Friday, January 8, 2010

sarang odiya??

i wish im staying in jctang's house:(
it's so nice. maybe not THAT nice...
just got back from practice. 930pm.
watched did u hear about the morgans with the girls today.
it was great!!
super recommended for lovebirds~
i teared in 2 scenes! omg
it's so nice to be in love^^
will be at STAR edu fair tmr as a student ambassador..
come visit me at the imu booth if ure coming;)
it's going to be a tiring day.. sadness!!
i dun even have time for hair cut now.
my hair is reaching my ass real soon.
and trust me
it's super troublesome to have such long hair==
there's so much thing i want to do..
yet so little time..
i don't care!!
no pain no gain
dowana pain??
your problem la!!
im so into yoseobie recently..
i feel he is a great example of dream coming true when u never give up!!
but.. i give up real easily==
this was when he was one of the back dancers of AJ, who is now his group mate~
he even had his own fancam back then!!!
and now he is a shining star!! haha
i wonder how it feels to be popular and receive so much love from fans all of a sudden..
life brief candle.
i wanna do something significant.
making a dream i nvr dare dream of fulfilling come true:))
wish me luck~
till then,


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