Saturday, September 27, 2008

raya break^^

it's been a while since i last blogged..
had been kinda busy..
lectures from 8-6..
class tests..
house chores..
seminars and presentations..*actually i didn't contributed much as my part la*
and of course my BUDDHIST CAMP~!!
haha.. this is how the flyers look like..
nice right???haha..
zhan shuo did it..
i helped a bit also lo..
by commenting.. hehe..
if you have any siblings cousins neighbour friends and families
that is in standard 4 5 & 6
and can be irritating noisy and will be an eye sore at home during de raya break..
send them to this camp~!!
kepong maluri
rm50 only:):)
contact me for further info!!!!!!!
we went and distribute de flyers today..
damn fun okay..
tiring too la..
too bad for those who didn't go..

there were scary dogs lo.. spot the white fury dog!

another one.. this one black one.. haha..
de pics were taken by me in de car..

why was i in de car when dey were distributing de flyers??

cuz im supposed to be driving loh!!

haha..*not i lazy loh*

and i knocked weijye..o.O

not purposely wan la..

cuz he got down de car and walked in front of my car..

i thought they went down so i let go de brake..


he's still fine and alive..

so no problem la..


driving is scary la..



i had a good time la..

hope dey did too~

some updates for the week..

monday was xiuqi's 19th birthday..

so we came out with somethg..

we have a class at 8-9 then break till 12..

so after the class..

all of us con-ed xiuqi to the library..

and we are supposed to be studying for human bio class test..

after a while..

cheeshan and pearly 'went to their locker to get some stuff'

than soowei xiuqi and i stayed in the library..

then after quite a while..

cheeshan called and ask xiuqi to go locker get her orange colour file..


xiuqi went to her locker..

and ta-da!!

the cake with lit candle was inside de locker~!!

haha..*cshan and xiuqi share de same locker*

according to xiuqi..

when she approached de locker..

she saw orange colour light in the locker..

and wat first came into her mind was..

wah, cshan's orange file glowing de wo..


cute lar..


the 5 of us finished de whole cake~!!

we can really eat u know..


after finishing this cake..

we went on to lunch..

nasi goreng!!


scary N&D girls..


got my class test results..


but fortunately passed..

according to the dean..

if we failed a lot..

we wont be proceeding to the next sem..



but for N&D..

the intake is every year july at the moment..


u kena throw out around nov??

den u come in with the newbies after 8months??

sien la!

come on..

it's onli class test..

onli 15% of ur EOS(end of semester)

if u get kicked out just because u failed ur eos..

damn mm dai lo..


i passed..

but border onli..

so im going to learn more from pear-ly..

study hard!


poor pearly got chicken pox from her sis..

it must be painful to have pox at this age..

get well soon dear!

dun scratch any of it!!


UK peeps left!!

didnt get to send them off..

sorry la

but klia damn far la.

next time klia in selayang..

i ll definitely go wan..


been visiting online boutique recently..

and just realise one of the online boutique i once visited was actually owned by suatlay~!!

smart me notice the back ground of the clothes on display which is the curtain..

is the same as the one in suatlay's room..

how i know?

from her blog la..


im so stalker la wey..

i shall get myself a part time job..

detective?private investigator?

i should be qualified right..

call me at .........

on any case..


finally got a pair of sunglasses..

not de ideal pair but quite cheap la..

but super oversized..

as wat u can see from the pic la..


that's all for now!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


busy week~!!
had bball on tuesday and netball on saturday..
lost to this M206 i think..(medic)
they all damn good~
no doubts..
but netball~!!!!!!
SILVER also..
but i tell u..
it was damn unfair OKAY~!!??
if u play netball u ll un wat i say..
u see..
we draw..
den dat stupid umpire..
she say..
throw coin..
if u win..
u get 2 center passes..
if u lose u got 1 onli..
but wth..
usually whichever team gets the center pass wins..
den obviously dey win by chance lo..
throw coin eh..
just like wat my captain say after de game..
we deserve the gold medal much more that those gi*nt el*ph*nts cl*n..
and de guys tried comforting us saying..
u guys did well ddi.. their team got 3 el*ph*nts u know.. 1 from india.. 1 from thailand.. and 1 local wan..
they got girls like almost more than 170cm.. really huge..
1 which is reli dark in colour and have big boobs and butt..
1 which looks like a thai.. which is damn tall and big..
1 which is damn tall and yea.. local-loh..
but they got no sportsmanship wan..
calling our players stupid and bodoh when cannot get the ball..
when dey finally get..
they turned back and *bleh* at us..

tell u..
girls in imu look nice and pretty..
but when u see dem on court..
u ll want to step 3 feet away when u see them..
damn scary OKAY~!!??
shouting and yelling and cursing and whacking..
now i damn scared..
especially dey look so frenly and say hi with that nice smile on their face when dey see u in uni..
no idea what is inside them..
if u've seen me play bball..
u may think im scary too..
cuz yeala..
im very rough..
but i swear i nvr pull my man's shirt or push her away with both hands*unless she's grabbing me la*
nvr curse also..
but sometimes i get very excited when they get frustrated..
crazy right..
cuz u wont play well when u are angry and smoke starts coming out of ur ears and !@#$%^& comes out from ur mouth.. hhaha..
so this is the pics taken after our bball match

it's supposed to look like N&D><

the team~!!

munyew our coach^^, jaymee the captain, jessie, xiaojie, and ho cheng..

N&D who came and support:)

overall this week is fun la..

had our first gen chem test..

did badly..

promise i ll study hard after imu cup..*hopeefully i will*

the uk ppl are leaving this week..

sad lo..

everyone is leaving..

LA is getting smaller and smaller..

just hope everyone comes back during cny~!!

i guess that's all for today..

*im making my font black just for pearly..*xp