Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy national day~!!

it's sunday..
no mamak today cuz parents were busy..
so they went out early..
thinking i could sleep till 12......i was wrong><
dad woke me up early in the morning telling me to wash and wipe de dishes in de kitchen..
it's been a month since my maid left..
it's painful~!!!!!!!!!
never knew it would be so hard..
so i woke up thinking after cleaning i could go back to my comfybed..o.O
mana tao.....
mum left a msg..
eling: dry the clothes
having all the chores done..
im totally awake ddi..
no more going back to dreamland..
i planned to study..
but then i realise..
the more i am expected to study, the more i have the mood to blog..
an im certain that this is an incurable/uncurable(??) disease called..
since it's uncurable/incurable..
i have nth else to do but to tolerate loh~!!
i blog-hopped this morning..
and found some of my batch mate's blog..
some of them are from other states..
and i realise they label kl ppl as unfriendly..
they think we are proud and stubborn..
they find us cold and passion-less..
they think we are hard to mix with..
which is SO NOT TRUE~!!
it maHy be applicable to some of us..
but definitely not ALL of us..
we are nice and passionate and friendly and will always be glad to help u when u need us..
and and and..
not all kl peeps are the same k..
everyone is not the same~
i found some blogs which i really like..
they can make their post so interesting that you would like to go and read everytime they update..
it's diff from boring blogs like mine..
talking about i me and myself onli..
they talk about world issues and interesting topics..
of cuz i know it's because i dun read much..
but still~!!
that's probably why there are blog that is so popular that that blogger became famous..
and eventually became a professional bloggger..
that is one thg that i couldnt understand before this..
time to study-lah~!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

long weekend~

it's friday again..
long one due the de public holiday on monday..
but im beginning to miss uni~!!!
it's been de weirdest phenomena..
going to school would be de last thg i would ever want to do..
hehe.. and now..
im enjoying uni~!!!^^
i enjoy taking lrt every morning looking at how random ppl dress and drool through their journey~
i enjoy going to uni early in the morning just to print notes..
i enjoy going to SOME lectures..*i sleep in MOST of the lectures xp*
i enjoy freezing in lecture theatre..
i enjoy buying nasi goreng biasa and soya bean for lunch..
i enjoy buying egg-tart for tea break..
i enjoy stalking certain ppl..hehe
i enjoy talking in the library like nobody's business..*cuz we were in the discussion room la..*
i enjoy bumping into the volleyball peeps..
i enjoy having trainings after or between lectures..
*but i dun enjoy going home late alone=.=*
i enjoy discovering new routes to get to classes faster..
i enjoy almost everything~!!
of course life wouldnt be that nice without u guys..
super lame name..
no idea who figured it out..
*hopefully it wasnt me.. i where got so lame..*


2,3,7,9,10 is actually our month of birth..
we ll bring down SHE..
basically.. de study mood is back..
but too late ddi..
it came back right after the class test..
we had class test dis morning..
principles of human nutrition..
studied like super super last minute..
due to the heavy trainings i have..
*okay la.. excuse only*
but it was actually easier then expected..
but then still dunno how to do..
sad right..
but after i saw pearly's notes..
i decided to study real hard for the next class test which is next friday..
damn alot okay~!!
dunno can finish not..
bball is next tuesday~!!
quite excited..
jaymee kept saying we will win..
but munyew*our senior*
kept saying 'hen nan'
meaning very diffilcult..(to win)
i also dunno how..
my bball all the while also ma ma onli wan..
very stressed la..
shooting not good..
lay up cannot..
defend laoya..
what else im good at??
warm bench><
it's fun playing with them..
jaymee, jessie, xiaojie, ho cheng..
had damn a lot of fun during training..
learnt a lot from xiaojie and munyew too~!!
it's another day~!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

happy day

im forced to blog..
im so supposed to study la..
i wanted de lo..*kononnya*
but for the sake of my beloved audiences/readers/stalkers..
i dun wan them to open my blog onli.. see my disgusting legs.. haha.. so i decided to post somethg.. haha..
so i decided to blog...
about my recovered legs~!!!
that' s lame..
today xiuqi said she read starr's blog..
she and alice got into an car accident..
their waja knocked into a kancil..
and they paid the guy 500bucks~!!!! omg..
500 for a stupid kancil??
if they survive from the accident..
how bad can de damage be..
i guess they were just too afraid to negotiate or wat la..
but im sure i ll be stupid enough to pay them this much if my dad didnt come in to my room 1day and start telling me how to handle this kind of situations..
*as though he knew i would get into this kind of situations><*
#1 call dad FIRST once u hit someone or got hit
#2 get to a safe place before u negotiate eg/bank or best police station..hehe
#3 if he ask for more than 300.. ask him go claim insurance-lah...
#4 if less.. if reasonable.. give him-lah.. save time..
#5 if some trailer showed up and ask whether u need to trail ur vehicle aside.. tell him how much ure paying him 1st.. if he ask u to sign any documents.. say NO.. u nvr know wat's behind the stone.. ppl say.. udang di sebalik batu.. hehe REALLY LA~
#6 if he tell u he know this workshop and he want to get his car serviced there.. ask u follow him.. den u pay de bill.. say NO.. dey usually pakat one.. so no point.. just give him de money and ciao.. if not they sure tiok u wan..
i haven been to this kind of situations yet..
just hope that noobs like me will know how to handle la..
overall today is a happy day..
manage to pay attention in 2 classes out of 3..
onli slept in 1 class..
which is super boring..
and i didnt expect it will be that boring..
during human biology..
i scribble damn a lot of notes on de handouts lo..
so quite happy la..
i like the lecturer..
he's that C-woah-woah-H(C-O-O-H)
mentioned in xiuqi's blog..
he's not bad la..
his slides also very colourful and diagramful..
i managed to print all the notes for tmr's lectures and notes on human nutrition.. haha.. damn proud~!!
yeala.. im very easily satisfied one.. hehe
owh owh~!!
bala.. ben chui.. pik yin.. jia wei.. and ee yun joined imu today~!!
hopefully bala and pikyin doesnt transfer to monash..
imu is so fun why do u wanna go to monash~!!
bala told me..
eh.. no bala in imu k~!?
damn za dao lo..
i spent like a year to get used to calling him bala now he wan me to change.. haha..
ben chui even za dao..
ben: my housemate ho 2 girls u know~!!
el: waa.. not bad eh.. so nice..
ben: yeala~!! can bok mong..*it means take advantage*
xiuqi who just got to know him immediately turned her head looking at ben with that totally freaked out look.. haha..
ben~!! u scared my fren la..
anyway.. meetinng bala and ben and also pangtsen was nice la..
updating each other..
and scaring bala about how scary orienation is is fun la..
played netball today too~!!
didnt played well but still happy cuz it's been sometime since i last played..
got selected into de team..
but seriously..
every team i join ho..
i also feel bad wan..
cuz im not good lo..
dowana be 老鼠屎.. dunno how to define this..
dowana bring down de team..
volleyball also like that..
bball also like that..
seeing xiaojie jaymee jessie and hocheng play makes me feel so noob and small..
maybe im just good at making myself look pro when im not..
somebody told me im just lack of confidence..
dunno lea..
but dun care la..
it's a happy day~!!
ur problrm la~!!
choose me..
but i ll try my best also la..
*sounds irresponsible*

Saturday, August 9, 2008

imu cup's here~!!

im back~!! finally started uni.. and finally have time to blog.. haha.. it's been 4 weeks oo~ 1st week was orientation.. haha.. im too lazy to blog about it.. for further information.. please visit chee shan's blog.. haha.. she really had de effort to slowly write down everythg that happened throughout de whole week.. basically.. what happened was like senior raging juniors.. they make sure we get really really dirty.. garlic water mandarin ink mud and flour.. is NOT a good combination.. worse den worst~!! haha.. i even realise i have allergy against garlic water or maybe mud..
scary right~!! dis is actually de 1st sympton.. it got worse okay~!! it's something like blisters.. got scar some more~!! wonder if i can claim insurance.. accident during school hours.. hmm.. should give it a try.. haha..this is group 4-kanasai.. yea.. our group name is kanasai.. i said 'kanasai' for the most time throughout the orientation week in my life.. during station games.. when 2 groups compete.. we cheer to get points for semangat.. so when de kanasai's cheer together with the opponent.. it sounds like..
x-gang KANASAI
x-gang KANASAI
x-gang KANASAI
some groups have cheers like 'who's the best?? x-gang~!!' so when ever they say 'who's the best??' we ll answer.. KANASAI~!! hahaha.. it's stupid.. but we enjoyed ourselves.. haha... and i did somethg really really brave.. can u see me in the pic above?? i went home that night by lrt like THAT~!! haha.. everyone was looking at me as if i come out from some jungle or wat.. they were like 'er.......................' once they step in the train.. i learnt how to tolerate others unreasonable stare..xpxp

overall de orientation was fun la.. imu cup is on now.. just lost my 1st volleyball match yesterday.. very sad de.. it was my really my 1st serious volleyball match in my life.. very very stressed.. i miss every serve.. i feel like crying whenever i miss de ball.. it may look very dramatic if u were watching de match.. but it's seriously really depressing and stressed.. win or lose.. is not only my business.. it's de whole pharmB's.. after our match it was de guys'.. they lost too~ but im sure they tried their best.. cuz we tried ours too.. can feel de tension even as spectators.. haha.. but we ll make sure we ll win de next match.. cuz we have to~!! in order to get in semi.. we can one.. definitely~!! this is de pharmB volleyball female team~!!melissa yunrhou grace eling jaymee eileen zhiyung cheryl and fiona.. all lenglui leh.. told u imu got lotz of lenglui wan.. hahaha.. pharmB~!! GO FIGHT WIN YEAY~!!!! i had been travelling home late for the past few weeks.. it's creepy to walk alone to the lrt station.. although the pathway was well lit(maybe just lit.. not WELL lit) it's still scary.. imu should locate some guards at both side of the overhead bridge(you have to walk past a overhead bridge in order to get to the lrt station from imu.. and in order to get to the bridge.. you have to walk to the back of imu.. BACK)hmm.. should suggest to src.. hehehe.. even walking with xiuqi is scary.. we will keep talking to each other and walk really really fast and heart pounding really really super fast until we reach the station.. i will nvr get heart attack with the heart exercise i do everyday.. fats surrounding the artery or veins will be flush away la~~

by the way.. im blogging with my new laptop.. dell 1420.. quite nice la.. not de colour i wantedd... but still.. i appreciate it.. thx mummy~!! she even got me a ipod classic.. so dat i will stop complaining about taking lrt everyday and would like to stay there instead.. haha.. now dat i have an ipod dat is so expensive to accompany me through my journey.. i am not allowed to complain.. but actually mummy is de one who sacrifices most recently.. fetching me every night after my sports practice.. fetch me to lrt station everyday(everyday diff time wan u know.. stupid timetable) nvr utter a word also.. sumore now my maid gone ddi.. she have to do all de housework(of cuz we did help la.. but we noobs cant really help much also..) sumore im sure she's reli depressed recently.. cuz my gma is sick.. mee.. i know u are not happy.. sorry dat i cant do anythg.. but i appreciaate wat u did to me and the family.. we love you~~ be strong k~!! aza aza fighting~!!

haha.. i just watched full house dis morning.. damn nice wey.. i know la im out.. but i didnt know it was dis nice before cuz i dun reali fancy rain.. but okay la.. now i admit he's QUITE cute la.. haha.. for those who haven watched dis show.. kbs which is 303 in astro is showing 5 episodes one shot in a day~!! damn syiok u know.. haha..

my organic chem lecturer looks very serious and strict de.. but one day.. really za dao.. why ur class so noisy wan ar????!!!

class: ....................... are u all talking behind??

class: ...................... u talking about somethg related to this lecture izit?? or it's just ur personal stuff??

class: related to LECTURE wan~!!! means u WERE talking la~!!

omg.. kena con-ed.. haha.. i guess that's all for today.. dunno when will i blog again.. haha.. it's a long post..