Saturday, March 24, 2007


it's been a long long time since i laz blogged.. haha.. had been bz.. college live is gettin bz-er.. plus my bro is usin de comp n nt lettin any1 else touches it except my mum 24/7.. aiyz.. n im 2 tired 2 fight wif him.. haha..

so.. de march batch had finally started college-in.. yetshin came 2 mc~!! yeanxin n shermaine 2~!! n zengzhou 2~!! didnt expect him2 cum.. haha.. n dey gt sum real gud lecturers compared 2 us.. aiks.. so lucky.. haha.. n dey are like soso hardworkin compared 2 me.. ish.. i reli hafta start studyin as de trials is in 2 n de half weeks time..

moo didnt gt 2 drive 4 de past few days n so i havent seen him 4 a week plus~!! bt im seein him 2 nite~!! haha.. so happy.. countin down.. keke..

yest.. v went 2 spca.. n v were earlier den khyewen n gang.. buahaha.. so 1st.. v played wif puppies.. den v clean de cages.. de worker der told us 2 clean up de bigger kennel... n dat kennel is full of big dogs dat r so desperate 2 cum out of deir kennel.. v had no choice bcuz he kind of forces us in by mumblin sumthg like.. apalah ni.. datang sini kerja takut anjing pulak.. haha.. so v went in.. de dogs were all let out of deir cages.. includin de very boring dog.. de very boring dog is a dog dat nvr came out of her cage when v started our cs 4 few weeks.. n we werent able 2 change de newspaper in her cage bcuz she wuz sittin firmly on it.. haha.. n so.. jo n me n singning started puttin newspapers in2 de cages.. when v bend down n try 2 put de newspaper in2 de cage.. de dogs started jumpin on2 us.. haha.. n i had sum bio class.. watchin a pervert dog tryin 2 rape another dog.. n he attempted a few times.. at 1st i didnt noe wat he was tryin 2 do.. he used his front 2 legs n grab de other dog's ass n start movin front n bac.. n he reli has de pervert look..

seee...looked reli yam rite..u pervert~!!!

v spent like 20mins tryin 2 gt him bac 2 his cage.. he has de longest tongue i had ever seen.. ewwww.. pervert~!!

here r sum cute doggies..

dis is a terrier+shihtzu..photogenic cute pup~!!owh~!! let me out~!!no?? ure nt here 2 bring me hme??

im eyein on ya.. kekenono~!! plz dun hurt me..:ptada~!! a rockweiler like pup..takin a nap on kenneth's let de dog out??!! owh.. it's juz singning.. buahaha..yean shermiane n yetshin during raging.. long sleeve tie n shorts.. my bio experiment.. immobilised lactose enzyme..pretty huh.. haharesults of patience.. hahamy maths lecturer.. martin ooi.. ex-wesleyan.. 197cm.. hahade reserves.. haha..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

cold horse..

hhaha.. i gt a nice 2hear nt nice 2 c de result again.. haha.. i had 5As in upsr.. ppl often tot i gt straight As as sk skuls take onli 5subjects.. haha.. pmr.. i gt 7As.. it sounded like a straight 2.. bt i took chinese.. n i gt an A.. haha.. spm.. i gt 11 As.. BUT.. i gt 5A1 n 6A2.. n 1 B3.. nt very nice.. bt sound nice rite.. n no.. nt chinese.. i din gt a B3 4 chinese.. i gt an A2~!! haha..

v went 2 mv 2 celebrate after dat.. it wuz supposed 2 b a LA gatherin.. bt i haf 2 leave so din gt 2 reli tok 2 dem.. instead.. i spent time wif moo.. cuz it wuz our 8th month ani.. haha.. i enjoyed myself very much.. haha.. it had been sum time since i laz seen my cheerful moo.. thx moo~!! i had a wonderful day~!! haha.. v watched 300.. it's kinda nice.. bt if ure anti-violence.. dun watch it.. moo cant stop lookin at those half naked spartans.. haha.. it's like havin a sejarah lesson.. haha.. athen yunani sparta.. haha.. din noe sparta wuz dat strong.. ahaha..

my parents were rather happy wif my results.. my gaf me 2box of chocs as a reward.. haha.. n as promise.. dad owe me a new fon.. haha..any fon below2000bux.. keke.. bt since im usin my mum k750.. i shall nt change it until i tink it's time 2 change.. haha.. well.. i wud like 2 sincerely thank my parents 4 de support dey gaf me.. moral support finance support n every thg.. im sure i ll regret 4 life 4 upsettin dem if i did nt score well.. im sure dey love me very much.. haha.. juz dat dey seldom show..haha.. my mum was so happy dat she msg every1 tellin dem my result.. lol.. haha.. i hope dey r satisfied wif my achievement.. haha..

on de other hand.. i proved dat i cud score well wif moo by my side.. haha.. when i wuz wif moo.. i mean at de beginning.. i wuz worried dat parents will start blamin me havin moo when i dun gt gud results 4 exams.. bt at least now.. i did fairly well wif moo.. n i hope it wud b a pass 4 dem 2 accept moo.. haha.. pray pray pray~ haha..

i woke up late 2day~!! i tink leonard waited outside my hse 4 at least 10mins.. haha.. paiseh.. gt out de hse locked de gate gt up de car n realise i din bring my fon.. omb~!! cant possibly ask leonard 2 wait 4 me again so i chose 2 keep quiet.. i wuz late so i wuz in a super blur mood de whole day.. super blur mood+no fon(no msg-in moo)=aimless day.. haha.. it's like i had a real short day.. mayb bcuz i onli haf 5periods of classes n pre u ended early.. haha.. so i cudnt wait 2 go hme.. my fon.. haha..

i reli did miss u de whole day dear.. bt i managed 2 control de miss-ness.. keke.. im proud of myself.. r u:p

Sunday, March 11, 2007

im sry..

wakakaka~ almost every1's bac~!! welcum bac my dear frens~!! ihad been missin u guys.. haha..

i went klcc 2day.. 2 meet kityi lijia n jo n.. kityi juz came bac fr setiawan.. glad 2 c her.. havent been seein her since prom.. v talked alot.. abt her secret recipe life.. our college life n oso our high skul life.. haha.. n v tried avoid mentionin tmr.. hhaaha.. i wish evry1 gud luck n all de best.. dun gt 2 influenced by ur results.. i ll pray dat i haf de courage 2 handle dissappointment.. n 2 my mum n dad.. im sry if i did nt meet 2 ur expectation.. dad.. sry 4 wastin ur money.. mum.. sry 4 wastin ur time.. n sry if im nt able 2 make ya a proud mum.. i reli mean it.. i tried my best.. plz 4gif me.. im nt a studier..

haiz.. life muz go on wif wateva results im gettin tmr.. so smile~!!

justin made me smile wif de pic he posted in his blog..

haha.. eatin durian in tapah..

omb.. i din realise im shiverin.. keke.. wish me luck:):)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

missin all of u~!!

wat a great day 2 reminisce de past..
de days v..
~eat n picnic in class..
~paint our kh project in class..
~tell ghost stories in class
~haf dance practices n class
~change in2 p.e. attire in class
~sing in class
~cho dai dee in class
~cho dai dee under de lab's table
~camwhore in class
~paint de classroom
~study in class
~make noise in class
~bully teachers in class
~gt high in class
~lame in class
~sleep in class
~haf lunch 2geda durin break
~share food durin break
~study in de library durin break
~skip meals n haf dance practices durin break
~tok crap durin break
~haf leo meetings during break
~spend time 2geda during break
~celebrate bdays during break
~lame ard during exams
~study 2geda durin exams
~make noise durin exams
~eat eggs durin exams
~exchange tips durin exams
~wish each other gud luck during exams
~practise hard 4 concert
~chorograph dance steps 4 concert
~suffer in heels 4concert
~design costume 2geda 4 concert
~look 4 classroom 4 practice
~go 2 tui 2geda
~shop 4stuff v nid 4 prom

i miss u guys~!!
it wud b great if v can stay in high skul 4eva~!!
i luv dreamin:p

aiyzz.. im bored at hme~!! v r havin a break 4 wday n tmr..
sum1 help me~!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


i didnt concentrate during double physics 2day again.. it's juz soooo boring.. i no matter how hard i try.. i juz cudnt understand a thg he say.. de question is.. am i stupid?? i seriously tink im nt a 'studier'..

prove 1: i hate studyin n memorizin

prove 2: i can nvr sit down n study a subject

prove 3: everytime i try n study a subject.. i feel sleepy.. n hungry..

prove 4: i solve question my own way o de short way..(cuz i dunno de exact way 2 do it)

prove 5: i tink holidays r de best..

prove 6: i hope der's no money in dis world.. cuz.. no money no work no study..

prove 7: i like admaths n maths bcuz dey dun require studyin n understandin.. juz pratise..

prove 8: if im de ministry of education.. i ll abolish exams.. if..

prove 9: i nvr study 4 tests n exams..

prove 10: i juz hate 2 study~!!

inference: im startin 2 realise dat.. im juz lazy.. hehe

conclusion: i ges im lazy n stupid.. n im lazy 2 bcum smart.. hmm.. mayb i wuz a pig in my last life.. hehe..

yet.. i haf fun in physics.. doin sumthg nt related 2 physics:p

yeonghan..devan..benjamin.. lookin horny.benjamin again..

haha.. der's more.. in yeonghan's fon.. v were takin pics n editin dem.. hehe.. den v took devan's fon n msg vijal.. hehe.. sayin.."hi im devan" haha..

i like dis very much:) nice nice:p

i miss moo.. he hasnt been msg-in me de whole day.. ges he's bz.. hope he's havin fun in college.. muacxxie

Saturday, March 3, 2007


u sux~!! yes u~!! u noe hu u r.. thx 4 readin my blog n reportin dem 2my mum n makin my mum lose trust 2wards me.. i noe.. blogs r open 2 public.. bt it's nt 4 u~!! i hate u~!! do u noe ure such an immature childish selfish irresponsible irritatin moron~!?!?!?!?!?!??! yes u r~!!i guaratee.. u will nvr succend in life wif ure dat stubborn attitude.. u gain hapiness thru ppl's suffering.. ure nth bt a loser.. u r so selfish dat u nvr b in other's shoe.. y cant u juz tink 4 others.. at least once a while.. u cant do big thgs.. u nvr accept wat ppl say.. i alwiz tried 2 tell ya wat is bette.. bt u nvr NVR listen 2 me at least once.. im givin up on ya.. i tell u.. i disrespect u~!! i dun respect betrayers n backstabbers.. i shall nvr.. NVR trust ya anymore.. i ll save my concern 2wards u 4 others dat nid dem.. haf fun wif ure bloody attitude.. bye!

Friday, March 2, 2007


2day wuz fine.. had breakfast wif moo~~ nt enjoyin myself at 1st bcuz moo wuz at a reli reli reli bad mood.. haha.. bt i ges he felt bette later on.. wut he felt is exactly wut i had been overcomin all de time.. bt i ges his case his more serious:p it's reli nt easy bein de eldest at hme.. u ll b underappreciated.. ur fault will b magnified n ur good deeds r minimized.. parents may love u.. in deir hearts.. bt nt gud in expressin.. as in dey dun tell u o put dem in words.. wat dey say r alwiz negative.. dey tot ure grown up enuf 2 take all de negative stuff dey say.. dey may nt scold u when u do sumthg wrong as ure old enuf 2 notice ur faults bt dey burst everythg dey r nt satisfied wif all dis time at 1 time when dey r in a bad mood n u did sumthg wrong.. it may b a minor fault.. im underappreciated.. i dun gt respect fr my siblings.. i dun gt trust fr my parents.. dey nvr c wat i contribute 2 de family.. dey noe wat i din contribute 2 de family.. my mum nvr ask me 2do stuff o household chores bcuz she doesnt trust me.. n yet she scolded me 4 nt helpin o nt noein how 2 do sumthg simple.. bt de point is.. u nvr told me how 2 do it.. how do u expect me 2 noe how.. how does my sis n bro noe? cuz dey were taught by u.. i dunno whr stuff were located n kept at hme?? cuz u nvr tell me whr u place dem.. u dun expect me 2 go ard de hse lookin at whr stuff r kept rite?? mayb nt all elder kids face dis.. bt i do.. sumtimes i try very hard 2 meet 2 deir expectations.. bein a gud sis.. a responsible n helpful daughter.. bt i dun seem 2 gt de response i expected.. afte i helped u do ur stuff when de others were bz watchin tv.. n scolded sis 4misplacin sumthg n all u can say is stop releasin tension on ur sis juz bcuz u did dis tiny lil bit of work.. do u noe how hurt is dat?? i may nt do alot of stuff.. bt i still put effort in2 doin those 'tiny lil bit of work'.. n juz bcuz i scolded my lil sis.. i do not gt any credit.. actually i dun expect much.. i tot by makin u happy n slightly lessen ur burden will at least win 1% of ur

trust.. o made ya smile 2 me more often.. bt i nvr seem 2 had succeeded doin dat..o i gt is makin ya tink i nid sumthg.. i wanna go sumwhr n wanna buy sumthg.. everytime i ask permission 2 go out wif frens afte i help out wif sumthg.. dey sum how relate dem.. u gt me?? meanin..dey ll tiink i help out bcuz i wanted permission 2 go out.. all dis made me gaf up tryin 2 meet ur expectation.. it's like no matter wat i do.. i juz wont gt wat i want.. wat i want fr dis family.. i envy my sis n bro 4 havin gud interactions wif my parents.. my lil sis can hug n kiss my mum till now.. she's std 6 now.. my mum tell secrets 2my bro.. my sis can act as rude as she cud bt nt gt any scolding.. i cant even rmb de laz time my mum hug n kisses me.. i doubt she had ever done it.. im nt tryin 2 potray dat i live in a terrible family.. it's juz y i juz dun act like a gud sis n daughter.. bt still..ppl can nvr b contented wif wat dey haf.. i ll juz accept my family n c wat i can do wif it.. if ure facin de same prob as me.. life muz go on~!! de advice is.. dun take every thg dey say 2 seriously.. dey may nt mean it.. mum n dad will nvr b mad at u.. hey~!! i planned 2 write sumthg happy in dis post de lo~!! y turn out 2 b so depressed de.. haha..

i kinda enjoy my day 2day.. spent a wonderful bt short time wif moo moo darling.. i like him more wif his cheerful n happy looks.. haha.. v exchanged fon themes hehe.. haha.. den maths v had a test.. martin gaf weird question again.. bt i managed 2 do half:p owh.. v met ms moey during break.. she told us abt de mckl treasure hunt.. it's a compulsory.. hmm.. 4gt 2 ask moo whther moo wanna join me.. haha.. 2person a team.. haha.. i dun tink he wans.. hahaa..den after bio.. i wuz told dat mr lopez de sports club teacher incharge wans 2 c all de captains.. so v had a meeting.. onli 4 of us turned alex justin phoebe n shanon.. shanonis nt a captain:phaha.. v tokked abt de mckl games carnival.. it's on july.. bt v hafta start preparin now.. i hope more skuls will participate.. n i hafta collect 12 bux fr all netballers.. aiy.. it's expensive gosh.. 3bux per trainin.. fan~ den i played huiwen'ss guitar.. chunkit taught me qing tian intro.. haha.. made me wanna learn more.. cuz i sux.. haha.. mayb can learn fr frens n moo.. der's alot of ppl hu learns guitar.. benji is a pro wan:p gurls play guitar 2~!! i wanna learn:p den i played bball~~!! haha.. wif de seniors mostly.. dey looked impressed wif jo n n i playin bball.. i mean gurls playin bball.. dey clap when v shoot in.. dey make way when v tried 2 lay up.. haha.. i dunno dey r tryin 2 b sarcastic o juz bein nice.. haha.. actually.. i gagadei oso ex wms skul team bench warmer la.. sure at least noe how 2 shoot n lay up de ma.. nth impressive.. haha.. sumore i shoot 10 8 nt in de.. i lay up 10 9 nt in de.. lay up 10 times5 reach under basket knot find ball ddi.. haha.. mayb shud ask moo 2 teach me.. bt moo drop ddi.. nt as gud as laz time:p haha.. im tellin de truth oo.. bt he's still gud:):) n i didnt noe pangtsen actually rmb my name.. i tot he onli noe im de matmatsui.. haha..

spca wuz fun n boring 2day.. i din clean any cages.. i din sweep de floor.. i din wash any bowls.. i din do like anythg.. owh.. i played wif dogs n puppies n take pic of dem.. haha.. i saw dis doggie.. damn cute~!! i love it very much.. if i dun haf xiaobai at hme.. i ll ask my parents 2buy it.. it's a white furry dog.. n it's well trained.. when u move near it.. it ll stand up n gif ya it's paw.. haha.. so cute~!! haha.. bt gud thgs nvr alwiz happened.. bad thgs happened rite afte it.. an indian family bought dat doggie hme~~~~!!! aiy.. it's de 1st week i met it n yet v hafta say gudbye.. 4 de day.. hahaa..

cute pup~!! nice pose:pvery very cute er~~nice pose II~~ hahahey~!! meanie~~puppy love~!!??de main character wuz supposed 2 b de pup(left) n whyeleon(right)~ blur melvinfrog liked puppies~ ahhasweet couple~~hush puppy~ owh.. nt puppy.. dog..haha.. de white furry doggie~!

wat r u starin at dear:pit wuz showin me it's paw:Pi wore dis earrings 2 skul.. cuz nth 2do:p alot of ppl say nice er.. thx yunnie~!! she bought me dese on my 17th bday.. haha.. moo said dey were nice 2.. haha.. im tired.. gonna go watch tv ddi.. tata~~