Thursday, October 30, 2008

3blind mice~

going crazy~
i need a break..
bring me to the moon..
obviously and as usual..
am supposed to be studying now..
principles of human nutrition class test 2 tmr..
17 lectures to read..

read: 2
left: 17-2=15~!!!
if 1 hr per lecture..
15 hrs??!!

no one to blame..
im just being me..
been trying real real real hard to get rid of this disease..
incurable and deadly disease..
been busy this few weeks..
read my lips.
Beeeee Zeeeeee~!!
n&d not very free one-loh..
for that thing who said n&d very free in front of the whole new programmes plus de dean..
if u think ur course very heavy and u would like to join n&d or pharmacy..
go ahead..
but i doubt u can survive la..
u can even cope with ur biomed..
im not used to cursing ppl like dat de lo..
but reali beh-song..
tho it's a few hundred thousand years ago..
but i had been hearing comments about how senang n&d is..
every course has their own area..
u may think it's nth..
but it's wat we are going to do in the future..
we like it and we chose it..
so u do ur stuff and we do ours..
who knows..
maybe u ll need us 1day..
we will have to work with u too as stated in the code..
so respect-lah..
beware.. this is going to be a loooooong post..
as usual la..
so last week..
had professionalisme and nutrtion student seminar..
organic chem class test 2..
and gen chem poster preparation..
dowana elaborate much on them..
for more info..
visit qi's blog..
went to qi yuan training camp last sunday and monday*deepavali*
but learnt like alot of things..
grew a bit..
maybe like 2 cm?
during one of the talk..
de speaker asked that any best frens here..
so me and chian huey looked at each other..

name : chianhuey
age : 20*buahahahaha*
where can u find her:
known her since : 2005

we went to the same camp several times..
i noticed her..
cause i used to have good memory..
den we went to the same training camp..
den we helped out in the same kid's camp..
which was my 2nd time and her 1st..
so i was the group leader..
and she was my assistant..
thanks to ZHAN SHUO..
we learnt alot together..
from how to be a committee..
to how to handle stress given by zhan shuo..
we some how think the same tho we are from a diff world..
we have a lot of things in common..
but like wat she said..
she has what i dun have and vice versa..

and this person who got me a good friend..

name : zhanshuo
age : 22!! haha
knew him since : 2004/2005

heard of him in the 1st youth camp i went..
heard as in heard the name onli..
never knew how he looked like..
then got to know him in my 1st time being a committee..
he didnt notice me..*sobz*
den he became the camp leader when i helped out the 2nd time..
which was my boss-lah..
me and chianhuey's..
so basically..
this is when we 3 met~!!
so we became... best friends~!!
this was the ONLY group pic we have together..
it was taken during de kid's camp where i was the camp leader..
both of them were my assistants!!
it wasn't a very successful camp..
but i was feeling blessed to have both of them helping me*cause both of them were camp leaders far before me^^*
during the talk i was talking about..
we were asked to briefly talk about our best friends..
and chian huey and i talked about almost the same thing..
but u know wat zhanshuo said???!!
'um.. chian huey and i.. we have almost de same personality.. sometimes we fight and all.. and eling.. i dunno whether she talks bad about me behind me la...........'
i make ppl feel insecure???????!!
it's really very nice to have friends like that..
tho the two that have the same personality just love to get together and bully me..
i still love them~!!
tho old sayings, friends are forever..
but to me..
it may stays forever in ur heart..
but one day u ll be apart physically..
so appreciate~!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

assignments gosh

it's been some while since de last post..
cuz im busy!!!!!!!
uni life sucks..
*de assignments and test and EOS part*
2 weeks more to our 2-weeks-studybreak..
EOS IS COMING~!! gosh..
it's like i just got in imu yest and 1 month later exam..
piling up..
falling down..
sitting on me..
choking me..
and of cuz..
killing me..

gen chem poster
dued: friday????
given: month ago
started: yesterday
done: 5%

dued: tomorrow!!!!
given: LOOoooooOOoooooog time ago
started: 2mins ago
done: 80%

principles of nutrtion:
dued: 3/11/2008
given: when professionalisme was given
started: 2days ago
done: 60%

so wat am i doing here??
my team member ditched me!!
ignoring wat i say`!!!
so im going to ditch dem as well and do something else..

Monday, October 13, 2008


greetings from imu~!!
supposed to be doing my stats project now..
but nah~
leave it..
it's more important to blog about what happened yest~!! hehe~
went to pj section 14*i think* to help zhanshuo's dad charity drive booth for NKF..(national kidney foundation)
it's under lions club of sungai buloh.. roar~ haha..
we sold muffins*banana and choc* and also popcorn..
i can say our booth is de best selling of all~hehe..
cuz de price was too low..
and de khor family actually have a (or maybe 2~!!??) popcorn machine~!!
fascinated!! hehe
i think we were de only booth dat u need to reserve ur item and come back to collect after 1hour~!!! *and yet ppl reli came back after 1 hour.. some waited longer..*
cuz we made de muffins and popcorn on the spot..
and i would like to introduce u..












.:'':. the manual popcorn machine .:'':.


image: gone!!
nola.. actually quite cute wert..
sumore u purposely pose to let me video wan right..*evil*
opposite de oo..
tilt ur lappie~
i dunno how much we manage to raise..
but i can say de box is FULL~!!
when i was filling in de popcorns..
an auntie asked..
translation: where do u usually set up ur stall??
i was like er..
no no.. no stall..
cute auntie*that bought 5 packets of popcorns~!!*
it was hot that day..
but i survived..
and i had fun!!
it's been a while since i was involved in a fund-raising project like dis..
we used to have food sales and all every once a while in LEO CLUB~
miss those days..
miss LA in leo~
miss chinaman in leo~
miss lpl in leo~
miss forum~
miss IU~
why IMU no leo club..
but got i also wont join la=.=
cuz im occupied..
qiyuan is no.1 at de moment..
coming back to de charity drive..
when we were on de way there..
we need to pass a toll..
before we reach that toll..
this cute/blur/noob/not awake/confused/puzzled guy was searching for a 1 ringgit note and a few syilings from his wallet..
and when he had them on his hand..
he straight drove into de toll..
which has this big blue and yellow colour sign board on top..
written 'SmarTAG'..

straight into de toll..


black dot-de stupid car

cloured circles-some other cars

haha.. and dis noob is non other than our beloved zhanshuo~!!!


image: nothing left


kena scolding ddi~

have to get back to work..

that's all for today~

have a nice day~!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

pearly and her heart-shaped choc~

hehehe.. here comes the story~~

we only got 1 class on friday.. at 2..

but most of us reached early to finish our field visit report..

so when pearly reached..

xiuqi approached her and took her car keys~!!

we actually planned alot on how to get her keys..

but xiuqi got it easily with 2 steps..

1. unzip her bag

2. put her hand into de bag..

and got the keys~!!


and she didnt notice~!!!!!

after class..

me and xiuqi told her we need to leave early and said goodbye..

them we went and collect the bday cake..

and headed to the carpark..

it toook us like years to climb up the stairs..

we have to carry our stuff..

my laptop..

and de cake..


we reached the on-the-hill-carpark..

it was so friggin hot dat day..

we open pearly's car with her keys..

started the engine..

and waited for them to come..

the sun was so hot that the cake was melting so quickly~ and yet pearly haven turn up~!!!


cheeshan miss called~!!

so we quickly get out of the car..

but leaving the aircond and radio on..

and also the door opened..*ngekngek*

this red van parked beside pearly's car..

and we hid behind it while waiting for them to turn up..

when they arrived..

this is what pearly said..

'omg!! i forgot to turn off the engine when i get down!!'


this is when we came out of our hiding spot singing 'happy birthday to u..'

haha.. she's so funny la..

den de 5 of us finished de WHOLE cake~!!nth left!! hehe..

not bad huh~~

got a few more pics..

but cannot upload:( for more info.. visit xiuqi's blog!

very tired now..

will try and see wat to add on tmr~


to all pmr candidates,

good luck~!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

new start

it's officially over..
im all ready now..
i shall make everything worth it now..
thanks for all the advices and encouragement and comforting..
if it wasn't u guys..
i ll be stuck in my nutshell..
no no..
ojian shell..
i was lost..
and u guys found me!!
all the msgs and comments..
love u all lotz!!!
bring it on~!!