Friday, June 20, 2008

short breaking~

exams are offiicially OVEEEEEERRRRRR~!! hahhaa..
finally.. college life ends here and uni here i come~!!! hahaha..
got a letter from imu yest.. telling us when to go for orientation and stuff..
n guess what.. we are supposed to dress according to de dress code~!! and it's stated there:

  • formal clean and well pressed?!
  • blouse with knee length skirt or knee length dress
  • long pants
  • NO plunging neckline
  • NO spaghetti string blouses
  • NO jeans or denims
  • NO Tshirt
  • NO 3 quarter pants
  • NO showing of umbilicus*honestly i dunno wat does dis means.. but i ll check up de dictionary..hehe*


  • well-kept formal shoes and dress slippers
  • NO sport shoes running shoes sandals flip-flops and sneakers


  • hair length above bottom of collar
  • hair must be well combed tied or pinned up to avoid hair falling all over face
  • all long hair must be tied up neatly


  • only 1 pair of earrings allowed
  • fingernails must be kept clean and short
  • light make up
  • NO multiple pairs of earrings
  • NO tongue rings
  • NO excessive jewellery

dis is even worse den college.. haha.. at least we are allowed to put down our hair.. wear wat ever we like.. OH~ and for guys.. there's a few dat i find them funny like.. they must wear tie long hair no pony tails?? and no dying of earrings no tongue ring no NOSE ring haha.. but it's a good thing i guess.. i can now go shopping for formal wears.. hmm.. maybe i should tell my mum..

"mi.. give me 500 bucks.. i need to buy new clothes for uni.."

haha.. and dis is wat probably she ll say..

"500??! u spent 13000 before u even enter de uni.. now another 500??!!"hmm..hmm..hope it wont be like wat i predicted..hehe 13000 is fees la~ haha

i wanna go shopping.. but wait i got no money~!! so i need to work 1st.. get me a part time job~!!! haha.. listen up~!!



I HOPE IT'S HIGH PAY AND WORKING HOUR IS FLEXIBLEizit too much?? haha.. i nvr worked before...

haha.. if anyone has a reliable agency for some kind of tuition tutors or i dunno what it's called.. can recommend to me^^ or if ure working in those wat ever fair or exhibition and they need part timers.. me me me~!! ask me.. hahaha..

now.. i need a really nice and simple recipe for cupcakes.. can anyone contribute one?? hehe..

i just cant load pics.. i wonder why.. i ll find out=D