Friday, April 24, 2009


we did korea!
lazy to describe..xp
uploading all the photos has definitely drain all my energy left for the day==
it was sort of a presentation
made to
promote N&D*i think*
and to let IMU-ians know more about international cuisine
and to give them free lunch
and last but not least
to torture us ND-ians...
we have like PBL in the morning.
Food Culture Day in the afternoon.
and Accounts presentation later.
3 accessed assignments in a day!!
perfect planing ho.
so pics!!

our booth and our board!!


neighbour's neighbour-thailand
really nicely done! congratz!
the tom yum was a genius!
there are more actually..
Italy, Mexico, Africa etc~
but i didnt have time to visit every booth.
i got my own booth to take care of=D
it was a great experience actually
answering questions from the single neurones..
'what got antioxidant ar? onions got right?'
'eh. onions got ar. fruits a lot also got.'
'owh fruits got ar? mango got ar?'
'mango? um. im not sure but orange got'
'owh orange got la. then mango gt what inside?'
'basically all fruits contaion high vit c la.. i dun think they contain any specific nutrients'
'owh like that one la. no la. cuz i want antioxdant'
'owh i c.. -.-'''
dun tell me medic got no module on basic human nutrition
like wanna test me nia.
and finally
after the whole thing..
time to finish up all our samples and food we have
happily stirring the bibimbab^^
it's actually mixed vege and rice.
developed new likings for korean food=D
and one last photo with our board before everything is taken down;)
enjoying georgen an jaron's leftover tomyum soup!
qi practising her camwhor skills=3
good job girls!
we really proved our pro-ness in doing things last min
and also that
ND-ians got talent!!
we did de whole thing so pro-ly!!
*give urself a pat on ur back=D*
♥ ♥ ♥
finished practical even before 10 o clock
found out that we are not required to hand up the report on that day itself!
off to mv:D:D
girls that will neve turn obese eventhough they binge eat occasionaly..xp
get ready with ur napkins.
cuz here come the finger licking and saliva dripping food..
*wipes saliva*
it's kinda reasonable too^^
fusion of mexico italian etc etc food with japanese cuisine~
it's called acculturation..xp
perempuan saya=3
narrator: we were supposed to share de dessert
but pear pear took the whole cup and.........
the endin of thestory is.
we ordered another dessert
after that soowei left and watched
a thai horror movie
and i was de one who suggested to watch
miracle huh
why miracle?
cuz lingling NEVER watches horror movie
actually i knew de storyline ddi..
from georgen and also sis.
so i know it has a good storyline and
wanted to know how scary it is..
i was actually freaking out already at the 1st scene
and wanted to leave ddi
ming ming jiu very scare sumore wanna watch
*shakes head*
this is why ppl say..
i totally agree
quoted by pearly..
i watched de whole movie in between my fingers slit..
like this
and had my ipod blastin music in my ears!
it was really loud that even pearly can hear
*she was sitting beside beside me==*
den i decided to make it softer
cuz it's not worth turning deaf for a horror movie
i did watch de whole movie k!!!!
i can tell u de story from head to tail..
but it's not quite logic.
and some parts are hilarious!!!
and according to xiuqi
a girl screamed at the wrong part
(which is not the scary part)
and the 3 ma lat lou infront of us
kept talking nonsense to shield ther fear!
ming ming jiu he pa ma~
and finally
lingling is on studybreak!!
2 weeks
so shoo me off if you see me coming online too often!
but u can still ask me out for tea^^
till then,
i want angels to bring me there.

Monday, April 20, 2009

to be or not to be

fell in love with
Angels brought me here - Guy Sebastian
an hour more to the first class of the day~
and it will most probably be skipped!
cuz we have assignments dued tmr


communication oral presentation..
and de worse scenario is
helmi moving accounts presentation to tmr!!
i cant imagine how we gonna strive through this..
HELMI is not HELPING me..
i bet his wife's name is KILMI..
*i guess only 2,3,9,10 will un this==*

last friday we went mamak with georgen horngngiap jiahuan wenwei cheekien
we couldnt stop teasing georgen when we notice
he took up most of the space in the tiny lil myvi
making the tiny cheekien and horngbgiap squeezed to a corner~
as u can see....

georgen sitting comfortably.
we really like the mamak there
cuz we get cheap and nice food there~
it's like a getaway spot for us:D
and now we share it with others ddi

it's so hard to get pearly take a decent and sweet pic==
but i still lah-voo her^^

it's also jyedin's 21st birthday dat day!!
we got him a piece of chocolate written on top:
Happy Birthday Dad! I love you
i heard he likes it^^
time to start work!
wish me luck peeps
till then,
i have decided to love myself more

Friday, April 17, 2009

yes no maybe

lingling has decided to forget about all the overdued posts:]
for further info, you can visit my fb photo albums
i only had 3hours of sleep yesterday
and is looking like a zombie
*as usual lah*
with my super long straight ghostly hair
super ugly panda eye
and de nuisance

u will see this ugly lingling floating around until end of May
when EOS ends
no wait..
i think u will see a UGLIER lingling
cuz im not sure whether i can still see the pretty sun after next week
Monday::PBL discussion
Progress: 0%
Tuesday::Basic Communications Oral Presentation [presentation: 10%]
Progress: 0%
Wednesday::Lifespan Nutrition PBL 2B, Food Culture Day [group report, posters and decoration for display board, pamplets, samples..], Financial Accounting Seminar [prepare power point slides]
Progress: 0%
Thursday::IT Final Test [10 Short Answer Questions + 5 Long Questions (choose out of 7)]
Progress: 0%
Friday::Biochemistry Quiz and Practical [plus submission of both biochemistry report for practical 3 +4]submission of Food Culture Day report
Progress: 0%
dun ask me why are they all 0%
u can say im slacking and what so ever
- i dun care -
cuz only we know we don't have the time and kiasu-ness in us!!!
so if you have anything you would like to tell me
do it before it's too late
death don't wait=3
this week is SUSHI week
hooman in plurk had been plurking about going to sushi king
since monday
and yesterday
went mv with 2,3,9,10
and this 5 lil cute girls spent 100++
which is equivalent to almost 40plates of sushi=p


a lil not too perfect~

cuz jc couldnt make it

look at the crowd at only 1230

luckily we went early..

we didnt have to wait B)

i had been spending too much lately==

too much cash on hand

plus i learnt how to do online bank transaction


online shopping==

shopping had never been so easy before!!

bought a dress 2 tops flipflop vest sandals

within a month

i believe


so i guess im forgiven^^


45mins to biochem quiz

till then