Sunday, April 29, 2007


oh no~!! im dead.. i went 2 dis studylink australia edu fair yest at panpac hotel.. my parents went 2.. actually dey wanted 2 check out flinders U adelaide and adelaide U.. bt studylink did nt invite dem 2 de fair.. so v tot v can like have a look at other U's.. 1st v saw newcastle.. as v were waitin 2 consult de guy in charged of newcastle.. der's dis old man hu approaches us.. he said he is de father of de man hu is in charged of newcastle hu we were waitin 2 consult.. den he tok 2 us n den he told us v can oso consult his older son.. which is i ges a big person in studylink.. mayb de boss.. so i told him i wud like 2 study nutrition n dietetics..n 1st tink he asked me is y nutrition n dietetics.. he say ppl in malaysians are still nt in2 gettin advices fr nutrition o dietetions on deir diets.. so mayb i can onli work in a hospital.. n he say y nt pharmacy.. malaysia is alwiz short of pharmacist.. bt of cuz it is nt easy 2 finish studyin pharmacy.. it's i told him i dun reli like chem.. i prefer bio den chem.. dat's y i chose n&d.. den he started tellin me all de courses i can study in curtin international college, cic abt health science.. he calculated de fees.. n told my parents how much dey can save.. if.. I GIVE UP A-LEVELS NOW N FLY 2 AUZZIE BY JUNE N START MY 1ST YR OF U AT CURTIN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE~!!! omg.. i wuz like.. wait wait~!! i dun plan 2 gif up a levels u c.. bt he say.. y waste time.. if i go der by june dis yr.. i ll start de 1st stage which is sumthg like foundation.. with dis foundation.. u can go2 ANY courses u like of health science bcuz deir 1st yr are basically all de same.. so u can actually spend de 1st yr observin wat ppl of let's say nutrition is studyin o wat r ppl of food science doin in labs etc etc..he say if i complete my a lvels.. i nid 2 wait 4 my a levels result.. which is comin out ard august.. n enter U by feb 2009n haf de 1st yr of U.. bt if i go now.. by june.. im at 2 yr of uni by feb 2009.. it saves time n money~ BUT~!! im nt prepared yet~!!! nt prepared AT ALL~!! my parents may nt understand.. u c.. once i made up my mind 2 go 4 a lvls.. i sort of like plan wat i ll do 4 de 1st sem of alvls 2nd sem n 3rd sem.. n after alvls.. i may haf a 7month break.. wat i can do.. i can work.. i can gt my drivin license etc etc.. den by feb 2009 i ll enter U.. it's like i planned everythg n is PREPARED 4 it 2 cum.. n is waitin.. bt if u suddenly shoot an brand new idea suggestin me 2 gif up wat i planned n do sumthg u had nvr tot abt.. noway.. im nt ready~!! im nt prepared 2 leave my frens.. 2 gif up de 6months i struggled studyin a lvls.. 2 leave moo.. 2 leave everythg i haf here m'sia.. 2 meet new frens.. 2 learn new stuff.. 2 accept new environment.. 2 change my lifestyle.. im nt prepared.. i nid sum1 2 tok 2..

mayb it's kinda early 2 worry abt it.. bt i can c my mum sort of favour dis pathway.. n my dad is like nt sure whther he shud send me off.. n if dey made up deir mind n tinks dat there's no point 4 me 2 continue my alvls.. i will hafta leave by june.. which is less den 2 months time..i cant even celebrate moo's bday.. my bday.. our 1 yr ani.. o even participate in de mckl gams carnival~!! de guy even gaf me a pre-departure briefin.. omg..

yes.. i wud like 2 study in auz.. mayb i ll b like damn excited n cant wait 2 go bt.. it's AFTER alevels.. now.. no.. im scared..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

im bac..

im bac..
finally haf de mood n time 2 start bloggin.. actually im here in front of de laptop bcuz i hafta watch my maid while she's cleanin.. bcuz v found out she had been takin thgs fr our rooms.. my mum sneaked in2 her room while she wuz cleanin upstairs.. she found my watch in her closet.. my ex watch.. haha.. meanin de watch i used 2 wear.. n our spare hse key my my sis' room key is missin.. im worried.. cuz u c.. if she's havin both de keys.. she can sneak in de hse n grab everythg n run away.. ps: v dun let our maid in when none of us is at hme.. i actually trusted her.. when my mum suspect her.. i tot it may nt b her.. bcuz sumtimes i left my room key in my pocket n put it in2 de laundry basket.. she ll return it 2 me.. bt now.. aiy.. maids.. dey r are all de same.. ish..

well.. i did not blog recently partly bcuz i wuz havin my trials 4 a-levels.. it wuz laz whole week.. n de week b4.. i told myself 2 study.. bt as usual.. i din.. every paper onli laz approximately 1 hr.. so.. i didnt reli put in much effort studyin.. therefore.. i regretted.. dat's wat i usually do.. dowana study den regret.. well.. i deserve it la.. haha..among de 4 subjects.. i onli like maths.. i gt 99% 4 maths c1.. nt satisfied.. cuz de 1 mark shudnt b lost.. if it wasnt marked wif de markin scheme.. i ll gt 100% hhaha.. bt at least dis is de 1st time i ever gt a 99% 4 a paper since i went highskul.. haha.. so i ll make sure i wont miss de 100 in de a levels exam.. haha.. bt 4 c2.. i hate martin~!! he set de paper so damn complicated.. haha.. ex wesleyan.. muz had been tortured by sarah n aza when he wuz in wms.. his paper made benjamin tinks of wms admaths paper 2.. yenthong say she feels like takin leong's admaths paper.. haha.. i didnt haf sufficient time 2 finish de paper.. i managed 2 write sumthg 4 every ques bt had no time 2 check de ans.. i spent like 45mins 4 de 1st 6 ques n v r supposed 2 finish 10 in 1 n de half hrs.. aiy.. i hope i ll do fine.. haha.. martin told de march batch he's dissapointed wif his january batch.. aiy.. hhaaha.. he cant b dissapointed at us.. he's de 1 teachin us~!! haha..

i had been watchin anime n readin comics n playin handphone gamesde whole weekend.. well.. i gaf myself an excuse.. i juz finish my mock.. haha.. bt actually i noe dat i reli hafta continue studyin n preparin myself 4 de comin soon a levels exam.. bt eling juz loves procrastinatin.. aiy.. i juz dunno y.. im no studier.. im a super duper lazy pig.. u noe.. laziness has no cure.. i actually ask a fengshui master y am i so lazy.. well.. dis fengshui master doesnt onli toks abt fengshui.. he can actually tell all ur personality by lookin at ur 'xi san bat zi' which is sumthg like ur DOB.. he told my dad once dat im actually a very smart person.. bt my dad called it tricky.. haha.. dat's probably y my parents dun reli trust me.. n he say im a very lucky person.. when i asked him y am i so lazy.. he say.. it's sumthg u hafta change it urself.. true.. bt how can u change sumthg when ure even lazy 2 do so.. aiy.. moo lectured me when i wuz throwing a tantrum nt wantin 2 study.. cuz i said im 2 dumb 2 study n understand wat de text book says.. well i am.. bt moo disgree wif me sayin i studied less compared2 him bt i gt 11As 4 spm.. dis is wat i said 2 my mum.. spm is nth.. u can ans by common sense.. my mum ans me.. nt every1 has de common sense u meant.. well.. dat proves dat im juz lucky.. so im still dumb~!! 2 dumb 2 b a studier.. aiy.. when i wuz young.. i actually tot i wud nvr b a science student.. my ambition wuz nvr sumthg like doctors engineer etc etc when other kids do.. i juz dun like studyin.. bt as i grew up.. i realize dat it is very true dat ure nth if u dun study.. u cant even guarantee urself a gud job when u haf a cert.. wat if u dun even haf 1.. dis world is so realistic.. onli de stronger 1s can live deir lifes deir way.. bt.. im juz too lazy.. hhhaaha.. well.. i ll still try 2 change.. mayb bit by bit.. haha..

owh.. i went 2 de wms sports day yest.. yellow hse gymrama wuz marvellous.. very nice.. dey used umbrellas.. hahaha.. n yellow hse wuz de champion hse~!! so proud of dem.. haha.. de sun wuz so big yest de.. i wuz wearin a v neck tshirt n a wif a tube inside.. when i wuz showerin.. i realise der's a big square dark spot on my chest~!! OMB~!! n when i look at de mirror.. i realise de left side of my nose is darker den de right side.. ish.. bcuz de place v were sittin.. de sun wuz at left.. aiy.. i hate bein dark.. grr~

Saturday, April 7, 2007

emo emo emo~~

haha.. i nearly 4gt my password.. so close.. haha..

jo n n weijian finally 2geda ddi~!! hooray~!!

jocelyn is bac~!! hooray~!!

i saw mooie laz nit~!! hooray~!!

i had dinner wif mooie laz nit~!! hooray~!!

trials is comin.. huhu~

weijian's leavin.. huhu~

im fat-in.. huhu~

i haf no mood 2 study.. huhu~

im on9-in.. huhu~

is der any medicine 2 cure laziness.. im a pig.. big fat lazy pig:(
i havent gt 2 noe anythg im studyin n exams is comin..
im stressed..
stress makes me eat non stop..


me no life..

ps:i wrote dis long time ago.. bt 4gt 2 post.. oopsie..