Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yel: am i a very sien person?
gbl: duh.. don't tell me you dunno.

gbl: u always also so sien de la..
yel: klor.. dowana make u sien i ciao..byebye
gbl: no!!! if u not sien how i entertain u??
yel: so u like being with me cuz i very sien and u get to unsien me and u not sien ddi?
si gbl..
i miss her!!!!

mana luu~~~

owh.. she went for movie with si TCH and si 13..


im all alone again~



yesterday.. nian chu 2..

went kura one world hotel for dinner~!!!

my sakura .... dunno wat name ddi..

it's assorted seafood on top of rice.. RM35 onli!!!!!

i want more!!!

it obviously looks better in real..

my phone camera onli got 2mp..

i want my camera!!

grilled squid^^u get high after finishing ur meal!!!


i went with parents and sisters..

bro went to alison's farewell party which is also in 1u..

parents were so cute dey asked me to take pic of us having kura and mms to bro..


dey wanna make him jealous!!lolx

till then..xoxo!

i walked around hoping dat i would run into u.. damn noob..

Monday, January 26, 2009

u are missed!!

i miss my LA~!!! my lamers!!! high school!!

i miss leo~!!! i miss lpl~

i miss college peeps!!
i miss 2,3,9,10~!!

i miss camps and qiyuan!!
i miss trust!!

i miss darlynn!! de only one that would do anything to entertain me<3

i miss de piggish panda i kacau everynight~!! he coincidentally played a role in unsien-ing de recent emo me..

*no pics..dun have one*

i miss de old eling..i want her more e-mo-ling..ditch de '-mo-'~!!!

well.. i miss u too..i shouldnt..

si fireworks!!!


kacau only..

till then♥♥♥

happy cny dears!!
was planning to blog about reunion dinner bt eling is not in de jolly spring mood..
so i ll let de pics do most of de talking..
reunion dinner..
cny eve..
legend hotel..
every year!
for probably 19years..
de food sucks as years passed by..
wat i ate..
doesnt look good..
doesnt taste good as well..
lil choice..
not worthed it..
spent most of de time camwhoring.. with sis..
cuz she beh song..
she say i looked younger den her..
so she kept trying.. and trying..
with specs.. without specs..
me with specs..
diff poses..
diff angles..
wonder if she succeeded making herself look younger..
well..she is younger..
den with bro..
he may look cute and all..
but he's childish..
as kiddy as a standard 6 boy..
and mirrors..
in de washroom..
i took a similar pic during last new year eve too..
if u rmb..
i was complaining abt buying a bath robe as new year clothes..
dis year ppl claim dat i bought a sleeping gown><
but i love my maxi..
love these pics.. good job bro~
gma gave us a box of cashew nuts..
mum want me to put it in my bag..
and have to walk ard with it..
so not.. right..
sis even asked me..
why u bring ur own nuts to a buffet?
im actually more random den i thought i am..
thanks to my loves dat care for me..
eling will get over it..
it hurts but yea..
she's tough;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

i guess not wanting to be alone is the only reason i can't let go..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

damn you those who pushed me in the lrt ar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i ll never ever dever fever gever ever ever ever use public transport to GO HOME on the last day of class leading to festive breaks!!!
i rather NOT go home!!! omg..
mum asked to take ktm instead of lrt cuz she say kl wil be very jam..
so left class earlier..
suppose it ends at 9..
but i left at 715*ngek*
reached lrt at 730 but missed the train cuz de stupid touch and go thing wasnt working so had to queue and buy tix..
2 train came and went out of service*grr*
den finally it came den as usual got a place cuz sri petaling is de last station and dun have to fight for seats de..
den stopped at tasik selatan to change to ktm..
met qi's mr. wave~~~woots!! coming out from ktm station haha
den omg.. miss a train again cuz it was !@#$% full with ppl baliking kampung..
so waited..

ppl from the other side of the platform..crazyyyy!!!
den de 2nd train came..
waited patiently for the ppl from the inside to come out..
finally we started moving in..
but it was full again!!!
im damn sure more den 10 came out but only 5 manage to squeeze in..
i moved to de next door and it was all full!!!
de train was about to take off so i just squeeze in..
i dowana wait again!!!
i tell u 1/3 of the population is in de train!!!
i can't move at all..
i was totally pushed towards de wall..
a girl totally leaned on my arm..
another SITTING on my bag which consist a definitely more den 2 kg laptop water bottle with at least 500ml of water !!!
my whole right arm definitely built damn alot of muscle..
moving to anothe station is so torturing!!!
it's not de worst yet..
finally station after stations..
station midvalley..
quite afew went down..
and DAMN ALOT came in..
there was dis guy whom i assume a foreigner..
practically pulls ppl out and pushed his family member in..
eh donkey..
i know u damn tall and big no one could possibly knock u down..
but hey!!
we inside really wanna die ddi tao..
they were like push ar! push harder ar!! wtf..
some even scolded.. @#$%^move in la!!
i was standing 45degree slanted..
standing on not 2 foot not 1 but half a feet!!!
i wasnt even standing still!!
it was damn torturing..
den de ppl just sort of pushed away others to give themselves spaces..
beh tahan ar!!!
after kl sentral only it was better..
!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@ grr.. damn pissed off..

im still happy dat we got another week break after 2 weeks of class!!
more and more ppl started bringing laptop to class..
and this means..
too many laptops, too little plugs..
but soowei was smart enough to bring her own adapter!!!

haha.. mine soowei's and cheeshan's..haha..
dun have to fight for plugs ddi!!!
soo wei even brought her ipod to be charged..
well.. we should use de facilitate wisely and also to the max!!! whee~

went blog hopping just now and saw this dress in one of the blogshop selling at RM65..

it looked so familiar so i took out my phone and looked for the kimono maxi i took..

it's de same!!! from envee.. at RM169~!!!!!!


im sure de amount of cloth used on both dress is not such a big difference..diaw diaw~


happy cny~!!

till then..

Friday, January 23, 2009

dark circles

i ll strive to sleep early tonight*wink*

Thursday, January 22, 2009

marry me would ya?

back from uni!
class till 930 but ended around 9..
but i feel like blogging..
so here i am!
finally had de urge to arrange the photos i gt from my primary reunion..
group pic!! girls always spend more time preparing..hehe
and ta-dah~ the girls.
the guys.*love dis pic. so 'backstreet boyss'!!*
cute jia wen
hot huichien!! and my ASA pose~~woots!
sweet maykhee^^
de ol'waileng!
my hwee xin*ngek* didnt know i can look dis horny~ whee
we gathered at jusco metroprima and den proceeded to yen yang's house.. oh no.. mansion!! damn big and nice okay!?
us at the balcony..
the view was damn nice!
after spending de whole afternoon we kind of end it with a dinner at lgt's restaurant..
lou sang!! whee~
love dis pic to the max!!
but im not in there:(
cuz i was de one holding de camera.. class started at 4 today..
wanted to go early but mum went out..
so have to wait lo..
watch almost 5 episodes of 'i do'
they are sooooooo sweet!!
both of them have dimples!!
de wedding gowns are so preeetty!!
i wanna get married now!!!
haha.. lol
it's 2am now..
time to sleep!!
till then..