Sunday, March 22, 2009

eling ♥ massive updates

lingling is blogging when she's not supposed to~~ AGAIN!! hehe..
cuz i have a biochem assignment which i dunno how to start dued next wednesday~
since it's been like 2 weeks since i last updated..
it ll be another masiive update~*woohoo*
i ll try and summarize and make things simple as me myself couldnt remember what happened throughout~ *lalala*
i really dunno where to start from -_____-
i guess..
i ll start from de trip to middle eastern food!!
i ll let pictures do most of the talking =3
it's located in sri petaling.. opposite kum lun tai~
named al-diafah..
it looks very high-class and nice from both the outside and inside:D

top left corner(clockwise):
creme caramel,
salsa sauce taste-a-like,
teh tarik taste-a-like but with slight hint of flower fragrance,
really really nice bread *eaten with the appetiser below*,
something like tomato fried rice with chicken cutlets inside,
appetiser with beans and lentils soaked in vinegar and olive oil at the centre and tuna around it,
chicken cutlets with salad wrapped in somethg like thick popiah skin,
corn pudding name 'white lady' *nice huh*,
and finally, some deep fried dumpling~
the decorations and setting..*nice*

it's very comfy and peaceful..
we spent like 80+ for 5 person and it's really worthed every dinar=p
we had a great day with kitty if u had seen my fb photos..
and here are some kitty mascotts~

we all kitty^^
u can see loadz more pics from my fb album HERE
italiannies at pyramid!!
*warning: loadz of crazy hooman in action.. well only 1 actually:D*
we were so hungry we nearly ate up the pasta zanmai poster^^
and yea..
there were LOTZ of ppl staring at us when we were taking this..
and to all imu-ians..
think twice before going to pyramid..
cuz ppl may look at u as if u are a weirdo..
cuz we were wearing our tags when we did all dis crazy deeds*woots*
food distributor of the day!!
u can probably know why she took the job from the photos above..
so she can have most of the food for herself..*shhh~*
see!! photos are strong proofs and they dun deceive:D:D
i super recommend de fried calamari which is actually fried sotong.!!
omg.. im drooling already^^
and this..
the pink pink one..
i just realised there were so many photos with u i had no choice but to post it up..xp
haha.. i was obviously kiddin la jc~
i heart u too!!
eat! eat! EAT!!
it's what we N&D do best:):)
but we wont turn obese.. *hopefully*
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox! buahaha..
pearly utilising her non-verbal communication skill: facial expression!
cute huh?! that's my girl^^
since the 'poster heat' is on..
we are just burning along:D:D
there are actually more..
but im just too lazy to post..
i like this most^^
and now i present u.. *drum rolls*
playboy cover girl~!!
nice eh?!xpxp
btw.. im in love with pyramid!!
i had never been there ever since it was renovated..
and i shall call it LOVE AT FIRST VISIT
it's just so nice^^
maybe cuz we went there early so there werent much ppl..
but it's just so far from my place..sobz
so.. it's not very MASSIVE after all ==
it's because im feeling drowsy and dizzy after taking my medicine..
so i shall go nap for while:D
den i ll wake up for dinner and...
till then,

Sunday, March 8, 2009


A: u study at IMU?

B: yeap!


ppl say imu many lenglui


now i agree already

next week..
2 class tests..
2 reports dued..
1 presentation..
1 design..
break me!!
i need a BREAK!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


she is de good addmaths teacher..
and she's de lucky student..
addmaths do drive ppl crazy..
but food cures everything;)
that's why we n&d students exist=3
and this is her way of expanding an equation..and her way of right?

but no fear..

cuz im good;)


that's how i spent my sunday afternoon..

skipped visit-gma-session..

to do addmaths..

and eat love letters and jelly..

and laugh like engine..

and see her laugh like my xiao bai..

i even pui her climb de damn hill up to chienmin's..

the legendary回眸一笑..

short and sweet~

till then, xoxo

xiao REN

supposed to complete biochem lab report..
but i was playing all de time in de lab yesterday..
and forgot to get results from de experts..
i failed to complete it..

boring day..

mum got a new router..
but i some how think that the connection is not as fast as de old-kena-lightning one..
went out with trust with no lll in de evening..
supposed to watch movie but end up discussing about camp..
felt so con-ed..
tch picked me up den lynn den 13 at jusco metroprima..
den off to dinner..
in the car..
pretty 13 and xiao U aka xiao XIAN aka xiao DAN aka xiao CHAO aka xiao REN..
we told 13 dat 1u was fully booked..
and he suggested brem mall..
he said let's go brem mall..
there sure nobody de..
cuz got ghostly incidents..
got ghost sumore ask us go..
den we even promise each other that if we die in tch's car due to her um.. driving skills..
we will go brem mall watch 'love matters' together..
to prove to the world that 13 is not lying..
brem mall really got ghost..
4 some more..
this is what i did in the jam on the way to lynn's..
this is what i used to do to cml's totoro..
but totoro got ears and tail..
more to stuff in.. bahaha!

poor lil xiao REN..

we are actually planning on september's camp ddi..

so efficient..


the tshirt..

must start designing ddi:'(

im reluctant to start..


有礼走天下will be the theme for this year's camp..

design the camp shirt if ure interested;);)

u can approach any of us when ure done with it~


tuition with darlynn tmr~!!

looking forward!!bahaha

till then, xoxo!