Sunday, November 29, 2009


*fingers crossed*


i didnt forget my google password. nyakhaha.

the last post was lynn's birthday. august?!

and yess im back!! just hope i wont be MIA anytime soon:p

im having my sem break already.

and sem3 is a total disaster. nightmare.

a lot happened though.

and i finally went on a trip after a super long time.

langkawi!! the chocolate heaven!! wahaha.

it was kinda boring but spending time with my girls is always awesome!!

it's so hard to get everyone in the camera cuz jc is the one who holds de cam..

the photos are so pretty when al of us are in there!!! i miss u girls!! aidel pearly too:'(

sunset or sunrise? bingo!! it's sunset.

pretty sceneries are secret to happy smiling faces^^

travelling with 26 person is definitely a must try experience. hahaha

life has been ever so boring after the trip..

luckily, there's still dance practices.

despite the travelling, dancing never wears me up.

we practised for 2 weeks and finally performed last sunday at wangsa walk mall.

honestly, i didnt know what kind of event we are preparing for until 2 days before the day..

it was the official world aids' day..

i would say we didnt do our best but we tried our best.. haha

wish masquerade will continue to expand and shine!!

now that masquerade boss cy is still in china..

we have no dance practices.

and staying at home is seriously making me fat.. grr

i need to get my face off the laptop screen..

spending more than 10hours a day online..

im seriously turning into a netizen..

as many know. im currently a super duper kpop fan.

hahaha. and im trying to learn korean so that i dun have to wait for subbed videos on youtube!!==

korean bf wanted!!


enjoy the rest of the day!!

i ll come back after my work briefing tmr;)

till then,

♥ ♥

*ppl must be wondering where are all the massive updates and long naggy posts..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ*

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