Monday, February 26, 2007


hoho.. i had been a lazy pig being lazy 2 update my posts.. i actually tot i did.. until moo asked me whther i haf new posts.. ob wuz like a few weeks ago..hehe..

cny~!! havent gt much angpaos.. haha.. college break onli lasted 3days.. did i tell u abt de tradition on angpaos in my family?? every cny.. afte v collect all de angpaos.. v as in me n my 3siblings.. v hafta take out all de angpaos collected n count de money v gt n divide in2 4 n save it in2 our saving accounts.. meanin.. i dun gt 2 use dem~!!! dat includes angpaos i gt my fren's parents.. eg/if my let's say class mate gave me 2bux angpao.. i onli gt 50cents~!!! haiz.. i tink dis is wat jo n meant by a 'political family'.. haha.. u may nt un.. bt if u noe my family very well.. u will.. hahaha..

i had an headache in college dis mornin.. n yet.. i wuz bullied.. by my FRENS.. it started during maths.. martin(my maths lecturer) wuz teachin coordinate geometry which is sumthg i learnt since like hmm f2?? so i fell asleep.. jo n wuz juz nice 2 block me fr bein seen by martin.. haha.. afte i woke up it's almos break n i wuz moody.. during break.. i 4gt wat made me frustrated.. i tink de sausages.. 1st dey tease me abt de sausages.. oh.. n dey teased me askin whether de chili sauce i brought fr hme is expired.. cuz i alwiz bring choc 2 skul.. n de chocs i bring juz happened 2 b expiired de.. bt.. tell dem~!! expired chocs are okie 2 b eated~!! dey juz dun believe n start sayin i try 2poison my frens n stuff.. den say wat ever i bring fr hme expired de.. haiz.. am i so bulliable?? den later.. yau seng took my purse.. n start takin all my stuff out of my purse.. 1st dey saw my club membership card.. der's a pic of me bhind it.. i noe it's ugly.. bt plz.. it's like 4yrs ago.. i wuz still a tougei.. u dun hafta look so surprise n laughed so loud.. it wuz worse when dey saw de pic on my ic.. cuz it wuz BEFORE 4yrs ago.. when i haf short hair.. n look boyish.. aiy.. poor me..

owh.. i went hse hopping yest~!! wif my monastry frens.. 1st v went crystal's hse..den chianhuey's.. lishin's>xiaoli's>shanny's>hersheng's>zhanshuo's>mine:) it wuz kinda fun yet tiring.. v had alot of drinks.. alot of ba gua.. alot of chocs n alot of chips..haha.. i won every cho dai dee game yest.. yes.. every~!! 2bad im nt in2 gambling.. otherwise i may had won alot.. haha..owh.. n zhanshuo's parents are damn creative.. dey had dis wall of mirror in deir living room.. den dey decorated it wif angpaos.. den when v were goin 2 leave.. dey asked us 2 take 1 angpao fr de mirror.. it's like try ur luck bcuz de angpao dey haf dey contain 2bux 5bux 10bux n 50bux.. haha.. i onli gt 5bux.. de rest gt 10 n 2.. haha.. v had lou sang in hersheng's hse 2.. bt afte finish lou-in.. v den realise der werent any salmon inside.. haha.. bt v still enjoyed it.. 1thg 1 all jetavanians share is v all are all ai yan.. ai yan means ss um syiok sendiri.. o u can call it dramatic.. haha.. here are de pics..

chee kong~~~


before lou-ing~~

after louing~~ u can c de diff fr de yee sang.. keke

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ob nite~!!

happy cny~!!
haha.. mum had been keepin de laptop 4 herself.. dowanna bring out fr her room.. hehe.. finally i gt 2 use.. eventho im damn sleepy now i ll make my self awake till i finish dis post.. cuz i gt lotz 2 say.. hehe.. ob nite~!!

v had our mckl orientation ball at impiana hotel.. nvr heard of it b4.. tot it muz b sum kind of cacated hotel.. bt it turn out fine.. haha.. de ball room is kinda big bt de dance floor 2 small.. haha.. de emcee of de nite wuz pang tsen n jocelyn.. jocelyn wuz lame n pangtsen wuz charming:p i wore de same dress i wore 2 prom cuz i bolui.. haha.. even hafta wear mayshan's killer heels cuz again.. i bolui.. bt luckily i put on cushions.. haha.. on my heels.. so my feet are still fine.. keke..

dat nite.. leonard drove us der.. me ashwin n yeonghan.. ashwin looked nervous.. he kept askin me whether he looked gud.. mayb he wanted 2 look gud 4 kahyan.. hehe.. yeonghan looked as yeng as usual.. no more dvd seller.. haha.. he wore contact lenses~!! whyeleon wore justin's samfu~!! n every1 is like askin yenthong y didnt she wore cheongsam.. hehe.. every1 looked charmin n prettty:):) bt yauseng said i looked like ghost.. bt it wuz de least make up i ever put.. um.. hyperbola.. ish.. lucky onli yauseng said i dun look gud.. ashwin say i looked hot:p:p hu cares whther he reli mean it o not.. i ll take it as a compliment:p:p haha.. de performance wuz great dat nite.. pang tsen wuz rite.. mc reli do haf a lot of ppl wif hidden talent.. phebe gt great voice~!! as in reli very sweet n nice voice.. she can sing bette den any singer.. haha.. she gt de look n voice..she's pretty n sweet.. she's my idol~!! haha.. if im a guy.. she's de one i wud nt wan 2 leave out.. hehe.. n ges wat.. big discovery.. nerds in mc can dance~!! im proud 2 repeat it.. nerds in mc can dance~!!! dey danced machi.. damn coool.. haha.. de food.. wuz way bette den shangrila 2.. de ob king wuz pangtsen n ob queen wuz audrey.. freshie king wuz justin n freshie queen wuz phebe~!! haha.. bt 1 thg i regreted doin is.. goin hme early.. i didnt gt 2 dance~!!

i realised sumthg.. tho i may like dancing.. n sum ppl tot i haf de talent in dancing.. bt i seem 2 lose my courage 2 dance in front of ppl when i dun haf my frens wif me.. i wanna dance again.. i wan shiao ling n jo n huishan n lamerz.. i wanna dance wif dem again.. i tink im losing my lameness ddi..

omb.. moo is taking medication now n is lookin bette as days pass by.. how~!?!?!?! my status is shakin.. shud i lock him up n nt let him approach gurls?? nah.. i tink i ll juz improve myself 2 make him concentrate on me:p:p aza aza eling~!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

valentine's day~~ mooie~!!

haha.. it's valentine's day 2day~!! n it's my very 1st valentine's day celebrated wif my darling.. haha.. well.. as moo say.. valentine's day is some how overrated.. i agree wif him.. bt it's still a very significant day 4 ppl's wif love ones:):)

haha.. i cudnt find an appropriate prezzie 4 moo.. den i tot sumthg hand made will haf more cheng yi.. so i 'designed' a mug 4 moo.. de pens costed me quite alot:(:( bt luckily it turn out boleh tahan.. hope moo likes it:p haha.. den i gt de heart shaped box yest.. laz min.. it nearly went out of stock.. it wuz de laz 1.. i hafta dig thru de stocks 2 find it.. haha..

moo gaf me sumthg very sweet.. he gaf me a booklet he made himself and a rose:):) i luv de booklet very much.. bt i took me sumtime 2 read his writin:p bt i still luv it.. haha..

haha.. sweeeeeeeet rite~ keke.. cant stop showin off:p n he played me de song he learnt in like 1day.. n hurt his fingers:(:( poor moo.. i sumthong leh..

cute rite:):) hohoho~ i tried nt 2 make dis post so eeeeewy bt i cant help leh.. it's valentine's day.. so plz.. bear wif me:p:p

neway ob nite is tmr~!! cant wait 2 go c lengluis n langcais.. haha.. hope i enjoy myself.. wif de killer heels again.. cant help.. i juz cant gt heels dat fits my budget n dat i reli like.. haha..

i'm missing moo alredi~!! owh.. i actually bluff him dat i onli gt him a box of choc i bought fr de spca charity thingy.. wonder wat he feels at dat time.. hehe.. moo.. if u c dis.. ans me ya~ haha..

Monday, February 12, 2007


haha~!! 2day's me n moo's 7th month ani~!! haha.. v had been 2geda 4 more den 210days~!! woohoohoo~~ moo.. i may upset u 2day.. n i reli reli hope u ll 4gif me.. n dis is sumthg 4 u:):)

our 1st date^^ times sq~!!
my hand n urs:p in uniform at mcd:):)
in de lrt~!! hehe..
carmen's party:):)
cheeky moo~~

dun move~!! he's mine:pprom2006~ ^^laz day of famine 2006~!! haha.. makin sandwiches:):)

dear.. i may nt b perfect 4 u.. bt im tryin my best 2 meet ur expectation.. tho v had been 2geda 4 onli 7 months.. i ll strive 2 keep u by my side as long as possible.. so.. u cant run away fr me~!!


with loadzzz of lurve,


Friday, February 9, 2007

bz oo~~

had been kinda bz recently.. dunno wif wat.. haha.. so gonna jolt down stuffs happened dese few days.. owh.. did i tell ya abt de raging v had in college?? it's 1 of de activity of de orientation week.. i'd nvr NVR heard any colllege doin dis..

1st day..
reach coll at 715 den ask us 2 run ard de bball court 4rounds.. den force guys 2 drink sumthg.. tea like.. dey say it wuz damn bitter.. den afte dat.. al of us were given 3 scoops of disgustin awful smelled chicken rice chili liked yucky stuff.. v were force 2 finish dem.. it smelled so awful dat i almost vomitted even b4 finish it.. den 1,2,3yum seng.. den every1 show a gonna vomit face n all ran away n pour it on de grass.. includin me.. haha

2nd day..
all were asked 2 wear our high skul uniform.. wms were de majority:):) den v ran de bbal court again.. sang negaraku so badly dat delecturer came out fr him office 2 scold us tellin us nt 2 disgrace de country.. v sang VERY nicely de2nd time.. den v sang jalur gemilang keranamu n tanggal 31.. haha.. v were like lalalala~~ in de jalur gemilang.. it sounds like.. jalur gemilang~ lalalalalalala~ jalur gemilang~ lalalalalalala~ haha.. v wesleyans even sang de skul song when de senior wuz tryin 2 say sumthg.. he tried 2 stop us bt v sang till de end:p

3rd day..
wear traditional clothes~~ whr can i gt those~!?! so i pontenged:p when n sit at mamak till 8.. n kena caught><><

4th day..
guys wear singlet n shorts.. gurls big tshirt n shorts.. dey played water balloons.. vwere asked question n if cant answer dey ll throw water ballons towards us.. n im proud 2 announce dat i didnt gt wet at all~!! n de secret of success is 2 hide bhind devan n watch ur bac:p haha..

v were oso asked 2 gt signatures fr seniors throughout de orienatation.. bt i didnt participated bcuz v were asked 2 do stupid thgs.. u c,, i tried 2 participate.. i went 2 de 1st senior.. izuru.. he told me 2 go gt a gurl's full name add dob etc etc fr class s0601.. n s0601 has onli 5 gurls.. so ignore him.. de 2nd senior.. audrey.. she told me 2 list down 25 reasons guy shud likeu n 25 reasons y guys shudnt.. n 4 yenthong.. she asked her 2 list down reasons u wud choose a dog over ur bf.. haha.. poor whye leon..

spca wuz fun laz friday.. i changed 2 cages of newspapers.. 1 4 a puppy n 1 4 a furry dog dat bites.. i didnt noe till de worker told us.. swt.. so de dog went out of de cage n i changed de newspapers.. n it didnt wanna go bac.. no 1 dares 2 carry it cuz it bites~!! even de worker doesnt dare.. so v tried all kind of ways 2 make it walk in by itself:p v tried speakin chinese english n malay.. none worked.. v tried 2 gt its attention wif keychains.. haha.. of cuz it didnt worked.. at last.. v all stood ard it n mengepung it n made it had no choice bt 2 gt bac 2 its rite v^^v later v played wif pups.. haha..den v sweep de leaves ard de area.. den v washed de floor.. no bowls 2 wash dis time.. haha.. saw sumthg cute.. a pup dat does yoga~!! haha.. so cuuuuuteeee~!! haha.. u noe y he does yoga?? cuz it's fr indian~!! u noe how i noe?? it has gt dark skin.. haha.. owh.. nt funny huh.. ish..

yest v went bac 2 college 4 carnival.. it's2 raise fun 4 de johor flood.. very boring.. bt gt myself a mag dat costs 2bux.. n it's de february 2007 issue.. haha worthed it ho.. hehe.. afte stonin der 4 quite a long while.. jo n drove n v went 2 tasik perdana.. asked mum de way bt she gaf us de loooong way.. i wuz afraid v may nt find de way.. n so.. as v go.. v accidentally found it.. haha.. as v stood by de tasik.. v saw hilton n meridien juz in front of us~! omb.. it's so near.. lucky v didnt take de way 2 jln kuching mt mum tot v ll take.. haaha.. wms interact wuz havin a jogathon der.. n de t shirt dey had brot us der.. very nice.. seriously.. so v went der n meet wif ms leong.. den afte everything had ended.. jo n drove me ms leong n my bro 2 klcc.. v had kimgary~!! at laz i tried cheeeesie goook fan.. haha.. lol.. mum went der 2 pick us up.. n oso 2 shop 4 our new yr clothes.. i bot a pair of fake lashes.. haha.. n regreted.. cuz.. i dunno how 2 use it><>

went 2 grace's place4 dinner.. she gt a farewell party n her dad gt a pre cny party.. haha.. so my whole family went.. saw kok keong~! didnt noe grace stil contacts him.. he hasnt changed a bit.. he recognised me 2~!! haha.. owh.. grace's leavin2 germany next week.. 4 1 yr~!! whoa.. lucky n rich kia.. haha.. so i ll onli b seein her in mc next yr.. hhaha..

im bored at hme now.. gt no credit n cudnt msg moo.. will b imaginin wat he's doin now.. haha.. let's c.. i tink he ll b goin 2 1u.. haha.. haf fun moo~!! missya~