Friday, December 11, 2009


did you watch music bank today? hahaha
mblaq and shinee performed their 2nd title song^^
'Good love' and 'Jojo'
it was good!! joonie is soooo cute!!:D

im currently having an obsession..
i have shoes craving==
i just cant stop buying shoes..

i bought these cuties..
yeppo??! hhahaha
it can be worn folded or not:D cool eh!!
i bought it at studio R for rm124.5~
and the original price was rm249!! 50% off~
i was super duper excited cause it was initially 40% off.
who knows, maybe the cashier thought i got good taste he gave me another 10%..=psee~~~
but i was planning on getting these at the first place..
it's just so candyish and shinee-ish too:3
*i cant resist colourful stuffff:):)*

but ppl keep asking is i would ever wear it after buying since it's so um.. striking?
and since it's slightly more expensive..
so i had to give it up:(:(

i have feelings i will get them one day when i wake up realising im sleeping on a bed made of cash:3

i got these today.

at crocs' xmas warehouse sales~
if u plan on going tmr or sunday..
please be early!! like really really early.. 8? 9?
cuz we reached there at 1030..
and we queued for 2hrs!!! exactly 120mins!!

look at the crowd~
this photo cant really describe the kua-zhangness of the crowd..

can u see people lining up behind there??

it wasnt that cheap afterall..
most items are at 30% off only..

i can say that my family is a big fan of crocs..
initially this is the 'collection' we have..
mine is only that pink ballerina flats.

i used to own a pair of beach sandals similar to the one in brown and navy blue.
but it was stolen when i went to hersheng's new year party early this year..:(:(

and to add on to our collection.
we got these==
and now we have 15pairs of crocs in a 6membered family==''

the colour combination is so christmas-ish~ hahaha

apparently i didnt get anything that i really like.
mum bought most of them..
as if they were free==

i only got that pair of wedges so that i can wear to uni:D
so that i can be taller than jc even when im not wearing my sneakers or killer heels*smirk*

i want to go to nichii and kitschen's warehouse sales tmr!!

it's lgt's birthday today!! happy birthday to u small boy:D:D

it's december already:D:D
i hope it ll be a great month.
so.. are you busy preparing for christmas??
i love christmas treessss^^~

till then,


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JcTang said...

sei ye..taller la taller la..
anyway,y r u hilang?
no news from u at all..
xiuqi's paper is on tomorrow..