Tuesday, December 26, 2006


it has been quite sum time since i laz blogged.. haha.. it's damn boring at hme.. i finished 25episodes of de legend of star apple in 3days.. bt 2nite im goin 2 mv.. jo n may's farewell party.. haha.. it's so sad dey r leavin.. when 2006 ends.. my frens n i may nt c each other 4 sum time.. im gonna miss dem lotzz.. i hope no matter how bz v r.. v can at least spare a day o 2 every month gathering 2geda.. i hope our frenship will nvr end.. i will treasure dis realtionship 4 eva.. haha..

de day b4 yest.. i went 2 shiaoling's party.. v were suppose 2 swim der.. bt v end up nt.. haha.. bt v still had fun.. v played taboo.. it's a game whr 1 person hafta look at de card n try 2 describe de word on de card nt mentionin de 5words dat r related 2 de word n try n make de other guess wat's de word... haha.. complicated huh?? v were nt allowed 2 speak in other languages bsides english.. n no sound effect n action.. haha.. n dat's de 1st time i noe dat.. chicken's fren is duck.. haha.. n de 1st thg ppl tot of kokkeat is fat.. later on half of us played dis game called junami.. i tink.. it's like mahjong.. bt it's nt.. i dunno how 2 explain.. bt it's addictive.. den de other half played ps.. after dat.. shiaoling's sis was kinda mad cuz v mad quite a lot of noise.. so v decided 2 go 2 hartamas shoppin centre..

shiaoling mayshan jianhua n jocelyn took yetshin's car.. yinhseong weijian n jermin took jo n's.. n i took moo's.. it went off juz rite untill v all met a junction.. jo n sped straightn yetshin wuz bhind her n moo followin yetshin kinda tight.. suddenly yetshin turned right without signallin n moo suddenly turned left 2.. v went up de divider n another n knocked down de traffic light.. immediately moo reversed n went off.. everythg juz happened so fast.. i wuz shocked.. bt nt frightened.. i wuz worried.. worried dat moo might gt scolded..den shiaoling called.. dey said dey heard a loud bang.. n dey were worried.. den jo n called.. dey went de wrong way.. aiz.. after dat v went 2 de parking.. moo parked his car n went down 2 check de damage.. i dunno wat 2 do.. de kangaroo barwent crooked.. every1 wuz worried of me.. dey scared i might b frightened.. bt i wuz still alrite..

i wuz very worried of moo when he went hme.. n so he wuz scolded by his parents.. poor thg.. i hope he's alrite now.. mayb v shud juz thank god dat v r safe n v didnt hit any1.. moo.. muz b brave n face ur phoebia k?? if nt.. u reli r nt goin 2 drive anymore.. juz drive slowly.. u can do it:)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


yest mum brot us 2 1u.. haha it wuz de 1st time.. since new wing wuz built.. when i wuz a lil kid.. mum alwix bring us 2 1u de.. cuz 1u alwiz haf events.. 4 lil kids.. so mum will bring us der 2 meet disney characters o sanrio characters.. o colourin contest n stuff.. bt as v grow.. mum seldom bring us out nemore.. n so yest.. when v reach 1u.. v had burger king.. i tink all 2geda v spent 25++.. den v went walk walk.. went jusco.. bot camisoes 4 sis.. den mum actually ask me 2 go haf a look at forever 21.. i saw alot of nice clothes.. bt kept quiet.. i seldom buy clothes whenever i shop wif my mum.. cuz i feel guilty when eva i spend my mum's money.. cuz she gts scoldin fr my dad wheneva she spents 2much.. den mum will b at bad mood.. mum even offered me 2 buy a 129 jacket.. very nice.. bt 2 expensive.. den mum bot me 4 pairs of earrings~!! spent 35++.. felt bad.. wanna pay her bac de money.. bt no money now wo.. how?? den mum bot sis a trampoline... cuz she very short.. wan her 2 jump more so will grow taller.. haha.. den brot sis a pair of croc.. im suppose 2 hide de croc in case my dad saw dem n may scold mum 4 spendin 2 much.. so i brot de pair of croc up into my room without my dad's notice.. mana tao he went in2 my room n look thru de plastic bags.. i wuz damn pissed.. he look thru my stuff without my knowledge.. mum wuz kinda bs 2.. cuz i din accomplish my task:( neway.. it wuz still a happy day..

2day mum bot new show.. taiwanese drama.. um.. i tink it's called.. de legend of star apple.. haha.. i simply translate wan la.. de main character very chubby n cute.. de show oso quite nice la.. can b recommended.. hehe.. n de songs oso very nice.. especially de theme song.. ppl hu haf dese songs.. plz send me.. plz plz plz..

aiy.. holiday is killin me.. makin me fat.. bored.. i miss moooOOoooooOOOooooo~!! i havent seem him 4... um.. 1 week~!!!!!!! OMB.. dat's like 7days.. 24x7 hrs.. 24x7x60mins.. owh.. i 4gt how does moo look like dddi.. i 4gt how tall is moo ddi.. i 4gt how does it feel 2 b hugged by moo ddi.. nOOoooOOooooOOOOOoooo~!! if shiaoling's party is reli gonna b canceled.. im nt goin 2 c moo nemore.. aiy.. i miss ya moo.. can u like cum stay opposite my hse.. since u cant stay in my hse.. haha..

n ges wat.. i still cant persuade my mum 2 nt let me go 2 mc.. i tell her mc gaonna haf new buildin.. by den gonna b real noisy..(tot by soh weijian) den later cum ask donation fr us.. den hafta pay another 2000(tot by jo n) den help gt a new vice principal.. very aggressive 1.. snatch teachers fr taylors n mc ddi(tot by moo) mayb im gonna say mc nt safe.. surrounded by indians(tot by kokshin) bt ges i can onli pray hard dat mc collapse 2day.. den pay me bac de 200 registration fee n let me go help.. haha.. im such an evil devil..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

my dear moomoo.

during carmen's party.. moo gaf me a cute lil moomoo.. he said he cudnt do anything when i wuz havin my diarrhea gastric n tummy ache.. so he bot me dis moomoo 2 ease my pain..

moomoo is sooooooo cute adorable huggable kissable.. hu will wanna bully him.. bt.. YEOH EE HUA~!! u big fat heartless dumb pig.. how did u do it?? how dare u bully my cute lil moomoo.. y dare u do dis..

n dis..

n dis~!!

u meanie~!! u beast~!! u pig~!!

ish.. feelin bette.. my idiotic sis.. juz watch out.. i ll sneak in her room n stab her piggie n doggy.. o.. she even draw my moomoo.. hmph.. blekkkkkk~

o yea.. i spent 1day sewin dis small butterfly on my skirt..

it looked bette in real:p haha.. de next day.. i sew another flower.. bside de butterfly..

gonna sew sum leaves on de stamp if i haf de mood 2 day.. im bored at hme.. tv comp ps.. tv comp ps.. i wanna go gaigai~!! bt no money.. aiy.. spent everything i haf 4 prom.. y isnt money fallin fr de sky.. juz like de rain?? by den every1 likes rainy day.. der wont b crime out der.. no body is worried of financial prob.. gud rite?? ahaha.. lol..

Monday, December 18, 2006

i can't stand it nemore..

help~!! im goin crazy.. y is every1 goin 2 help?? y cant i go 2 help?? y dun i gt a chance 2 choose my own path?? y my mum like mc so much?? y do i hafta b apart wif my frens?? it's de same isnt it?? help n mc haf de same edu board.. it's juz de fees diff.. bt i registered.. i dun haf de courage 2 tell n argue wif my parents dat i wanna go 2 help.. dey juz wont listen.. dad dowana deal wif me nemore.. mum juz wont listen.. she ll onli scold me.. i cant discuss anythg wif her.. i dun gt de chance 2 do wat i like.. i dun feel like a 17+ year old gurl.. im nt treated as 1.. i dun tink college life will make a diff 2 my same old borin life.. my parents dun un me.. dey dun accept me.. dey dun trust me.. i cant stand it anymore.. i haf no whr 2 stand in my family.. my siblings dun treat me as deir eldest sis.. mum magnifies my errors.. nvr c de gud deeds i do.. y is it diff 2 b de eldest child.. it's nt fair.. frens say.. afte spm.. u wont b treated as a lil gurl nemore.. it's dat so?? it may b 4 u.. bt definitely nt me.. i din wanna complain abt life.. i wuz taught 2 b contented 4 wat i haf.. i dun seem 2 haf wat i wan.. i dunno y.. i nid counsellin.. everythg bad is juz happenin 2 me.. im goin 2 b apart fr moo.. nt goin 2 c him touch him feel him hug him kiss him.. im nt goin 2 c my frens nemore.. im goin 2 a college whr i dun feel like goin.. im goin 2 haf a lonely life.. i tried 2 b positive.. i alwiz do.. bt i juz cant help it..i had been tearin almos everyday.. i tink if i dun drink enuf water... i will b dehydrated soon.. sry moo... i reli cant help it.. i noe tearin wont do any gud.. bt tears juz flowed out by itself everytime i tink of dem.. i tried 2 make myself happy.. bt i cant.. im nt capable of.. i tried 2 appreciate wat i haf.. i did.. bt i juz cant stand it.. when thgs doesnt go as i hope it wud.. im very down now.. wheneva i face probs.. i alwiz tink.. y am i saddenin myself.. i hafta face de music anyway.. no point tearin n makin every1 mad.. bt dis time.. i cant control myself.. i dunno y am i saddin 2.. izit reli bcuz i dun gt wat i wan??

im confused..

hope everything will flow off wif de tears...

Sunday, December 17, 2006


owh.. i woke up at 8 2day.. bt didnt get up.. when i looked at my watch again.. it's 10.. haha.. im gud at day dreamin.. n so i msged moo cuz laznit i fell asleep halfway replyin his msg.. hehe i alwiz do.. aiy.. bt moo din reply me.. den i went downstairs.. merc here.. proton here.. estima nt here.. parents went out.. haha.. den go wash up.. moo replied.. say he's eatin ddi.. bleh.. later goin taylors sumore.. meanin nt goin 2 msg me ddi lo.. yest he went kbu kdu..spend 2/3 of de day.. n din choi me 4 2/3 of de day.. bt din blame him la.. haha.. muz b an understandin gf ma.. moo say he's goin taylors now.. mos prob.. taylors how wan ar?? rich ppl go 1 rite.. meanin gt alot of rich lenglui lo.. hmm.. muz ask crystal keep on eye on moo ddi.. haha.. bt i trust moo la.. i hafta.. love doesnt mean a thg without trust.. moo said..

hmm.. shud i cut my hair straighten my hair o curl my hair.. if i cut.. gonna b layer.. shorter den now.. if i straighten.. i dunno.. looks common.. if i curl.. like jo's.. like nt long enuf.. how how how?? sum1 plz gif me suggestions..

whee~ dun hafta go 2 gma's hse 2 day.. gma went penang.. parents gt lunch.. weddin lunch.. weird rite.. my neighbour's son's weddin.. de son wuz in de same primary skul as me n my siblings.. n he's now gettin married at de age of 20++.. he even invited his primary homeroom teacher hu wuz also my std 5 n 6 home room teachern n my siblings current chinese tui teacher n oso his primary science teacher hu wuz oso once my science teacher n my sibling's current science tui teacher.. haha.. complicated?? n so my ex-science teachr were complainin dat her student is gettin married at such a young age.. n she didnt wanna attend de weddin.. funny teacher.. bt now she'd moved 2 malacca.. her home town.. wat a pity..

so now i hafta tink wat can i do 2 pass de whole day.. tv.. ps.. comp.. kinda bored of dem.. wanna do sumthg useful.. meaninful.. mayb gonna diy a white skirt i found.. it wuz a plain white old flare skirt.. i tink it wuz suppose 2 b worn inside a dress.. a dress i used 2 wear when i wuz a lil gurl.. cant imagine i can still fit in now.. hehe.. nt dat im thin.. it's bcuz it has rubber.. hoho.. so gonna use sequins.. black sequins.. leftover fr concert.. i used dem 2 make my heels look shiny.. hehe.. hmm.. i tink im goin 2 sew flowers.. hope i dont ruin everything.. hehe..

neways.. ppl hu read my 2nd entry.. i didnt noe it actually sounded so sad.. bt thx2 celest 4 anweiin me.. i seriously felt bette.. moo din bully me.. he's doin his job.. he said im welcum 2 c de rainbow wif him 2^^.. dun mis unk.. muacxx..

Saturday, December 16, 2006

it's true..

1) during prom.. i cudnt stand it when shiao ling kept showin dat she's nt satisfied wif de 1 rose yinhseong gaf her.. nt noein he prepared a bouquet.. n left de whole bouquet as a surprise..

2) i wuz readin celest's blog.. she said she missed him.. i felt sad n sour readin every word she wrote.. i felt even bad 4 her lookin at de pic she posted..

wat moo say wuz true.. he say when one doesnt like 1 he/she doesnt like he/she.. he gaf me an example.. dat i tot wasnt reli appropriate.. he said.. his mum used 2 b very pretty.. many guy wanted 2 court her.. sum were engineers n sum were lawyers.. meanin der r rich.. bt his mum didnt like dem n de relationships didnt last.. at last.. his mum met his dad.. n guys dat were rejected by his mum tot dis guy hu will b marryin his mum will b much richer o bette den dem.. bt it ended up 2b juz his dad.. haha.. he said.. it's like dat de.. when 1 doesnt like 1.. it's a fact.. n facts wont change... dun like means dun like.. nt forceable.. i dun reli agree wif wat he say.. i tink mayb wat v do can actually touch de heart of de 1 v love.. bt it may nt 2.. so it's 50-50.. it's worth tryin.. bt dose hu r loved shud oso gif ur admirer a chance 2 touch ur heart.. der's nth as u will nvr like him/her.. nth is impossible.. bt if u close urself up.. den.. dat's a diff case.. walau bagaimanapun.. v muz learn 2 gif up n let go.. v muz noe wat v deserve n wat v dont.. it's hard 2 gif up sum1.. it takes time.. alot of time n alot of effort when ure reli in2 it... bt if he/she doesnt meant 2 b wif u.. he/she wont b.. so it's time 2 find a new life.. dun let de person u love control ur life.. muaz learn how 2 live without dem.. (tho i cant.. bt im seriously tryin very hard 2..) hehe.. love is nt everythg.. der's alot of thg dat r waitin 4 u outside.. as my mum say.. der's alwiz guys/gurls out der.. each time u change ur environment.. u ll meet sum new guys/gurls dat touch ur heart..

and so.. celest.. i sincrely wish u all de best in wat ure goin 2 do;) i tink u deserve better.. haha..

can it last long??

izit true dat v shud nt haf relationship 2 early bcuz v r juz nt mature enuf 2 handle it n will nt last long?? wuz zabedah rite abt usually high skul couples break up once dey enter college?? how true izit.. can any1 gimme examples of couples remainin as couples afte high skul??

i wanna b in de same college as moo.. tho i noe it's selfish.. moo's parents doesnt want him 2 go 2 mc.. so now he's plannin 2 go sumwhr else far fr mc.. den v ll nt b able 2 c each other dat often.. i wont noe everythg dat is happenin 2him in college.. he wont b able 2 noe wat i did everyday in college.. v ll spend more n fon credits.. my parents r strict abt me goin out.. so i wont b seein moo.. i tink my college life will b de same as my high skul life as parents still treat me as a lil kid.. i wont b able 2 go out during weekends.. wont b able 2 c moo.. wont b able 2 tok 2 moo.. wont b able 2 hug moo.. im now down n depressed.. sum1.. gimme sum choc..

i wont b able 2 c moo dat often.. wont b able 2 c moo on monday.. tuesday.. wednesday.. n n n.. argh~!! dunno wat shud i do.. now i reli hope jo n dun go russia.. dun ffk me.. plz tell me u goin mc.. bt wait.. no fren ma no fren lo.. i can make new frens de.. even if i haf frens der wif me.. mayb v wont b in de same class.. so no worried man.. yeah~!! positive.. positive.. positive~!!

as long as i trust him.. he trust me.. v b honest 2 each other.. wakkaka.. nth shall stop us.. lol.. i tink i haf a great talent in anwei-in myself.. yer.. i teared twice in less den an hour.. 1st.. i teared when moo tell me he may nt go 2 mc.. n bla n bla.. later i teared again when kokshin asked me wut's wif my nick.. make me tink of it.. i teared again.. OMB~!! i dowana b tears baby.. nvm la.. it will nt alwiz b thuderin n rainin.. it will all cum 2 an end n i ll juz gt used 2 it.. den v ll b seein de rainbow~!! whee~ lolxx..

moo.. i wanna c de rainbow wif ya.. hehe.. can i??


OMB~!! i juz hafta admit it.. im stupid.. i created a blog.. post an entry.. i 4gt my password.. haha.. so now im creatin another 1..

dis is yest's post..

at last.. i haf my blog~!! it's stupid 4 me nt noein how 2 blog b4.. it's juz so easy.. haha.. so i will start wif wat happened laz nit.. o rather yest..i woke up kinda early.. wantin 2 noe whether my parents will let me go set up my hair n do my make up bcuz it costs 80bux 4 both.. bt mum went out.. so i msg her.. no reply.. as usual.. aiks.. so din bother.. at 12.. mum n dad came bac.. wif de new estima.. it looked gorgeous.. sis n me went in 2 check out all de gadgets.. stupid us.. look like sua gu.. den mum asked me wat time do i hafta reach de salon.. haha.. i told her 230.. she said she'll be bac.. bt she cam bac at 3.. aiks.. so i wuz late.. de appointment wuz suppose 2 b at 3.. yetshin kityi n celest were alredi der.. dey had deir eyebrows done..

n so i reached at 330.. celest wuz doin her hair i tink.. she looked diff.. pretty:) kityi doin her make up.. she looked mature.. n yetshin her hair.. i sat aside aimlessly.. afte de guy stylist had yetshin's hair done.. he called me.. den he start makin my hair.. at 1st i tot it looked old.. den eventually it looked bette.. haha.. den make up.. OMB~!! he shaved off almos 60% of my eyebrow.. dey look so thin.. i look so fierce.. haha.. den foundation.. OMB~!! so thick.. o yea.. 2 fair 2.. like ghost.. den eyeshadow.. my eyes were kinda sensitive.. so kept tearin.. haha.. de guy wuz kinda bs.. haha.. den when everythin wuz done.. i cudnt recognise my self.. so as de others.. dey say i looked diff.. i dun like de new me.. look so nt natural n fake.. juz dun like it.. i tink it's bcuz of de eyebrows.. den eventually i gt used.. bt moo said i look weird.. den ugly den okie den pretty.. wuz kinda sad 2 hear dat.. haha..

afte everything was done.. i paid 80bux unwillingly.. i told kityi n yetshin.. i learnt a lesson.. i will nvr let ppl do my make up anymore.. i ll spend more on cosmetics n do it my self next time=p it's juz nt worthed it.. i still had 2 make it look bette my own.. afte dat.. mum sent me straight 2 shang ri la at 545.. bro kept lookin at me.. he said i looked weird n ugly n look like a witch n bitchy n- - -.. at laz.. he said he had 2 admit.. i look pretty>< jianhua jermin kokshin kweeloong.. dey were like.. er.... oo.. here cums eling.. haha.. so dey din recognise me.. haha.. yinhseong had his hair done.. shiny shiny.. haha.. shiaoling looks mature n cool wif her hair.. i luv mayshan's hair colour.. i luv jo's dress.. i luv soonkeat n weijin's shirt.. jo n shocked me.. she looked diff.. another side of jo n.. haha.. every1 looked great..

de ballroom wuz smaller den i tot.. me n moo cudnt find a place.. den finally v sat wif jermin enghuat weijian horlee caryn etc.. everything wuz kinda boring.. moo wuz quiet.. food wuz normal.. frens were faraway.. i tried 2 make moo tok.. bt failed.. haha.. after eatin.. v started takin pics wif frens.. it wuz fun.. heels were killin me.. 4inch.. wat do u expect.. haha.. cudnt walk dis mornin.. toes were swollen.. haha.. bac 2 laz nite.. every1 wuz dancin in de ballroom.. it wuz noisy.. so me moo n frens came out.. jocelyn went in n imagine she's clubbin.. funny.. den me n moo went loiterin in de hotel lobby.. haha.. i cudnt walk far wif my killer heels.. so v sat down n watch de performers at de bar sing.. den mum msg.. she's here.. so hafta leave.. didnt want 2 irritate her.. i quickly went out nt informin my frens.. felt bad.. ditch moo bhind.. felt bad.. moo say when he went bac 2 de ballroom.. every 1 wuz dancin wif dose slow slow songs.. all gt partner.. i felt badder.. haha.. sry moo.. den went out n saw de gold estima waitin outside.. my whole family wuz in it.. it is so spacious.. siblings dun hafta fight 4 seats nemore.. haha.. i wuz tired.. n cudnt stand sis starin at me.. lookin at my make up n eyebrows.. haha.. so shout at her.. sry sis.. im wuz in a bad mood..

and dat's de end of eling's high skul prom.. i hope v can haf it once again.. dis time v muz haf big round table dat can fit all my frens.. v ll all sit 2geda.. haha.. neway.. it's a day 2 rmb..