Wednesday, January 6, 2010


supposed to be doing something more meaningful.

but end up doing lotsa UNmeaningful stuff.

procrastinating+lazying=yeoh ee ling.


i miss de seremban peeps so much.

dancing is so tiring yet addictive. haha

i wanna be better.

just like,

hyoyeon in snsd

eunhyuk in suju

taemin in shinee

hyunah in 4minute

minzi in 2NE1

nicole in kara

gahee in after school

yunho in dbsk

victoria in f(x)

jaebum in 2PM

hyunseung in BEAST

joonie in MBLAQ

seungri in bigbang

sunye in wonder girls

i shall be the eling in sjnd:D:D

masquerade in now marshmallow for your info;)

u will know why we decided to change it one day.. ahha

more and more performances are to prepared for.

more and more time needs to be freed.

more and more determination is needed..

i can only promise i ll try my best:)

this picture made my day♥♥

he's not super good looking or hot like some other guys but he's purely cute and
definitely one talented and hardworking boy with lotsa of dreams to be fulfilled;)
till then,

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