside FOS..
it used to be a display of the directory.
they somehow removed it so we decided to eat our cake there:]
nice!! highly recommended:D from bread story i think..
after that we took a pic through that THING which happens to be reflective..
some lost shopper passed by maybe wanting to look for directions..
wondering why are we staring at a BLANK directory board==!!

the best part is.....

they made me a beautiful card and got me something i reallllllllllly wanted!!


coooooolness!!! B)
just cant stop loving them.. haha
after that we went for harry potter^^
honestly.. i didnt really understand harry potter from the 1st movie till now..
anyhow. de movie wasnt THAT bad.
i would call it.. not bad. haha

well. on my birthday. i basically spent my whole day 730am-1130pm in my 2nd home.. IMU==
it was variety night that day. and we N&D performed for the opening dance:D

please dun stop de music:):)

keep bleeding keep keep bleeding love~
we were supposed to act cool.. but ailing.. smiling all de way^^ kieew-toh!!
and SJND!! saranghamida^*^

de night was great!! it ended late as predicted. with all de performances linng up..
juniors seriously did a GREAT on job on their costume!!
way better den us. probably because the have like 1 whole week.
when we only had like 1 or 2 days?? haha
BECAUSE our combined dance with bpharm was somehow not up to some expectations.
we had to make changes at de VERY VERY LAST minute..
so stayed back to learn up de dance routine.
luckily mum came all de way to fetch me.
otherwise i wont b able to catch de last train:D
basically mum came everyday de whole week to fetch me..
cause it ended late everyday==
and my dad did not see me from monday to thursday=p

day 2 of orientation - station game
totally none of my business
and i finish class at 1245..
but because there's committee dance practice AFTER station game..
which is probably at.. 10?? *totally inconsiderate*
i had to stay back..
de station game starts at 630. i was free from 1245 to 630==
luckily pearly and cheeshan were there with me..
we went pyramid!! haha
and when we were back.
i spent all de time sittin in de atrium wrapping hampers and making seaweeds for deco..==''

day 3 - treasure hunt
because day 4 is finale night.
so all dances must be synchronised de night before..
skipped jazz class*and waste 20bucks* and did de whole waiting process again.
made seaweed. memorise body parts. catch mosquitoes. hide sausage bread.
chat with horng ngiap and watch juniors run everywhere shouting..

finale night!!
didnt know what to wear for de combined dance.
cuz there was no particular instruction on that.
they only say they want. casual wear==
and totally regret wearing shorts. i looked like an elephant as i wish==
well. i did some mistakes on stage. *as usual*
hope ppl dun realise:D
overall was great i guess.
but the whole finale night went on till too late.
the caterers have to chase us away..
during de buffet after de performances.
everyone went high!!
cheering and camwhoring!! haha
it was a very good opportunity to take pictures with anyone you mnage to grab hold.
introducing my partner of the combined dance..

*drumrolls please*


he is the tallest among d guys.. and im shortest among de girls.. i cant even reach his shoulder..
why are we partners? cause im NOT the lightest:D*there's a part where he needs to carry me*
jason!! chujin's partner. i guess if i didnt eat so much during de holiday he ll be my partner== haha
chan chiew ying!! my orientation leader last year!! choreographer of the combined dance!! super pro*thumbs up*
love sex magic+if i were a boy+when i grow up~!!
my fellow NDians!!
kaijia, jc, weijie-my bleeding partner, and qi~
with qi and jyedin papa:D:D
with xiaojie and jc~
runner-up for female bbal last year!!
but we are not in de same team this year:'[
with qi's group's winning hamper which was wrapped beautifully by ME:D *bangga*
eling went high=p
with pearpear, junior-gastric, shanmin, shiausiang and yinglu~
i love this pic!! but unfortunately it was spoiled==
with bleeding dai gor horng ngiap^^
with super junior^^v
there are more pics. and im not gonna elaborate on them.
im too lazy, i need to sleep early. classat 8am tmr *in fact, class at 8am everyday-.-*
we went shopping for costumes in times sq and lunch at uncle duck^^
fooling arund before entering microbiology lab:D
i love stealing de limelight=p
my group 16 mates for food preparation:):)
we have de most group members among all but has de lowest prductivity..
cuz one of de group member likes to wander around stealing food from other bench..xp
trying to take credit fromde beautiful cake qi, ailing and jyedin baked~
but well. our group's steam cake wasnt dat bad after all. look at everyone rushing over for our cake:D
i feel so good knowing that orientation has come to an end.
but at the same time realise all fun and play cease here..
i feel so 'light' when i said goodbye to shanmin and pearly after anthro practical on friday.
it had been a long time since i can go back home right after class:D
but if i decided to take part in IMU cup...
i will have to stay back every evening again.. so should i join?
sem3 timetale is just so hectic..
i dunno when de next post will be..
i know it's a super long post though i said i tried to cut short..
im sure ppl who read every single word is either vey concern about me..
or is upset cuz i was so busy for the past few weeks i ignored their calls and msg and so they are readiing this to see HOW busy i was=p
till then~
♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, July 4, 2009

finally coming

sem3 is starting in about 35hours!
im so looking forward to classes.yes.CLASSES.
*sujuling has gone crazy*
but thinking that de junior orientation is nearing makes me dizzy*pout*
we are going to be so dead busy running around doing this and that.
not perfect yet cuz we NEVER practised as a whole for any of de dances. sadness.
come on la babes we dun have much time!!
being d creativee manager.
we have totally nth to do.*besides planning de budget*
and decorating de atrium. which is the venue of all activities.
so. we can only start doing a day or 2 before that 1st day of orientaton.
otherwise imu will look like a jungle everyday..
cuz the theme for this year's orientation is LOST.

i totally regret choosing committee over oo.
i want to go oo-ing with my girls so badly:[
i wanted to join them in de games but..
the BIG station masters decided to put me in charge at 1 of the station.
*bangs head hard*

i need to lose weight fast!!
otherwise i ll look like a baby elephant rolling around on de stage.
why baby elephant. cuz im NOT TALL.
i had been busy with dance practices these few days.
i forgot to inform my boss that i cant go to work today.
i skipped work for 3days straight. *because i need to go for practices*
*causing me great loss :'[*
i think i ll be kicked out. or im kickED out already..
im getting so much pain from dancing
from inner thighs to thighs to back to toes to neck to arms to knee..
some are due to the inter uni netball match we had during de sem break..
we didnt warm up nicely before starting de game..
and won 18-2 if im not mistaken. *proud*
most are caused by dancing..
but i just enjoy it~:D
sujuling sings: life couldnt get better~~ yeah-eh
im so going to die of all kinds of pain..
i have like 4 parts to practise.
i just ♥ the choreographies!! buahahaha.
hope de audience will like them too =3

i need more money so that i can go for more dance classes:[
im currently doing modern jazz..
i want hiphop and those popping stuff and latin and *de list goes on*
i wish i can learn up steps with just a glance:[
arh~ keep dreaming keep keep dreaming oh~
so many dances that i wanna learn. so little time and effort.

new sem new resolution!!
1. 1st class *as usual.. but it just never come*
2. let's dance dance dance. *get rid of the rust==*
3. i wanna learn hangul!! *damn. buy books also need money*

let's see if any of these is accomplished at the end of the day=p

till then,
saranghaeyo ♥♥