Tuesday, June 26, 2007


haha.. terribly bored..

tv comp tv comp tv comp.. i need fresh air:'( i wanna go out.. im feelin as if im a lifeless super lazy pig stayin at hme eatin n watchin tv n sleep n dream:'(

Friday, June 22, 2007

1month break~!!

hey bloggie..
sry 4 abandoning ya.. had been very bz.. coll.. revisions.. exams..
now im havin my so call 1 month break.. actually der's onli 3 weeks.. haha.. 1st week.. netball practices.. haha.. i love playin netball.. bt nt netball practices.. cuz 3days i went.. de coach ffk.. tho v had a bette time.. more fun.. haha.. bt u c.. have u seen netball practice havin on theories.. v had like 1 hr practical n 1 hr++ theory.. Theory on netball rules n strategy n stuff~!! BORED~!! bt de teacher in charged didnt seem 2 notice.. aiks.. n de organizing part.. mckl games carnival.. 'de main purpose of dis carnival is 2 let students cum c de coll n encourage dem 2 join de coll..' said lopez(teacher in charged) lol.. laz yr i went 4 de carnival.. once i stepped in de coll im discouraged 2 join 2 college.. haha.. he noes NTH abt games n sports.. can onli b described wif 1 word.. stupid..

i had my undang test 2day.. passed.. haha.. i went 4 de kursus on wednesday.. 4 de 2nd time.. yes! 2nd time.. cuz de laz time i went wuz march 2006 now june 2007.. more den 1 yr ddi.. expired.. haha.. poor me.. at least now things are movin smoothly.. tmr im goin 4 amali.. yeay yeay~!!

im bored im bored im bored~!! i wanna go out.. i dowana stay at hme.. i wanna watch movie.. i wanna watch 200pounds beauty.. i wanna watch transformer.. i wanna go shopping.. i wanna go swimming.. i wanna foos.. hehe.. i wanna go gai gai~!! i nid 2 buy moo's bday prezzie~!! bt im grounded:'( moo's bday is dis sunday~!! dis sunday~!! 2more days~!! 24more hours~!! grrr~~ ish~!!

how much i hope it cud rain money~!! lotzz of money.. cash~ coins~ i dun mind cheques 2~ arh.. dreamin~~ krakra.. so many goods so lil money.. haha.. so bored.. alone at hme.. siblings off 2 school.. i tot it wud b fun.. haha.. i nid sum entertainment~!!

owh.. i bot de book i alwiz wanted 2 read.. expensive oo.. 30bux+ gone.. can watch a movie wif mooie wif twin seat and 2 games of foosball.. haha.. it's gone..