Thursday, February 7, 2008


chinese new year~!!

a depressed one..


yest had reunion dinner at legend again..

the food was so so not nice..

nth special..

nth much too..

bt i ate a lot of these~!!

salmon sashimi~!!

salmon salad~ haha

this looks nice~ bt taste bad.. hahaha

dat top~!! costed me 98bux~!! n mum said it looks like a bath robe=(

does it??

im feeling terribly lonely recently..

everythg is like so not de same..

even me..

i started doin housework~!!

out of boredom actually^^

i cleaned up de hse..

my room..

siblings' shelf..

n try n decorate de hse for cny..


dis was de worst thg to do..

crystal soil.. from this..

to dis~!! i took it out n rearrange dem.. haha~!!

n i made potato salad~!!

but i slipped de egg when tryin 2 boil it..

n i ges it broke..

so it turned out to b liddat..

and last but not least..

camwhore~!! haha

real bored..

haha.. reli nth else better to do la..

i even do cross stitch..



i miss u..

i reli do..

i still wanna be with u..

i <3>